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Pakistan’s nuclear assets are not at risk – by Khalid Wasti: پاکستان کے ایٹمی اثاثے خطرے میں نہیں ہیں ×××× ————- پاکستان خطرے میں ہے – جھوٹ ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ فوج کی بالا دستی قائم رکھنے کے لیئے ، ملک کے ساٹھ فیصد سے زائد بجٹ کو اپنے تصرف میں لینے کے
Why can’t Pakistan convict any terrorists? Part I – by Rabia Shakoor and Eqbal Alavi: Let’s consider the acquittals in high profile terrorism cases in May 2010 alone: On May 30, Maulana Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid was acquitted in the Children’s Library case. On May 25, the Supreme Court dismissed the appeals filed
Justice Khawaja Sharif ka safarnama – by Khaled Ahmed: A lawyer’s ‘safarnama’ A Lahore lawyer Khwaja Muhammad Sharif travelled to the Philippines and the UK in 1995 and carefully recorded his observations during the tour. His jottings became the book that appeared titled Shakh-e-Nazuk kay Ashiyanay (Nests built
From judgment on PCO to case against 18th Amendment – by pejamistri: Last year I was excited about Supreme Court hearing the case against the PCO of November 3rd , and I wrote “Can they cleanse the mess” , it is unfortunate that today I have to write about Supreme Court
Terrorists attack Lahore’s Jinnah Hospital: It must be CIA, Mossad, RAW, Black Water, Khad, anyone but our dear Taliban: At least twelve people have been killed and 10 injured as suspected militants launched a brazen attack on Jinnah Hospital in Lahore late Monday night. Terrorists entered hospital premises in camouflage of police uniform. Five of the dead are
Is the Koran a constitution? – by Dr. Abbas Zaidi: One of our dearest friends, writer and intellectual Dr. Abbas Zaidi has on the LUBP  team’s request, exclusively written this well argued piece for our readers. I on behalf of LUBP am grateful to him for sharing his efforts with us, and
Ahmadi man stabbed to death in Narowal, Punjab: Members of the Ahmadi community console a grieving woman at a graveyard in Chenab Nagar, located in Punjab’s Chiniot District, about 200 km northwest of Lahore, May 29, 2010. — Reuters Here is yet another case of systematic violence
Why the PPP should not quit the coalition in Punjab – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: I am a strong believer that political parties should get ample opportunities to run governments than just sitting on the opposition benches. When it comes to the likes of PPP, which inarguably is the largest political party of Pakistan,
Judicial dictators reject objections of federation on the 18th Amendment case: Today the larger bench of Supreme Court rejected federal government’s objections on the 18th amendment case, and issued show cause notices to the lawyer of the federation Dr. Abdul Basit and Advocate on Record. The objections of federation were
Pakistani journalist Syed Talat Hussain missing after Israeli attack on Gaza aid convoy: The fate of four Pakistanis was uncertain after a Gaza-bound aid flotilla they were travelling on was attacked by the Israeli Navy, an incident that has claimed the lives of 10 foreigners. Notable people onboard Dror Feiler — Swedish-Israeli
State terrorism by Israel: At least 20 aid workers killed: Trying to bring in food, medicine and all kinds of much needed aid to war torn Gaza and its stranded people – the Flotilla was ambushed by the barbarians of Israel’s military; they carried out another despicable massacre, killing
Punjabi Taliban; a growing threat – Dawn-Reuters Report: Pakistani Ahmadi community members gather at their worship place after a suicide attack in Lahore. — AFP DERA GHAZI KHAN: The Pakistan Taliban is not the sole militant group threatening Pakistan and the region. Punjabi groups are deepening their
Pakistan Parliament must reverse the notorious Second Amendment against Ahmadi Muslims – by Yasser Latif Hamdani: The Second Amendment The Second Amendment laid the foundations of intolerance and religious tyranny in Pakistan, which has manifested itself in other ways. Since then our state has been in a downward spiral The violence against the Ahmediyya community
Ay khadim-e-aala Punjab, day zara jawab – by Ahsan Abbas Shah: Here is an analysis in Urdu on the Ahmadi massacre in Lahore by the Punjabi Taliban and the culpable role of PML-N’s government in Punjab.
