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Neoliberal politics, selective outrage and activism take hypocrisy to new heights:   There is an ongoing discussion within the current U.S. administration on whether to ban the sectarian and covertly fascist Muslim Brotherhood (MB). Predictably, sections of the hypocritical neoliberal lobbies have jumped to the defence of MB. Ideally banning
Deobandi and Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood against Humanity – by Jagdish N. Singh: Has wisdom finally descended on Islamabad to curb Islamist terror that spares none? Let’s hope so. Reports are that its security forces have intensified their offensives against the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan which has claimed responsibility for the cold-blooded massacre of
اداریہ :اسرائیل کے غزہ پر حملے نے عرب حکمرانوں اور سلفی دیوبندی جہادیوں کو بے نقاب کرڈالا ہے:   اسرائیلی بمباری سے غزہ کی پٹی کی ایک تاریخی مسجد کی تباہی کا منظر  آج جب یہ اداریہ لکھا جارہا ہے تو اسرائیلی بمباری اور زمینی حملے میں 1900 سے زیادہ فلسطینی شہید ہوچکے ہیں جبکہ 9000  سے
This war is different : German newspaper “Zeit” on the the current Israel Hamas Conflict.:   The war between Israel and Hamas seems to be replay of previous conflicts. Again, Hamas will try to rocket Israeli towns until the bitter end. Again, Israel will do everything possible to destroy the infrastructure of Hamas. Now the Israeli army has launched
Saudi Arabia sacks preachers for Brotherhood links – by Habib ToumiBureau Chief:   Manama: Saudi Arabia has sacked “for life” three Friday preachers, banning them from delivering sermons or speeches at mosques or in religious camps. The decision was taken after the authorities ascertained they belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood and
جماعت اسلامی کو اخوان المسلمون سے زیادہ سعودی ریال عزیز ہیں: عرب لیگ کا سالانہ اجلاس کویت کے دارالحکومت میں ہوا اور اس اجلاس میں سب سے اہم بات یہ تھی کہ کویت ،سعودیہ عرب،متحدہ عرب امارات،سعودیہ عرب اور مصر نے توقع کے مطابق قطر کی جانب سے اخوان المسلمون
پاکستان میں سلفی تکفیری دھشت گردی کے دو بڑے دلال ہیں، نواز حکومت اور دیوبندی نیٹ ورک: بحرین کے بادشاہ اور وزیر خارجہ 40 سال بعد پاکستان کے سرکاری دورے پر تشریف لائے اور اس دوران پاکستانی حکومت اور اس کی تمام سول و فوجی قیادت نے ان کا بھرپور استقبال کیا بحرین کے بادشاہ اور
عذر گناہ بد تر از گناہ – جماعت اسلامی کی منافقت – از خرم زکی: اسے کہتے ہیں عذر گناہ بد تر از گناہ۔ منور حسن صاحب امریکی پھٹو سعودی حکومت کی غلامی میں منافقت اور جھوٹ کی تمام حدود کراس کر چکے ہیں۔ اپنے روحانی پیشوا و مربی شاہ عبداللہ و سعودی (یہودی
Anti-Qatar campaign by Saudi-lobby flriendly authors in Western media: The article is clearly written by the discreet but very influential Saudi lobby in the US and other Western countries. The author alleges that Qatar “provides material support to the Muslim Brotherhood, to Hamas (the Palestinian branch of the
سعودی حکومت کی جانب سے اخوان المسلمون پر پابندی اور جماعت اسلامی پاکستان کی خاموشی: سعودی عرب کی حکومت نے اسلامی عرب دنیا کے سب سے بڑے ملک مصر کی سب سے بڑی اسلامی جماعت اخوان المسلمین کو باضابطہ طور پر دہشتگرد تنظیم قرار دے دیا ہے۔ تجزیہ کاروں کا کہنا ہے کہ اخوان
Time to ban Jamaat-e-Islami, Pakistan – by Mahpara Qalandar: Jamaat-e-Isami: World’s most dangerous fascist entity There is hardly an Islamofascist party or group which is not an offshoot of the Jamaat-e-Islami. Think about Haifz saeed of LeT. All his life he has been a Jamaat activist and planner.
