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Why Zardari?: It is not a secret…………Asif Ali Zardari is always a favourite target for the pro-establishment and pro-Taliban journalists and politicians; he is portrayed as responsible for all of the Government’s alleged failures. This is despite the fact that Prime
Blackwater is the new name of Taliban: Blackwater is the new name of Taliban – according to Taliban apologists. Here are two news items without any further comment: Blackwater involved in Karachi catastrophe, says Mufti Usmani Updated at: 2050 PST, Wednesday, December 30, 2009 KARACHI: Noted
When I heard that Benazir Bhutto had been assassinated – by Saria Benazir: The 27th afternoon of December 2007 – a catastrophic episode – scarlet was the firmament – crimson was the boulevard – and a Bhutto’s blood……….vanished there the underlying anticipate of an autonomous Pakistan …………a calamity!!! O No!!!!! The horizon
Citizen Media Dialogue – by Junaid Qaiser: Citizen Media Dialogue:  Media urged to play role in resolving masses problems by Junaid Qaiser Media is the eyes and ears of a sovereign country and needs to be further empowerment in the interests of the citizens. Media is
Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s Legacy (Urdu Version) – By Farahnaz Ispahani: Shahee Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Ka Virsa
Taliban claim the Ashura bombing in Karachi. Also responsible for the post-attack arson: Compiled by Abdul Nishapuri Here are a few articles and reports which confirm that the attack on the Ashura procession and the subsequent arson was carried out by Taliban terrorists and certain rogue elements of the establishment.
Leftist (taraqqi pasand) parties unite on one platform – Utho meri dunia ke gharibon ko jaga do: Leftist parties unite on one platform * Progressive parties criticise US policies on Pakistan, condemn right-wing elements By Hussain Kashif LAHORE: As many as 14 progressive political parties and groups got together on Friday to present their stances and
The New Media Jihadis – by Ayaz Amir: Thanks: Khaleej Times There is no such thing as positive journalism, a notion put about, mostly in a whining manner, by government information departments. Journalism is at its most responsible when it is explosive and incendiary, shaking people out
Please join the “Save democracy, stop conspiracy” rally in Lahore: The ongoing media campaign to malign President Asif Ali Zardari is an unwelcome and indeed dangerous blow to Pakistan’s democracy. One
Death to Islam, Long Live Yazidiat!: Karachi shuts down, mourns attack on Shia procession Tuesday, 29 Dec, 2009 KARACHI: Karachi shut down Tuesday to mourn at least 33 people killed in a suicide bombing at a Shia procession on their holiest day. Monday’s blast sparked
Dekhna hai zor kitna bazoo-i-qatil main hai: The killing spree in Pakistan is on and thriving. This time target was Ashura procession in Karachi. O Jihadi, kill … kill more..never leave a living soul in
Will the ‘siasi adakar’ have mercy on Pakistan? – by Farhad Jarral: ٢٧ دسمبر ٢٠٠٧ پاکستان کی تاریخ کا بدترین دن ، یہ وہ دن ہے جس دن پاکستان کی عظیم رہنما اور چاروں صوبوں کی زنجیر مھترمہ بے نظیر بھٹو کی شہادت ہوئی ۔۔ آج جب کہ ملک حالتِ جنگ
Certain of victory over militants – by President Asif Ali Zardari: Two years ago the world stopped for me and for my children. Pakistan was shaken to its core and all but came apart. Women everywhere lost one of their greatest symbols of equality. And Islam, our great religion,
Some critical reflections on the Karachi Ashura attack: By Abdul Nishapuri Pakistani officials say a suicide bomber has struck a Muslim religious procession in the port of Karachi, killing at least 45 people. Officials say the bomber blew himself up Monday in a procession of minority Shi’ites
Qa’ani’s elegy and Imam Hussein – by Ammar Ali Qureshi: What rains down? Blood! Who? The Eye! How? Day and Night. Why? From grief. What grief? The grief of the Monarch of Karbala.
