Pakistan’s commercial (Ashrafi) liberals condole over the death of globally designated terrorist Malik Ishaq Deobandi

Pakistan’s commercial, elitist or Ashrafi liberals condole over the death of globally designated terrorist Malik Ishaq Deobandi. They might have felt better if US Navy seals had done the job like they did with Osama bin Laden.

Many of Pakistan’s commercial liberals (friends of Deobandi hate cleric Tahir Ahsrafi) are deeply distressed that Malik Ishaq – leader of an ISIS-affiliated Deobandi terrorist group ASWJ was eliminated yesterday. As is often the case, some of them took to social media while others vented on private media channels and local blogs.

To understand the depth of sorrow felt by commercial liberals on the death of Malik Ishaq, even ASWJ-LeJ did not protest their own vice president’s death as much as Ashrafi liberals did!

ASWJ unlikely to protest Ishaq’s killing – DAWN

This is Pakistan’s Sufyani liberal Queen, Meena BarBar, obliquely expressing her grief over Malik Ishaq getting whacked:


As per Beena, Malik Ishaq Deobandi was killed “extra judicially” – clearly an outrage! After all, Malik Ishaq is the only one who has the right to judicial process and therefore by default, his 100+ victims have no such rights.


Neither do the tens of thousands of Sunni, Shia, Christian and Ahmadi victims who have been killed by Malik Ishaq’s ASWJ-LeJ. What Meena leaves out is that Malik Ishaq joked around with the judicial process for nearly two decades. During this time, the sympathetic courts dragged their feet in cases against Malik Ishaq; thereby allowing ASWJ-LeJ to eliminate and coerce the eye witnesses and suppress all the evidence. After two decades, the Supreme Court overturned even the standing convictions against Malik Ishaq, stood up to applaud his genocidal confessions and fed him tea and biscuits from their own expense accounts. Meena and her commercial liberals had been great supportors of these PCO courts and had marched in favour of the same PCO judges.

When former DG ISI and COAS, Gen Kyoon Nahi, flush with funds from Pakistani-Saudi-Turkish trillionaire Amir ul Tajireen Haq Nawaz Sharif ordered commercial liberals like Meena to march for PCO Judge Iftikhar Chaudhary, they promptly obeyed. That was the story of the Liar’s Movement.

After Meena’s grief tweet over Malik Ishaq’s death,  some uppity people had the temerity to challenge her defense and condolences for Malik Ishaq. She responded with


Only my comrades like Ilmana Fasih have the right to get abusive against Maula Ali and Bibi Fatima

For Meena, any critical feedback against her or her minions is unacceptable. On the other hand, her minions abusing the icons, of a faith community facing genocide, is totally cool!

Jabra Sansar is another budding commercial liberal bred in the test tubes of Meena’s school of omissions, the Sethi school of obfuscations and Sherry Fashionista school of selective outrage and celebrity activism. He was parroting the same sympathy for Malik Ishaq as his mentor Meena.


This is the same Jabra who likes to pontificate on how the Sunni, Shia and other victims of Deobandi terrorism are on the same level as ASWJ.

Jabra is still early in his career and needs your NGO funding to travel to the United States and mislead audiences on the issues facing Pakistan.

Interestingly, Orya Maqbool Jan is on the same page as Pakistan’s commercial/Ashrafi liberals! He agrees with the Meenas and Jabras on the “extra judicialness” of Malik Ishaq’s death. Source


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Farig Kamal in his interview to Bourgeoisie-elitest-Khoka-with-awami-pretensions was really upset that the Pakistani State had eliminated a dangerous terrorist. He barely, if at all, touched upon the role of Malik Ishaq’s mass murder against Shias – because really, like other Deobandi-leaning commercial liberals, he is least bothered with unfashionable topics like Shia Genocide. No, Farig Kamal was doing his best to come up with the contradictory argument that the State finally summoning the will to eliminate a genocidal hatemongering globally-designated terrorist is actually the sign that the State has become weaker!

