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Sellouts like Hillary have been lying about everything from Iraq to Syria: So it turns out that “Ayatullah” Putin and “His Wikileaks” were right – once Again. The corrupt corporatist sellout elites of the DNC agreed to be the money laundering end for Hillary’s campaign when they kicked back 99.5% of
Let us not forget the Takfiri Deobandi terrorists of ASWJ-LEJ that attacked the Siri Lankan team in 2009:   As we rejoice the return of international cricket to Pakistan, we must also never forget why it left us for 8 long years. In 2009, Al Qaeda affiliated ASWJ-LeJ (aka Sipah Sahaba) launched an attack on a bus
#TrumpMustGo: Trump Regime loses legitimacy in the light of Madonna’s Revolution: Question: Should another country therefore have the right to intervene in the U.S.? Considering the history of US foreign policy when it comes to intervening in foreign countries to overthrow governments, we need to ask ourselves this question: do
Hajjaji Denounced Trump victory and mourns with working class Hollywood celebrities: As an aspiring actor and Studmuffin of 1972, I denounce the victory of Donald Trump. There were hardly any Hollywood celebrities who were supporting him. And if there is one thing we have learnt, it is that Hollywood really
Thanks Al Bakistan:     Letter from a man in Birmingham to his friend in London: “I was fed up with being burgled and robbed every other day in my neighbourhood. The alarm system was no use so I tore it out
سعودی فنڈنگ میں مشکلات درپیش تکفیری دیوبندی دہشت گرد متبادل ذرائع سے دہشت گردی کے لئے رقم جمع کرنے لگے: یمن جنگ میں معصوموں کے قتل عام پر اربوں ڈالر خرچ کر چکنے اور تیل کی قیمتوں میں کمی کے بعد افریقہ سے بنگلہ دیش تک کے تکفیری گروہ وسائل کی کمی کا شکار ہیں – اسی صورت حال
Pakistan’s Gourmand PM should have managed his Surgery better: Do take a look at the fanboy New York Times piece (With Heart Surgery Done, Nawaz Sharif to Return to Pakistan, June 1st, 2016) by Salman Masood regarding Nawaz Sharif – even a party insider could not have written
Hazrat Ali’s Birthday and the Sufyani Liberals Anti-Koonda campaign –:   I see many people posting up statuses celebrating the Wiladat of Hazrat Ali (as). This celebration causes intense envy to my Jamaati cum Sufyani liberal persona. See, folks like me GRUDGINGLY accept Hazrat Ali just as a (lessor)
Hajjaji musings on the LeT/JuD Salafi Sharia Courts in Lahore:   These days, Pakistan’s superior Judiciary is more interested in providing Janitorial services to their chief patron Nawaz Sharif. There is so much dirty laundry to clean and retired self-righteous as-hoc judges like Ramday could only do so much.
Saudi Arabia: The best friend for Democracy, Pakistan and Houbara Bustards – Riaz Malik Hajjaji:   The ongoing development regarding Iran’s (partial and slow) re-integration in the global economy is a blow for all those who appreciate culture and art. This is a tragic day for many Pakistani liberals who peddle the Iran =
Pakistan’s commercial (Ashrafi) liberals condole over the death of globally designated terrorist Malik Ishaq Deobandi: Pakistan’s commercial, elitist or Ashrafi liberals condole over the death of globally designated terrorist Malik Ishaq Deobandi. They might have felt better if US Navy seals had done the job like they did with Osama bin Laden. Many of
Condolences to Tahir Ashrafi on the death of his friend, Malik Ishaq – Syed Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji: Condolences to Tahir Ashrafi on the death of his friend, Malik Ishaq. Tahir Ashrafi had negotiated the release of Malik Ishaq with the “anti establishment” COAS General Kiyani. Condolences to all those Sufyani Liberals who support Tahir Ashrafi whose
دیوبندی مولویوں کی تصاویر پرسبوخ سید کا معنی خیز تبصرہ – نور درویش: ایک دیوبندی ویب سائٹ نے دیوبندی دھرم کے اکابرین کی تصویروں کو شائع کیا جن میں بد نام تکفیری ملا اور کالعدم جماعتوں کے دہشت گرد تک شامل ہیں – اس تصویر پر صحافی سبوخ سید نے نہایت معنی