Hamid Mir presents a test case to the Supreme Court. Will CJ take action against Major General Nadeem Ijaz?: vs In his op-ed in Daily Jang on 28 December 2009, Hamid Mir notes that Justice Ramday has identified General Kayani as one of the key culprits who forced Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry to resign from his post in
Pakistan Democracy Review 2009 – by Humza Ikram: In this article, Humza Ikram offers a comprehensive review of the performance of the PPP government in 2009. JANUARY 2009 OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) In January 2009, BISP was officially  launched after its form   distribution
Options for Pakistan: No to Ziaist Policies – Guest post by Ahmad Nadeem Gehla: This is with reference to Ijaz Ul Haq’s two-part article “Options for Pakistan” (December 24, 25, The News). I agree with Mr Haq that “Pakistan has vital interests and serious stakes in Afghanistan”. Every state has
Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s legacy – by Farahnaz Ispahani: The second anniversary of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto’s tragic assassination coincides with the observance of Ashura, the annual reminder to the Muslims of the ultimate sacrifice of the holy prophet’s
PPP Leadership, Workers and the LUBP – Guest post by Naseer Ahmed (Destiny): PPP has a long history of a long lasting beautiful relationship with its workers. Its leadership did not forget, for a moment that its workers and people have primary importance. This is the reason behind slogans “Long Live Bhutto” and
Conspiracies against democracy not to succeed: President Zardari: NAUDERO, Dec 27 (APP): President Asif Ali Zardari on Sunday said non-state actors were trying to break Pakistan and institutions were being
Those last moments…… – by Saria Benazir: Blazes of fire, And high peaks, Oh my Lord!!! Deep seas, And heavy showers of rain, Dark black clouds, And still red drops of blood,
Enclosed in my heart – by Saria Benazir: Enclosed in my heart, Are a few words? Not merely words,
Benazir Bhutto and Karbala – Guest post by Naseer Ahmed: Related post: Benazir Bhutto: Ik Kaneez-e-Karbala – by Abdul Nishapuri I remember a poem by a famous Pakistani poet, Mohsin Naqvi, on the dismissal of the first PPP govt by Ghulam Ishaq Khan in 1990. A maid of Karbala
Benazir Bhutto – ik kaneez-e-karbala: Benazir Bhutto 21 June 1953 – 27 December 2007 بیاد بے نظیر بھٹو (کاوش: عبدل نیشاپوری) اک کنیز کربلا اور اک گروہ اشقیا اک گلوۓ بے خطا اورایک تیر حرملہ روشنی کے چارسو تھی ظلمت فکر ضیا٭ در پۓ
When skewed high-rises discolor the city skyline – by Qudrat Ullah: With the tremendous trade and industrial progress of the United States in the last quarter of 19th century, the private sector turned to the idea of high-rises when prime urban lands became scanty and pricey. First ten-storey high-rise was
Remembering Benazir Bhutto – by Khalid Hasan: Here are two op-eds by late Khalid Hasan in the memory of Benazir Bhutto; the first one was written on BB’s death in December 2007, the second piece was written on BB’s death anniversary in December 2008.
Hurr and Karbala – by Dr Ali Shariati: “Horr” is a book by renowned Iranian scholar Dr Ali Shariati about the historic Battle of Karbala in which Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, and his 72 companions were martyred by the Caliph Yazid. Horr (also
Hajj, Karbala and Hussain – by Dr Ali Shariati: The following is an excerpt from “Hajj: Reflections on Its Rituals” written by Dr Ali Shariati highlighting the significance of the Karbala movement. The book is one of the most read works of Dr Shariati (available in English).
NRO: ‘Judicial Messiah’ or Democracy? – Guest Post by Ahmad Nadeem Gehla: I participated in movement for restoration of Chief Justice till his restoration with a belief of doing a right thing as a Lawyer and a common citizen. Since restoration of Judiciary things has not turned to our expectations. I have tried
Ayub Khan’s actions against politicians under EBDO or how to wipe out an entire political class: Facts about Elected Bodies Disqualification Order (EBDO) of 1959, compiled from “The Separation of East Pakistan” by Hasan Zaheer and “Bangladesh Past and Present” by Salahuddin Ahmed When Ayub Khan took power in 1958 one of his main priorities
Ist December…..: I wrote this poem last year on the first anniversary of Bibi Shaheed. It was published on PTH on Bibi’s birthday and now on her 2nd death anniversary I am posting it here as my first post on LUBP.
Remembering Shaheed Benazir Bhutto: Contributed by: Ahsan Abbas Shah اُداس رات کے سینے سے ایک چیخ اُٹھی زمین کانپ گئی آسمان لرز گیا
Elections in Quetta and Baltistan, Some Questions for the LHC – by Humza Ikram: In last 48 hours two general elections were held, First one took place in Gilgit -Balistan and the other one took place in Quetta. Although official election resulta are not announced yet, unconfirmed reports suggest that in both places PPP candidates
Shameful statement by Balochistan Chief Minister: This Baloch Hal Editorial discusses the shameful statement made by Chief Minister Raisani regarding the missing persons of Balochistan: Nawab Mohammad Aslam Raisani, the chief minister, astounded everyone in Khuzdar during a press-talk by saying that most of the
Shahadaton ki dastan (The story of the martyrs) – by Ahsan Abbas Shah: ٢٧ دِسمبر٢٠٠٧ کو گذرے کم و بیش ٢ سال کا عرصہ بیتنے کو ہے۔ اِس تحریر کو لکھتے وقت ٥ محرم ١٤٣١ ہجری ہے۔ نواسہ رسول ، جگر گوشہ بتول کا ماتم کائنات میں بپا ہے۔ میری پیاری سر
Judging versus lynching: Asma voices concern over NRO verdict Wednesday, December 23, 2009 ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court in its verdict on NRO has targeted the whole democratic structure by extending its power and crossing the constitutional limits, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan
Ali Ahmed Kurd’s description of the likes of Iftikhar Chaudhry & Khawaja Sharif: Analysis by Abdul Nishapuri – from another thread: In Hamid Mir’s talkshow, Capital Talk, on 22 December 2009, Ali Ahmad Kurd expressed three key reservations about the current Supreme Court and the Chief Justice of Pakistan: 1. CJP and
An Historical Perspective on Supreme Court’s Decision against the NRO – by Ahsan Abbas Shah: Ahsan Abbas Shah offers an in depth historical perspective on the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s decision against the process of national reconciliation in the country. He warns that any unconstitutional step to derail democracy may result in dire consequences
Putting institutionalized insight in policy planning – Guest post by Qudrat Ullah: Pakistan and India are the two estranged bed fellows destined to live in the close proximity of each other. Both the antagonists share a long and complicated history of conflicts, internecine and protracted wars which further widened the historical