Another contradictory claim by Farig Kamal was that the Deobandi terrorists of ASWJ-LeJ were not towing the ISIS/ISIL line – another nonsensical guess that is contradicted by the facts. Just recently, an ISIS-affiliated Deobandi terror cell of ASWJ-LeJ has been busted in Karachi for the Safoora Goth Massacre as well as other massacres of Shias, Sunnis, academics and activists – including Sabeen Mahmud. This cell was comprised of highly educated Deobandi terrorists who even worked on translating and distributing the hate speeches of Haq Nawaz Jhangvi – founder of ASWJ-LeJ during General Zia ul Haq’s time when it was known as Sipah e Sahaba. This cell even left ISIS pamphlets along with other evidence at and near the scene of the crime!

He also played around with the typical semantics that the Deobandis are “anti establishment” while the Salafis are more “pro establishment”. For the record, Farig Jamal’s recent struggle is to prove that Sunni (Barelvi) and Shias are equal if not more dangerous terrorists – even if they are the largest victims of terrorism in Pakistan. He has tried valiantly to grossly exaggerate the role of the Sunni Barelvis in extremism while also subtly blaming Sunni Barelvis for Deobandi crimes – such as the kidnapping of Shahbaz Taseer.


For the record, Deobandis also control close to 85% of all mosques and madrasses in Pakistan and constitute more than 90% of terrorists in Pakistan and receive close to 100% of most Gulf financing to foster extremism. But Farig Jamal, like his other Ashrafi/commercial liberals is least bothered with actual facts and inconvenient fundamentals such as maths.

The most damaging thing to the Sufyani “liberal” agenda in Pakistan was not just the death of Malik Ishaq; it was also the exposure of their favourite whiskey Mullah, the anti-Ahmadi, anti-Shia, anti-Sunni and anti-Christian “progressive” Tahir Ashrafi.

Tahir Ashrafi and Malik Ishaq are the Bonny and Clyde of Deobandi terrorism. Just a more uglier, weightier, malignant and vicious version of Bonny and Clyde. If you are thinking Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – think Bar-Yazeed Cassidy and the Sufyani Kid.

Tahir Ashrafi is the man responsible for striking a deal with the former COAS, General Kiyani to release Malik Ishaq. Its not a secret and Carlotta Gall’s book even details this deal on page 114. Everyone knows how Tahir Ashrafi incited the murder of Pakistan’s minority minister, Shahbaz Bhatti.

However, Tahir Ashrafi is also the favourite Mullah of Pakistan’s Deobandi-atheist, commercial liberals along with their spineless Uncle Tom Shia sellout flunkies. Just as Meena-Barbar lobby got into motion to protect the sanctity of other abusive, slanderous commercial liberals, Burbaad Karr-Do and his colleagues on DAWN news flung into action to protect the honour of hatemongering “progressive” Tahir Ashrafi.


بار بار ایک ہی سوال کیا جا رہا ہے کہ جب ملک اسحق کی ضمانت ہوئی تو جیل کے باہر میں کیوں تھا۔ تو سنو! ہمارا کام امن ، محبت ، رواداری کی بات کرنا ہے ۔ ہم نے اس وقت امن کی بات کی جب لاہور جیسے شہر میں ہمارے ستر سے زائد علماء اکابر کو نشانہ بنایا گیا۔ ملی یکجہتی کونسل کا بانی ممبر ہوں حکومت کی درخواست پر ملک اسحق کے پاس جیل گیا تھا کہ 14 سال بعد جیل سے باہر آ رہے ہو اپنی جدوجہد کو امن کی طرف لے جاو جس کے نتیجہ میں ملک اسحق نے لکھ کر دیا کہ وہ پاکستان کے قانون کے مطابق جدوجہد کرے گا۔ لیکن ایک سوال میرا بھی ہے کہ جب میں غلام رضا نقوی سے تین بار جیل میں ملا تو اس وقت یہ فتنہ پھیلانے والا ٹولہ کیوں خاموش تھا میں تو روز سب مذاہب اور مسالک کے قائدین کو ملتا ہوں۔ پاکستان میں محمد عربی صلی اللہ علیہ و سلم کا نظام ہماری منزل ہے اور امن کے بغیر یہ منزل حاصل نہیں ہو سکتی لہذا امن کے یے ہم سب سے ملتے ہیں اور ملتے رہیں گے کسی کو اس پر درد ہوتا ہے تو ہوتا رہے۔