Daddy General Zia-ul-Haq Shaheed Jabray Shah – by Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji:   Daddy General Zia-ul-Haq Shaheed Jabray Shah was the greatest gift to Al Bakistan Deobandiyah. We could come out of our hate closets and be proud of it. He De-nationalized Ittefaq Foundries and sold it to his son, Nawaz
Auto Beena-graphy of a Shia selfie-activist! – by Johnny Muaviya:   Auto Beena-graphy of a Shia selfie-activist! I am a selfie-activist, I love taking selfies. I am never concerned about where I get ideas and information from, I just steal and paraphrase them to make them my own, and
قصیدہ بحضورسیٹھی و بینا و المانہ و دیگر اہل لبرل والجماعت – عامر حسینی:   نوٹ : مجھے امید ہے کہ اس قصیدے سے میری نہ صرف دنیا سنورے گی کہ مجھے کسی این جی او میں اچھی نوکری مل سکتی ہے، یا اخبار یا ٹی وی چینل میں بہتر جاب بلکہ میری
The Shia genocide and its discourse – Johnny Muaviya’s plan:   We the Muaviya Liberals have a plan: 1. Kill Shias, break their resolve, limit their activities, purge their intellectuals and professionals, lower their morale. 2. Do not make it appear as if there is complete silence over the
بارگاہ سیٹھی میں ایک لبرل کا حقیر نذرانہ عقیدت – از سلمان شیر حیدری:     سیٹھی سیٹھی، میں بھی سیٹھی سیٹھی سیٹھی، تو بھی سیٹھی پنج ستارہ ہوٹل والے کھانوں کی خوشبو بھی سیٹھی این جی اوز کی دوکانوں پر چورن اور دارو بھی سیٹھی پھولوں کی خوشبو بھی سیٹھی لفظوں کا
ڈھول کا پول: شیخ سدّو ملک کے ‘مایا ناز’ سرمایہ دار اور دنیا کے سب سے بڑے چھاپے خانے کے مالک نے جب دنیا  کے سب سے بڑے ٹی وی ڈھول کا ڈول ڈالا تو ہر طرف واہ واہ واہ واہ کی
دیوبندیوں کی حماقتیں اور لطیفے – حصہ دوم: دیوبندی اور تبلیغی مولویوں کا پورا زور نماز میں اللہ کی طرف توجہ کی بجائے ظاہری چیزوں جیسا کہ صفیں سیدھی کرانے، پیر سے پیر جوڑنے پر ہوتا ہے – ایک دیوبندی مولوی مسجد میں صفیں سیدھی کروا رہا
دیوبندیوں کی حماقتیں اور لطیفے – حصہ اول: پاکستان اور دنیا بھر میں مظلوم طبقات جیسا کہ پشتونوں، شیعوں، سنی بریلویوں، سکھوں، یہودیوں وغیرہ کے خلاف بہت سے توہین آمیز لطیفے گھڑ کر سنائے جاتے ہیں جن میں ان مظلوم طبقات کی توہین ہوتی ہے، مزاروں اور
Deobandi Imam arrested on sodomy charges: Tension prevailed in Bareilly on Tuesday after Barelvi and Deobandi sects of Sunni Muslims clashed over the appointment of an Imam in a local mosque, Masjid Qutubkhana, in Lucknow. The appointment was necessary as the Imam of the mosque was arrested
قاضی صاحب کی لونڈیا: ایک تھی ریاست ، ریاست کا تھا ایک گاؤں اور گاؤں کے تھے ایک قاضی. قاضی صاحب اس بات کے قائل تھے کہ اگر کسی کو حق دینا ہے تو پہلے تو قیصر کو اس کا حق دو اور 
Aga Khan, Khamenei and the Shia genocide – by Riaz Malik Al-Hajjaji: I am appalled by the anti-Iran, anti-Khamenei poster shared by this Rafidi/Mushrik/Qadiani supporter Abdul Nishapuri. The poster compares the Aga Khan’s proactive response to the Ismaili Shia massacre in Karachi with Ayatollah Khamenei’s indifference to Shia genocide in Pakistan.
Hazrat Ali’s birthday and the heartburn – Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji: Today, all day, I was suffering from extreme heartburn. All the Rafidis on my Facebook wall were posting things about Syedna Ali. Apparently, it is his birthday today. First of all, it is shirk and Bidaat to commemorate Birthday
Yemen: Pakistan Army sees opportunities in the mercerncary market – by Himayat Kiyani: I don’t understand what is all the fuss about the Pakistan Army going to Yemen. There is nothing new here, it’s just that the world is becoming painfully see-through. I do not see any means of getting along without
“Security is Not the business of the State!” – by Syed Riaz Malik Hajjaji: Happy Two Nation Deobandi Dangerous Duffer Alliance Day. May the God of Caliph Yazeed Bin Muawiya protect the Pakistani Establishment – Generals, Judges, Jihadis and Journalists along with “Anti-Establishment” PML N and PML N:B-Team previously known as the PPP.
