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Professor Mobarak Haider’s Interview: Courtesy: Neya Zamana
Jaali Voter Fehristein aur Tunno Ki Besharmi! – by Saad Mansoor (Roman Urdu): Har nayay din ke saath humaaray munsif-e-aala urf Tunno aik aisa tabsara kertay hain ke ke har jamhooriyat pasand shehri baithay bithhaye bilbila uthta hai. Lagta hai Musharraf ki kitab Kakkoo kay Kaarnamay (jisay baaz loag ghalti se In the Line
The military should apologize for Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s judicial murder – by Shiraz Paracha: Related posts: LUBP archive on Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Parrot writers and journalists in Pakistan always praise the position of a serving Army Chief. Those who have sold their souls tell us how great the military’s top brass is. It
The Mohali heart-breaker – by Bahadar Ali Khan: For Pakistani nation the moments of happiness have become a rarity in recent times. And in desperation they try to squeeze joy out of any minor/major event that comes across their way. The latest was the Cricket World Cup
Emotional Mosquito-ism – by Rameez Karamat Ali: “It was a straight ball and Razzaq did not have a very good technique to handle that ball“. Those were the exclusive comments by one of the “Emotional Mosquito” outside my room this morning, which forced me to come
Cricket as sport or war between the two countries -by Arshad Mahmood:
Win or Defeat: The Post-Semi “Match is fixed” – by Danial Lakhnavi: میچ کا منظر بمعہ میچ ہارنے کے بعد کیا ہوگا؟؟ کمرشل میڈیا بالخصوص ٹی وی چینلز کی باہمی مسابقت اور پاکستان کے قومی مزاج کے عکاس تاریخ دان نسیم حجازی کی تاریخی رومانویت سے مستعار ٹرمینالوجیز شاہین، سورما، معرکہ
Land for cricket team but no land rights for poor farmers: Shahbaz Sharif’s hypocrisy: Hypocrisy thy name is PML-N. While a cricket match between India and Pakistan has been transformed into a frenzy by the corporate media, the clueless leaders are of course not lagging behind in this race to earn short lived
Pakistani bloggers demand release of Bahraini blogger Mahmood Al-Yousif: Related article: Iranain blogger Omidreza Mirsayafi dies in prison. Time to support bloggers in Iran LUBP condemns the arrest of prominent Bahraini blogger Mahmood Al-Yousif by the martial law dictator (Bahraini King Hamad) and the Saudi invader (King Abdullah).
Enjoy the match guys – by Bahadar Ali Khan: March 30th, the day when sub-continent is scheduled to stand still on the eve of the clash of Cricket Titans e.g.; India and Pakistan. Naturally the emotions of Cricket fans across the divide are spouting to the new highs.
Goodbye Shoaib Akhtar: “I think I will donate the money to Mother Teresa or something like that.” Shoaib Akhtar Related : It’s the colour we remember, Shoaib – Osman Samiuddin Smokers’ Corner: Rough diamonds – Nadeem F. Paracha Pakistan cricket: great rivalries
Pakistan-India semifinal: A cricket match, for God’s sake! – by Ali Raja: In Punjabi we have a jolly good legend by the title “Satan’s Finger.” It narrates the story of a pious old fellow who had a habit of cursing the Satan after every prayer that he offered. He continued this
Are we building abusive Pakistan? – by Ahsan Abbas Shah:
Pakistan: Failed state or Weimar Republic? – By Omar Ali: Editor’s Note:  The following article is a excellent thought provoking piece (cross-posted from 3quarksdaily)  by our valued contributer, Omar Ali.  The author raises many interesting points which are then well argued.   In its increasing Anti-Semetic attitudes atleast (as captured by this Nazi poster), Pakistan
On Newsweek Pakistan’s 100 women: Shaking Pakistan with lipstick? – by Nabiha Meher: Editor’s note: We are cross-posting an interesting piece from the Express Tribune which offers a thought provoking commentary on a list of 100 Pakistani women recently published by the Newsweek Pakistan. While we have a number of reservations about
1000 year old Hindu temple in Pak in desperate need of upkeep: Blog Cross Post : Hinduexistence Karachi , May 12 (ANI): Belying Pakistan governments tall claims regarding upkeep of Hindus worship places and other sites, a 1000-year-old Hindu temple – Shri Varun Dev Mandir – in Monora in Pakistan is
Balochistan’s burden of slavery – by Dr. Zaffar Baloch: Editor’s note:  The following was sent to us by our valued contriber, Imtiaz Baloch.  In Pakistan, the chattering elites who supported the restoration of a compromised bureaucrat thought he might do something to address the missing person’s case. So
MQM, Politics of a Chameleon – by Danial Lakhnavi: ہندوستان میں اپنے آبائی علاقے چھوڑ کر سندہ کو گھر بنانے پر جب ہم ہندوستانی اور مہاجر کہلائےجانے لگے، اور ہمارے کچھ احباب نے اس اصطلاح کو اپنا بھی لیا اس وقت میرے والد محترم کو اس اصطلاح سے
Zardari: Is he on the side of truth or Islamofascism?: Related articles: How to kill the Shia snake: Letter from brother Abdullah – by Hakim Hazik Recruitment of Bahrain National Guards in Lahore to kill Shia protesters in Bahrain Zardari’s was elected by popular vote, not by anti-democratic forces
Festival of lamps: Mela Charagan Madhu Lal Hussain Urs Continued: The three-day annual urs celebrations of one of the greatest Punjabi Sufi poets, Hazrat Shah Hussain, commonly known as Madhu Lal Hussain, continued drawing thousands of devotees and enthusiasts from all over the country. Shah Hussain (1538–1599) was a
Challenging the status quo: Tough decisions need to be made – by Ali Wahab: Source: The Express Tribune There are two broad types of decisions – a decision that yields good results or a decision that goes bad. When a decision yields good results, the management reinforces it strategies to ensure continuation. In
