Options for Pakistan: No to Ziaist Policies – Guest post by Ahmad Nadeem Gehla

This is with reference to Ijaz Ul Haq’s two-part article “Options for Pakistan” (December 24, 25, The News). I agree with Mr Haq that “Pakistan has vital interests and serious stakes in Afghanistan”. Every state has regional interests, but we also have vital interests within Pakistan. These interests are under attack by the monsters called jehadis who were created by the writer’s father, General Ziaul Haq, while serving CIA interests.

There is a consensus among the entire nation that extremism nourished by the dictator is a serious threat to the country’s existence. Therefore, Mr Haq should keep his father’s ideological legacy of ‘strategic depth’ to himself. Of course we need to protect our strategic interests in the neighbouring states, but it is people’s representatives who have the right to determine what these interests are.

Mr Haq cannot be expected to understand the reasons why people love the Bhuttos even after their death. Had his dictator father understood it he would have refrained from killing, flogging and imprisoning innocent Pakistanis while serving US interests. It was Ziaul Haq who surrendered our sovereignty to the US in his greed for power and American dollars. Pakistan today bleeds because of the ‘jehad enterprise’ of which his father was the chief executive.

Amazingly Mr Haq is now objecting to the presence of Americans driving unregistered vehicles in Pakistan. Has he forgot that the slogan ‘Allah-America-Army’ was first raised when his good father was faithfully serving the Americans and recruiting Muslim youths for the American holy war? While criticising Musharraf he conveniently forgot that he remained faithful to him, who he has now termed an ‘American puppet’, as long as he was in power.

First appeared in The News.



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