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میں نے بھوک ہڑتال کیوں کی ؟ – جلیلہ حیدر ایڈوکیٹ: آج گزشتہ نو دنوں کے بعد سے بہتر محسوس کر رہی ہوں تو سوچا کہ آپ کو بتاوں کہ میرے بھوک ہڑتال کا مقصد کیا تھا اور اس کے کیا نتائج نکلا؟ 28 اپریل کو معمول کے مطابق میں
Will Pakistani Shias bid farewell to the impotence of Modernity?:   Dear #ShiaMuslims of Pakistan, you are being targeted across the length and breath of the country, especially Quetta and D I Khan. If you are still deluded that Pakistan’s #CommercialLiberalMafia will support you and HONESTLY highlight your cause,
لہو میں ڈوبا دیرہ پھُلاں دا سہرا ( پہلا حصّہ) – حیدر جاوید سید:   سندھ دریا کے کنارے صدیوں سے آباد دیرہ اسماعیل خان(اب عام طور پر ڈیرہ اسماعیل خان بولا لکھا جاتا ہے) تک کے حالیہ سفر اور تین روزہ قیام کے ذمہ دار میر ے ادارے (یو این این) اوروہ
PML N Federal Information Minister Mariam Aurangzeb’s disgusting bigotry against Hindus and Jews:   Mariam Aurangzeb attacked political opponent Imran Khan as a “sellout to Hindu and Jewish money”. This is bigotry on the part of PML N’s Ms Aurangzeb, plain and simple. Meanwhile Pakistan’s commercial liberal mafia continues to misrepresent the
How Celeb bullying marred an important debate on Social Media ettiquites in Pakistan:   Narcissism, hypocrisy and Elitism make it difficult to have a reasonable and objective discussion on sending Facebook friend requests. The coordinated cloud of celebrity activists lecturing the rest of Pakistan has barely resulted in social evolution. This tribe
زید حامد کا ٹوپی ڈرامہ ۔ گل زہرا: کل زید حامد نے ایک مرتبہ پھر اپنی تکفیری سوچ کا اظہار اپنی ٹویٹس کے ذریعے کیا ہے جس میں اس نے یہ ثابت کرنے کی ناکام کوشش کی کہ پاکستانی شیعہ دہشت گرد و غدار ہیں اور ٹی
PML N’s sectarian politics in NA 120 – by Peja Mistry:   Editor’s Note: Contrary to Propaganda by the Cyril-Sethi types, Nawaz Sharif remains in cahoots with sectarian Jihadists. NA 120 has been a Nawaz Sharif constituency ever since it was rigged in his favour by General Beg and DG
The false moral equivalence between Deobandi militancy vs Sunni Barelvi reaction:   The murder of a Deobandi Tableeghi Jamaat preacher by two Sunni Barelvi brothers has elicited a range of responses. It has been condemned – as it should be. The specific sub sect of both the victim (Deobandi) as
Bilawal encouraging stance against the backstabbing Sharifs:   It was heartening to see Bilawal Bhutto Zardari stepping away from Zardari’s tendency for the short sighted expedient deal. Instead, he took on the corrupt Sharif’s head on. Bilawal called out the Sharifs for their perfidy and reminded
Sharif Dynasty adamant in defending its lying, cheating dishonest ways to the Supreme Court.: So the Nawaz Sharif dynasty, their courtiers and media lackeys (take a bow Cyril) do not challenge the veracity of the damning JIT report that exposed their corruption. They are challenging it along “technical grounds” that the JIT report
سید خرم ذکی اور ان کا خواب – عامر حسینی: کون روک سکتا ہے خوشبوؤں کی راہوں کو خاردار تاروں سے کون کاٹ سکتا ہے آنے والی کرنوں کی انگلیاں کٹاروں سے صبح چھپ نہیں سکتی ابر کے حصاروں سے زخم زخم شاخوں پر پھول کھلنے والے ہیں خامشی
تمدنی مکالمہ یا سوفسطائی حیلے ۔ آخری حصّہ – عامر حسینی: وجاہت مسعود نے اپنے اس انٹرویو میں بار بار یہ واضح کردیا کہ ان کی موقعہ پرستی ، انانیت اور خود پسندی نے ان سے سوچنے سمجھنے کی صلاحیت بھی سلب کرلی اور ایسے بیانات بھی انھوں نے داغ
In the aftermath of the horrific lynching and murder of #MashalKhan at #MardanUniversity, few, if any are stating the obvious truth: In the aftermath of the horrific lynching and murder of #MashalKhan at #MardanUniversity, few, if any are stating the obvious truth. That this is the inevitable outcome of mainstreaming Deobandi terrorist organisations like Sipah Sahaba aka ASWJ-LeJ whose entire
دیوبندی مولوی احمد لدھیانوی نے لیبیا سے 25 لاکھ ڈالر لئے،مقصد ایران و شیعہ کے خلاف کام کرنا تھا ۔ زاہد القاسمی رپورٹ : مستجاب حیدر: فیصل آباد ۔ ویکی لیکس نے امریکی سٹیٹ ڈیپارٹمنٹ کو امریکی قونصلیٹ لاہور میں تعنیات رہے امریکی قونصلر برائن ڈی ہنٹ کا ایک سفارتی مراسلہ افشاء کیا ہے جس کے مطابق مارچ میں پاکستان علماء کونسل دیوبندی کے موجود