Lashkar-i-Jhangvi / Sipah-e-Sahaba’s connection traced to Ahmadi massacre in Lahore: In Picture: Rana Sanullah, PML-N’s Law Minister (Punjab Government) with the head of Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan in an election rally Lashkar-i-Jhangvi connection traced to Lahore attacks By Abdul Manan May 31, 2010 LAHORE: One of main suspects in the attacks
PML-N Senator Sajid Mir addresses Khatm-e-Nabuwat conference in Sargodha – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: Consider this scenario: officially more than 100 people were killed in attacks on Ahmedi mosques in Lahore on Friday, May 28, 2010. Unofficially, Ahmedis say that more than 150 are dead. The media very quickly started calling the mosques
There is nothing righteous in terror – by Agha Haider Raza: What happened in Lahore is truly one of the saddest and heart-wrenching incidents I have ever experienced as a Pakistani. When places of worship no longer carry the sanctity they deserve, the stark divide in religious ideology is made
Ahmadi ‘kafirs’ recite darood sharif while the ‘constitutionally lawful Muslims’ massacre them: Here is a scene from inside the Ahmadi mosque, Lahore while it was under attack by the terrorists of Punjabi Taliban / Sipah-e-Sahaba (28 May 2010): This video was recorded by Arsalan who was trapped along with other fellow
Pakistan: The IMT and Manzoor Ahmed ‑ Against unprincipled careerism!: Source: International Marxist Tendency Written by the EC of The Struggle Wednesday, 31 March 2010 The work of the Pakistani Marxists of The Struggle has been noted, both by our friends in the labour movement and also our enemies. The
The Zardari we do not get to know – by Shahzad Jillani: First published in the Express Tribune: KARACHI: Considered as one of the most powerful personalities of the country, President Asif Ali Zardari in his private life presents a picture very different from what is portrayed by both the national
Hamid Mir’s reply to Marvi Sirmed’s open letter: From: hamid mir (email add removed) Date: May 31, 2010 12:43:08 AM GMT+06:00 To: Marvi Sirmed Cc: pakistanpress Subject: Re: An Open Letter to Hamid Mir from a Common Citizen
Hamid Mir and high moral ground – by Khalid Wasti: حامد میر اور ہائی مارل گراؤنڈ حامد میر کے پنجابی طالبان سے رابطے ریکارڈ پر آ چکے ہیں – حامد میر پنجابی طالبان کے ایک رہنما کو بتاتا ہے کہ خالد خواجہ سی آئی اے کا ایجینٹ ہے اور
LUBP mobile site launched: LUBP team has launched a mobile  friendly version of the site. Now  you can easily access all the commonly used features of the site, i.e., reading articles and sharing comments through your mobile phone. We need your feedback in
An open letter to Hamid Mir from a common citizen – by Marvi Sirmed: Islamabad May 17, 2010 Dear Mr. Hamid Mir, Much has been said and written about your audio tape since last two days. I have also read your rebuttal, below email and another one that got “leaked” – as is
Rumi: The divine dancer – by Ammar Ali Qureshi: Ammar Ali Qureshi has kindly sent his article published in “The Friday Times” to be posted at LUBP. How relevant is Rumi today? asks Ammar Rumi, according to the German philosopher Hegel, was one of the greatest poets and
Black fell the day – by Nadeem Paracha: This is an aspect of extremism that a lot of its more ‘moderate’ supporters in Pakistan have not comprehended. Educated men and women can be heard and seen concocting outlandish explanations and justifications in a bid to sympathetically define