Posted by Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi on Thursday, July 30, 2015


Very calmly, they let him get away with the most flimsiest of excuses and outright lies. As per Tahir Ashrafi, he holds Malik Ishaq in the same light as Ghulam Raza Naqvi. Unfortunately, claim is not substantiated with his vicious anti-Shia jibes and his death wishes for Ghulam Raza Naqvi and Hizbullah leader Hasan Nasrallah.

Tahir Ashrafi is allowed to get away with another half-truth that it was the Courts that actually freed Malik Ishaq. He is allowed to conveniently gloss over and omit his own role in negotiating the release of Malik Ishaq a few months before the court went over the formalities of releasing a self-confessed mass murderer.

The most glaring omission and lie that Burbaad Karr-Do and his colleague allow Tahir Ashrafi is the canard about Malik Ishaq talking about peace – something that is refuted by DAWN itself!

I suppose Malik Ishaq’s boast of mass murdering Shias and intentions (that were followed through) to murder more Shias is really not a matter of bother – or worst, Shia Genocide = Peace for Tahir Ashrafi and his promotors like Burbaad Karr-Do.


In his unchallenged interview, Zarrar Khuhro and his other spineless colleagues colleagues allow Tahir Ashrafi to get away with another lie with the claim of Malik Ishaq eschewing violence!!

Just a year ago,  Burbaad Karr-Do made the laughable analogy of  LUBP with Nazis, at that time he was desperately doing his best to deflect from Carlotta Gall’s investigative book, “The Wrong Enemy” No one takes these jokers like Burbaad seriously because like other LUBP bashers, they never actually reference anything (like our website link) to justify their silly accusations.

Gall’s book highlights the central role played by Tahir Ashrafi (refer to page 114 in the book; excerpt snapshot provided below) in getting Malik Ishaq’s released.


Burbaad Karr-Do and his spineless colleagues belong to the Sethi school of journalism – where you don’t ask any hard questions or follow up responses.  Where lies and hate speech go unchallenged!And where the most important facts are brushed under the carpet and where cheap sophistry reigns supreme!

After all, wasn’t it the same Friday Times Blog which allowed Tahir Ashrafi’s other ASWJ-LeJ comrade to get away with the claim that the genocide-inciting slogan “Kafir, Kafir, ……….” is the same thing as “Roti, Kapra aur Makan”!

Even a madrassa student is likely to challenge the Imam more than these jokers like Burbaad Karr-Do; whose subservience to the lies and nonsense being spouted by Tahir Ashrafi is a disgrace to journalism.

If Burbaad Karr-do and Co. were serious journalists, why did not grill Tahir Ashrafi on

1. His central role in getting Malik Ishaq released

2. Ashrafi’s lie that Malik Ishaq was now “peaceful”

3. Ashrafi’s lies on treating Ghulam Raza Naqvi the same when in reality Tahir Ashrafi was ranting and wishing violence on Ghulam Raza Naqvi just today

4. Ashrafi’s central role in inciting the murder of Pakistan’s Christian Federal Minister, Shahbaz Bhatti

5. Ashrafi’s vicious anti-Ahmadi hate speech

6. Ashrafi’s repeated lies about how Hizbullah/Mehdi Army/ etc have killed over 7,000 Deobandi intellectuals, scientists and doctors in Pakistan

7. Ashrafi’s wild allegations in his drunken rampages on live TV

8. Ashrafi’s failed efforts to lie and drag Pakistan into Saudi Arabia’s current aggression against Yemen

Today the world can see Burbaad Karr-do sitting smug and quiet, and allowing another hate mongering Takfiri Deobandi cleric to get away with brazen lies. Now what was that quote about collaborating with Nazis, Zarrar?
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