Pakistan should shut down hardline Deobandi schools: US Congressman Ed Royce:   Editor’s Note: Prominent U.S. Congressman Ed Royce pinpoints Deobandi madrasahs as the primary instigators of violence and a threat to peace in South Asia. Pakistan is again facing isolation on the global stage and 600 madrassas spreading hatred
Cyril Almeida and NFP continue with their Chumcha giri for the PML N:   Cyril Almeida and Nadeem Farooq Paracha (NFP) are some of the sorriest PML N courtiers around pretending to be journalists and “social critics”. With Cyril, it is understandable as he was a pretty compromised, pro establishment hack from
Rep Gabbard stands apart in her informed and sympathetic views on Syria:   Over the weekend, Muslims for Peace, an interfaith organisation with a proven track record of sectarian and intrafaith inclusiveness, held the 10th Annual Prophet Muhammad Day in NJ. One of the main speakers was Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI).
The ghost of Lucknow strikes back:   One hour after his appointment as governor, Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui was taken to a hospital emergency ward for breathing problems. He was not in good health when he brought to the Governor House for taking the oath. He was
CAIR representative expressing joy at the Russian plane crash that claimed 90+ lives:   This is a CAIR representative expressing joy at the Russian plane crash that claimed 90+ lives. I wonder if he is related to Zahran Alloush – the late genocidal hate leader of the Al Qaeda-affiliated Ahrar Al Sham
روسی سفیر کو قتل کرنے والا شہید ہے – اوریا مقبول جان: پاکستان کے نامور تکفیری و داعشی صحافی اوریا مقبول جان نے روسی سفیر کو قتل کرنے والے ترکی پولیس اہلکار کو شہید قرار دیدیا ہے، انکا کہنا ہے کہ حلب کے مسلمانوں کے غم کی شدت کی وجہ سے
December 16 : Never Forget: Today is December 16, the 2nd anniversary of the massacre of school children at the Army Public School by ISIS/Al Qaeda affiliated Deobandi terrorist groups like the Taliban. Today is also the 45th anniversary of how the Army and
The forgotten people of Bahrain:   There are mass demonstrations for a peaceful protest. The protestors want Democracy. Even though the protestors are predominantly from one Muslim sect, the protests are not couched in sectarian language. A massive crackdown occurs. The protestors who have
Some truth About Syria: The liberation of Aleppo by the Syrian government forces has united two seemingly disparate groups who are essentially using the same sectarian incitements. On the one hand, there are Pakistan’s banned outfits. On the other hand are established and
ترکی کا وزیر توانائی اور ٹرکش صدر طیب رجب اردوگان کا داماد داعش کے ساتھ تیل کی تجارت میں ملوث نکلا۔وکی لیکس کا انکشاف: سوموار کے دن ویکی لیکس نے ترکی کے وزیر توانائی اور صدر ترکی طیب رجب اردوگان کی 58 ہزار ای میلز آن لائن کردیں۔ان ای میلز میں ایسے شواہد وافر تعداد میں موجود ہیں جو ٹرکش وزیر توانائی بیرات
مسرور نواز جھنگوی کا یو ٹرن: شیعوں کے خلاف سخت موقف قصہِ ماضی قراد دے دیا: پاکستان کے صوبہ پنجاب میں انتہاء پسند گروپوں کے خلاف کاروائیوں اور انکی جڑ پکڑنے کے دعوؤں کا سلسلہ جاری ہے۔ دوسری جانب جھنگ کے ضمنی الیکشن میں سپاہ صحابہ کے بانی کے بیٹے مسرور نواز جھنگوی کی کامیابی
Mocking ASWJ-LeJ’s hate Kalima ridicules the victims of Shia Genocide:     I posted a video earlier today about someone mocking the Deobandi hate Kalima against Shias. It was pointed out to me in private that the Deobandi anthem in question was the backdrop for a macabre recording by
Qatar will continue supporting Syria’s terrorists even if Trump pulls US out: Qatar says it will continue to supply terrorist groups in Syria with arms even if US President-elect Donald Trump halts US support. According to Press TV, Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al-Thani made the remarks on
Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard stands with environmental activists at standing rock:   Rep (D) Gabbard continues to affirm that she is a true progressive. She has resisted the Democratic party establishment on their regime change policy in Syria and the subsequent support to Al Qaeda. While the old guard is
An absolutely stunning example of how the BBC tries to manipulate the terms of debate and subvert reality:   Give me a King Abdullah, a Prince Khalifa or a King Salman any day! These and other elected Sheikhs of the GCC put the L into Liberal and are leading some of the most Gay-friendly societies on the
Tulsi is the the most suitable pick for Secretary of State makes for a team of Rivals: Tulsi Gabbard will always stand on principle. She is not like other politicians who run after money and sell out to Saudis. She will have the interest of the oppressed Sunni Sufi Shia Hindu Christian Yazidi and others at
A poem inspired by Mohammed Al Nimr’s speech at the IFUT/ University of Washington conference – by Tahir Hussain:   Alnamer’s Blood Will Culminate Alnamer’s blood will culminate in serve reaction This reign of terror will be over A hurricane of reaction will emerge. And will strike the castles of the rulers. Every palace of pleasure will be
Pakistan’s legendary photojournalist Azhar Jaffery gone – Great loss to Pakistan’s journalism – Saqlain Imam:   Pakistan’s legendary photojournalist Azhar Jaffery gone! Great loss to Pakistan’s journalism, history of political struggle, defence of women rights, and fight for press freedom! According to Khawar Naeem Hashmi, one of his great iconic pictures is the one
Recognizing the common enemy – Hassan Kazmi:   It has been revealed by the investigating authorities that the arrested terrorist Asim Capri was running a killer Network that is involved in killing Amjad Sabri, the attack on Majlis e Aza in Nazimabad Karachi, and the target
Funeral prayers of NAP – by Hassan Kazmi:   In his address to the Police officials at Police Lines today, the federal Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan has tried to defend his case of allowing DPC to hold rally in Islamabad despite imposition of 144 in
Backed by establishment & PML-N allies, banned terrorist organization ASWJ/LEJ/SSP holds a public event in Islamabad:     We can see that after exclusive meeting with COAS Raheel Sharif, PM Nawaz Sharif, CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, Finance Minster Ishaque Dar allowed a banned Takfiri ISIS affiliated Deobandi #ASWJ aka #SAP/ LeJ to hold a public
Isil ‘took part’ in Quetta attack, says Pakistani terror group ally:   Editor’s Note: The daily Telegraph article points to overlapping memberships of Al Quaeda, Taliban and ISIS. We can extrapolate to include other groups like LEJ ASWJ, in fact we will run out of space making long lists of
کوئٹہ پولیس ٹریننگ سینٹر پر حملے میں کالعدم لشکر جھنگوی ملوث:     کوئٹہ پولیس ٹریننگ سینٹر پر حملے میں کالعدم لشکر جھنگوی ملوث ہے۔ اسی تنظیم نے کوئٹہ میں پانچ شیعہ ہزارہ خواتین کے قتل کی ذمہ داری قبول کی تھی۔ 60 سے زاید زیر ٹریننگ پولیس اہلکار شہید
National Interest – by Shiraz Paracha:   I have publicly shared my reservation on Cyril Almedia’s story. In my professional opinion, the story was a piece of clumsy journalism. Till date, the Dawn newspaper has not shared any evidence of the claims made in its
Tafkiri Deobandi Terrorists attacked the Kart-e-Sakhi Shrine in Western Kabul – by Aba Reja: Tafkiri Deobandi Terrorists attacked the Kart-e-Sakhi Shrine in Western Kabul on the eve of Ashura. They entered the shrine disguised as police officers and then attacked the Shia mourners indiscriminately who were commemorating religious ceremonies in honor of Imam
Allama Iqbal and Imam Hussain – AZ:   Iqbal’s range, quality, and quantity are truly impressive. Apart from Urdu, he also wrote prodigiously in Persian and is regarded as one of the most important poets of modern India. In addition to his indubitable genius as a