Of blasphemy, Facebook and terrorism —Imtiaz Alam: Times are horrifying in this land of the pure and a chaotic world around. A “satire” protesting censoring of an episode of ‘South Park’ by Comedy Central turned viral, forcing the irreverent cartoonist to take refuge behind opposing censorship
The challenge of an uncertain future —Dr Hasan-Askari Rizvi: The most certain feature of Pakistan’s democracy is an uncertainty of its future. The optimistic view describes the current difficulties as the issues of transition from a military-dominated political order to a participatory civilian political system, which will take
Meritorious Jehangir Khan and apologies in the Supreme Court – by Rauf Klasra:
A Marxist View: MQM Punjab journey and middle class disarrays – by Dr. Lal Khan: چنگاری ڈاٹ کام 19 May 2010 پچھلے چند ماہ میں ایم کیو ایم نے اپنے آپ کو ’’ملک گیر‘‘ ’’قومی‘‘ پارٹی بنانے کا عمل تیز تر کردیا ہے۔ ا س میں کشمیر اور بلتستان میں انتخابات میں حصہ لینے
MCC condemns massacre of Ahmadiya Muslims in Pakistan: MCC is a grassroots organization founded by Tarek Fatah that provides a voice to Muslims who are not represented by existing organizations; organizations that are either sectarian or ethnocentric, largely authoritarian, and influenced by a fear of modernity and
Zakir Naik: Muslim preacher of hate is let into Britain – by David Leppard: Zakir Naik says the 9/11 attacks were an ‘inside job’ by the US THE home secretary, Theresa May, is facing a stiff test of the Conservative party’s claims to oppose radical Islam after her officials chose to allow a
Salman Taseer on Twitter: The Punjabi Lion Slayer: Salman Taseer, Governor of Punjab, is on Twitter for the last few weeks. His tweeting style has been described as candid and uncanny. For example, Taseer does not shy away from making frank comments about his opposition in Punjab,
From yom-e-takbir to yom-e-takfir – by Nazir Naji: یوم تکبیر، یوم تکفیر ….سویرے سویرے…نذیر ناجی کل یوم تکبیر جو پاکستان کے لئے فخر اور خوشی کا دن تھا‘ دہشت گردوں نے اسے اپنی دانست میں یوم تکفیر بنا کر ہمارے لئے ندامت اور غم کے دن میں
A murderous mindset – by Huma Yusuf: Source: Dawn Sunday, 30 May, 2010 As soon as I heard that gunmen had attacked two Ahmadi houses of worship in Lahore, I posted a despairing comment on my Facebook page, condemning the violence and wondering out loud why
Culpable role of PML-N in Lahore’s Ahmadi massacre – by Farhad Jarral: After the heinous attacks on Ahmadi mosques in Lahore, we have seen numerous statements that Punjabi Taliban and Sipah Sihaba are involved in this target killing.
Kafir factory: Shia kafir, Qadiani kafir – by Mohammed Hanif: کافر فیکٹری محمد حنیف بی بی سی اردو ڈاٹ کام، کراچی دیکھیں نہ یہ مندر ہے نہ کلیسا، نہ گردوارہ نہ سنی گاگ، عبادت گاہ ہے۔ جب آپ اپنے آپ کو پاکستان کا شہری ثابت کرنے کے لیے شناختی
Blood knows no religion – by H.A. Khan: Yesterday when I entered my room after a walk and switched on the TV to watch news, it was so tragic and sad to watch two most heinous attacks against the innocent people belonging to a minority sect in
hami qatl ho rahe hein, hami qatl kar rahe hein – by Obaidullah Aleem: By Abdul Nishapuri Here is a tribute to our Ahmadi brothers (and their families) who were mercilessly martyred yesterday (by the Punjabi Taliban / Sipah-e-Sahaba) while offering the Friday prayers in two mosques in Lahore. This poem was written
Worrying, waiting for word about loved ones: An Ahmedi’s tale in Lahore – By Rana Tanveer: A man lost in the chaos of the Lahore attacks. PHOTO: AFP LAHORE: “Someone please find my two sons. They are being held hostage by the terrorists. Is my father alive? My brother is missing and the police are