دادو کے جیالے ‘ ضیاؑ ‘گدھے اور لہراتی دھوتیاں – ندیم فاروق پراچہ:   جو ہوا وہ پہلے اس خطے میں کسی نے نہ دیکھا تھا نہ سنا تھا ضیا کے بدترین دور میں سندھ میں آئے دن خبر آتی تھی کہ آج مورو میں فوج نے فائرگ کر کے پانچ جمہوری
Deobandi artwork: Tahir Ahsrafi and Ayaz Nizami’s campaign against a liberal blog LUBP: Here are a few pieces of artwork designed and circulated by the notorious Deobandi hate cleric Tahir Ahsrafi and the disgraced Deobandi pseudo-atheist Allama Ayaz Nizami in their united campaign against the Let Us Build Pakistan (LUBP) web site.
Guidelines for the victims of ongoing Genocide in Pakistan:   When you are attacked as you worship, immediately stop doing that and lie down in a straight line, as it will help in your identification and mass grave later Do not fight with the attackers as you will
Caliph Abu Bakr al Baghdadi turning tail in Iraq. Mullah Omar hiding out in Pakistan for over a decade. Seems like we are back in the 7th century AD.: Someone, please hand Caliph Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi some mascara and some nice lip stick. Blazing Yellow shade would be perfect and might smudge through the Burqa and other “Feminist” garbs that Caliph Abu Bakr might be wearing as
The Salafi-Deobandi Vatican Proxy War? Saudi Chief Salafi Cleric decrees for the destruction of all churches in Gulf:   The poor Saudi chief cleric is just engaging in a “sectarian” “proxy war” with Vatican-backed Christians in Pakistan who want to impose high-quality, under-appreciated health, education, professional, sanitary, entertainment, security and cultural services in Pakistan. It is thanks
Ahle Liberal Wal Jamaat echo ASWJ-LeJ in obfuscating Shia Genocide:     In Pakistan, when Shias are killed, Pakistan’s Sufyani Liberals or Ahle Liberal Wal Jamaat curiously echo the line of ISIS affiliated banned Deobandi Group Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat and blame the Shias for their fate. In this,
Wall Street Journal: Osama bin Laden’s top deputy reveals links between Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif and AlQaeda-Taliban:   The Bro-Mance between the “Anti-establishment” Nawaz Sharif/Shahbaz Sharif and the Deobandi Taliban. The Sharif regime that has ruled the roost in Punjab for much of the last 35 years has the best publicists amongst Pakistans “liberal” intelligensia who
“Sectarian Iranian Shia” Rachel Maddow undermining alliance of Netanyahu, the Republicans and the Democratic Republic of Saudi Arabia:   After Netanyahu urged the Republican leadership in 2002 to attack Iraq for the same reasons – weapons of mass destruction – he is now urging US to attack Iran for the same reasons – with the help of
شیعہ وسنی صوفی نسل کشی کی مذمت میں امریکی صدراوبامہ کا بیان اوراہل لبرل والجماعت کے ہاں صف ماتم – عامر حسینی: اہل لبرل والجماعت کے ہاں اس وقت صف ماتم بچھ گئی جب رئیس ریاست ہائے متحدہ باراک اوبامہ نے شیعہ سنی بائینری سے دنیا بھر میں مذھبی دہشت گردی کی تشریح کرنے سے انکار کیا اور تعمیر کی تعبیر
President Obama condemns genocidal campaign against Sunni Sufis, Shias, Christians and religious minorities by ISIS and other Salafi and Deobandi terrorists – Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji: Holy Halal! Syed Barack Hussain Obam-vi is also spouting the LUBP line President Obama condemns genocidal campaign against Sunni Sufis, Shias, Christians and religious minorities by ISIS and other Wahhabi and Deobandi terrorists Holy Halal! Syed Barack Hussain Obam-vi
According to Salafi and Yazeed Fan boy, Zakir Naik, praying Quranic verses for one’s departed near and dear ones is Shirk – Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji:   According to Salafi and Yazeed Fan boy, Zakir Naik, praying Quranic verses for one’s departed near and dear ones is Shirk. Shirk means making partners with God and as per the warped logic of Salafis and Deobandis, any
Example of a sectarian Shia terrorist of Pakistan – by Riaz Malik Al Hajjaji:   This is a “sectarian” Shia terrorist. A Shia Pashtun school boy who prevented a Deobandi sucide bomber from “making another century of Shia children kills” as ASWJ likes to describe their genocidal campaign. It is Shia terrorists like
A view from Sufyani Liberal-istan on the most recent Shia massacre in Peshawar – Syed Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji:     The land where those who quote Marx, Jon Stewart and Tariq Ali also have a budding romance for “macho” rapists, plunderers and usurpers from the Tariq Ali novels. In this world, Saddam was a “brave” and “efficient”