In appreciation of Fauzia Wahab: Related articles: LUBP Archive on Fauzia Wahab On 14 February 2011, a courageous woman while responding to questioners at the Karachi Press Club said what many men won’t have ever said. She treaded on to a territory which was
Contempt Notices But Only Against PPP and People of Sindh – by Abbas Bhutto: Related article: Pakistan’s lord and his flies: On SCP’s contempt notices to Taj Haider and Sharjeel Memon Contempt of court notices have been  issued against former senator and general secretary of the PPP’s Sindh chapter, Taj Haider, and the
Indian delegates pay rich tributes to Salmaan Taseer: Condole former Punjab governor’s death with his family An Indian peace delegation, headed by renowned journalist Kuldip Nayar, paid rich tributes to former Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer for his meritorious services for the country and raising voice for the
Let peace win at Mohali -by Shahid Nadeem: Pakistani cricket fans are on their way to Chandigarh to cheer their team in the mother of all matches taking place at the Punjab Cricket Association stadium in Mohali. Among them are Pakistani peace activists who will be joined
Narrow moves: MQM playing to the right wing gallery? – by Nadeem F. Paracha: Related articles: MQM Right Wing Alliance Narrow moves The Muttahida Qaumi Movement is one of the most enigmatic political parties. It has been enjoying overwhelming support in Karachi and Hyderabad ever since the late 1980s, in the process becoming
Deserted by govt, tribal militias now fight the Taliban ‘for honour’ – by Naveed Hussain: Related articles: Taliban ISI Alliance We were alerted to this article by none other than Javed Ahmed Ghamidi sahib whose following comments (at Twitter) present an excellent summary: “Talking to Taliban like conceding defeat. Will encourage & help them
Pakistan’s lord and his flies: On SCP’s contempt notices to Taj Haider and Sharjeel Memon: Related articles: LUBP Archive on Justice Deedar Shah Contempt Notices But Only Against PPP-P and People of Sindh – by Abbas Bhutto Shameless arrogance of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry et al By Omar Khattab in Islamabad God hurled Iblis/Lucifer
Libya rebels: Gaddafi could be right about al-Qaeda: Libya rebels: Gaddafi could be right about al-Qaeda Two documents suggest northeast Libya, centre of rebellion, is an al-Qaeda hotspot By Alexander Cockburn Source: The First Post On March 11, Sarkozy declared the Libyan National Transition Council the only
PPP’s Media Policy and the Code of Conduct – by Ahmad Khan Lodhi: Related article: Do you have a media policy, PPP? – By Sikandar Mehdi Since coming into power, the PPP has undoubtedly done a good job in holding its own in the political arena despite all the baggage from previous
Christians protest holy Quran’s desecration, also feel under threat after recent killings & attacks: Minority members of the provincial assembly (MPA) from both the treasury and the opposition benches on Friday protested against the Holy Quran’s desecration by US Pastor Terry Jones and labeled him a terrorist. Christians have asked the Church of
Nothing, yet everything personal – by Naveed Ali: “He was retired and came back to Pakistan after long years of service overseas; he had plans and many things to do. On that fateful day he was out shopping with his wife, he was inside the shop while
Balochistan ki dardnak soorat-e-haal – by Dr. Tauseef Ahmed Khan: Related articles: LUBP Archive on Baloch Nationalism
Pakistan government on Hajj scandal – by Ahsan Abbas Shah:
‘No future for secularism or radical Islam’: An interview with Javaid Ahmed Ghamidi – by Shehrbano Taseer: Related articles: LUBP Archive on Javed Ghamidi Javaid Ahmed Ghamidi does not breathe fire and brimstone. As someone who preaches tolerance and reason, he is not your typical Pakistani religious scholar. And he has had to pay a price
World Cup semifinal between Pakistan and India: Real game or business as usual? – by D. Asghar: It is no secret that March 30, World Cup Semi Final Cricket match, between India and Pakistan will be a nail biter. Fans are completely charged and ecstatic. The traditional rivals facing each other at Mohali, will literally bring
Thank you, General Kayani. Your good Taliban kill 18 Shia, abduct 45 in Hangu: Related articles: LUBP Archive on Shia genocide At least eighteen persons were killed and several others wounded in armed persons’ firing on passenger vehicles besides 45 persons were also abducted along with the vehicle. Unknown armed persons opened fires
Iran: overthrow the fundamentalist cabal – by Ali Abbas Inayatullah: Related articles: LUBP Archive on Iranian theocracy Who will free Pakistan’s Shias from the Iranian-agenda scholars? After watching the hundreds of thousands of protesters in Iran being dismissed as Westernized toffs from Northern Tehran by Islamist groups and self-declared
Pigeons of the Middle East and Africa – by Shiraz Paracha: The imperialist attack on Libya is yet another reminder that capitalism is governed by Machiavellian principles and is based on lies and deceit. Western politicians lie to their own public and every few years Western countries go to bloody
Do you have a media policy, PPP? – by Sikandar Mehdi: Related article: PPP’s Media Policy and the Code of Conduct – by Ahmad Khan Lodhi In last couple of months, PPP has wasted many opportunities to bury Media and PML-N in the same grave. The blunders committed by the