MCC condemns massacre of Ahmadiya Muslims in Pakistan

MCC is a grassroots organization founded by Tarek Fatah that provides a voice to Muslims who are not represented by existing organizations; organizations that are either sectarian or ethnocentric, largely authoritarian, and influenced by a fear of modernity and an aversion to joy.

>Islamic organizations must repudiate their label of Ahmadiya Muslims as heretics.
MCC urges Ottawa to label Jamaat-e-Islami and Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist organizations.

TORONTO – The Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC) has urged Islamic organizations in Canada and the USA to declare without any ambiguity that Ahmadiya Muslims are part and parcel of the Islamic fabric and just one more sect among the hundreds that make up the Ummah.

In a statement condemning the slaughter on Friday of nearly one hundred Ahmadiya Muslims in two mosques in Pakistan, the MCC said, the time for ritualistic denunciations of terrorism is now over. “It is time for Muslims in Canada to step up to the plate and recognize the fact that by demonizing minority Islamic sects as non-Muslim, they have contributed to the crimes against humanity being committed by death-cult jihadi terrorists acting in the name of Islam,” said MCC vice president Salma Siddiqui.

She and MCC founder Tarek Fatah had only a day earlier met with leaders of the Canada’s Ahmadiya Muslim community to discuss questions of security and safety in light of rising anti-Ahmadiya propaganda not just in Pakistan, but right here in Canada. “It is sad that within hours of our meeting we were faced with the nightmare unfolding in the so-called Islamic republic of Pakistan,” Ms. Siddiqui added.

The MCC statement said Islamic leaders in Canada have not only declared the Ahmadiya Muslims as heretic, they also refer to the Ismaili Muslims as not real Muslims and mock their practices as unislamic and unworthy of respect.

The MCC statement said, “it is a pity that the only two sects of Islam that have committed themselves to peace and reconciliation are today labelled ‘unislamic’ by the mainstream mosque establishment in North America and their mentors in Saudi Arabia and Iran.”

In the statement, the MCC also blamed the major media outlets in Pakistan for inflaming the rhetoric against Ahmadiya, Ismaili and Shia Muslims. In particular, the MCC pointed out GEO Television that is seen across the USA, Canada and the UK. This network has become the voice of al-Qaeda and the Taliban and spreads hate against these communities as well as against non-Muslims and is spreading this message inside Canada. GEO Television has created an incendiary climate of fear among Pakistan’s Muslim minority sects as well non-Muslim religious minorities.

The MCC statement said it is also deeply troubled by the links between Pakistan’s fanatic jihadi outfits and the Muslim Brotherhood, the Jamaat-e-Islami who have affiliates in the USA and Canada.  It  called upon the Canadian government to declare the Jamaat-e-Islami and the Muslim Brotherhood along with Jaish-e-Muhammad, Sipah Sahaba and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi as terrorist organizations for their support of Al Qaeda and the Taliban The MCC urges Ottawa to bar the entry in Canada of anyone associated with these groups and to ensure their Canadian affiliates are monitored to ensure they do not pose a threat to liberal and progressive Muslims as well as Ahmadiya and Ismaili Muslims in Canada. The Jamaat-e-Islami in particular has a network across Canada and is spreading a harsh and hostile attitude among Muslim Canadian youth towards non-Muslims and Canada.

“The Canadian affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Jamaat-e-Islami are no less hostile towards minority Muslim sects and the West, but have developed the ability to watch what they say as they build their power base through their infiltration of the media, political parties and their takeover of this country’s mosque establishment,” said Ms. Siddiqui.



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