How the Salafi-Wahhabi agenda is dividing the Muslim world – by Robert Fisk: LUBP Editor’s note: We are cross-posting a valuable analysis of the current geopolitical situation in the Middle East by veteran journalist Robert Fisk. We have made some minor changes in the cross-posted article to reflect the fact that Saudi
Hasan al-Banna: Brotherhood, Jihad and Nazism – by Raziq: The Muslim Brotherhood is the largest Islamist party in the world today.  It also claims to be a democratic party.  In this article I will be looking at its founder Hasan al-Banna, the reasons why he established the Muslim
The Saudi Arabian Salafi winter casts its dark shadow over Egypt: Pakistan is next: In an article dated October12 2011 LUBP asserted that the Arab Spring was in fact the Saudi Arabian Winter. We saw further evidence with the brutal murder of Ambassador Stevens. Now we see the emergence of a Salafi government backed
The Islamic state in context – by Tarek Osman: The Morsi regime falls as the Egyptian military takes control. Demotix/Jonathan Kalan. All rights reserved. Irrespective of the popular and military moves against political Islam in Egypt this week, the prospect of establishing an Islamic state in the Arab
A research article on differences and similarities between Deobandis and Salafis/Wahhabis:   Related posts: Historical context and roots of Deobandi terrorism in Pakistan and India – See more at: متحدہ ہندوستان میں شیعہ نسل کشی کی مختصر تاریخ – از وسعت الله خان – See more at: Wahhabism
Pakistan and Egypt: Where Armies Rule – by Ayesha Siddiqa: ISLAMABAD — The July 3 coup that ousted Egypt’s first popularly elected president, Mohamed Morsi, reminds us that military putsches can happen anywhere. Egypt and Pakistan have political similarities. Both have powerful and predatory armies, are heavily militarized and
Saudi Arabia Pleased With Morsi’s Fall – by Madawi Al Rasheed:   Hours after the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, was deposed, the Saudi regime hurried to congratulate newly appointed interim president Adly Mansour. The Saudis must have felt comfortable with the quick downfall of a political Islamist
The Perils of a ‘People’s Coup’ – by Khaled . M Abou El Fadl:   LOS ANGELES — THE Egyptian Army claims that it had no choice but to overthrow the country’s first legitimately elected president, Mohamed Morsi, and that last week’s coup reflected the will of the Egyptian people. It’s true that
The Second Egyptian Revolution – IMT Statement – by Alan Woods: Morsi has fallen. The magnificent movement of the masses has once more shown to the entire world the authentic face of the Egyptian people. It shows that the Revolution, which many even on the Left believed to have stalled,
No respite for Egyptian Christians in the new Salafist Fake Liberal Alliance taking lessons from Pakistan: This will become INCREASINGLY clear in next two weeks Salfist are in power in Egypt. They (Noor party) will have  veto power to make interim government and all other matters, only fake liberals will be acceptable. This is the same
Demoting Democracy in Egypt – by Shadi Hamid: Editors Note: We are posting the Nytimes article and youtube clip which shows disgruntled Muslim Brotherhood crowd turning to violent means. This is a valid point, despite all of the poor decisions by Moorsi the military intervention with a
When is a military coup not a military coup? – by Robert Fisk:   For the first time in the history of the world, a coup is not a coup. The army take over, depose and imprison the democratically elected president, suspend the constitution, arrest the usual suspects, close down television stations
Iran and US have common ground on where Morsi went wrong: Editors note: We are posting two interesting perspectives one from the vocal Iranian Parliamentarian Ahmad Khatami and another form Robert Fisk of The Independent. There seems to be a lot of common ground between the Iranian and American perspective
A Coup, Dear Friends, is a Coup! By A Z: That Morsi was incompetent is beyond question. The political charge sheet against him is long, compelling, and detailed. The fact is, Morsi couldn’t unite the country and people were really hacked off. Morsi was given the opportunity to be
Egyptians who idolise army will soon be disappointed – by Jonathan Steele:   WHETHER the Egyptian army’s action against Mohamed Morsi amounts to a full-scale military coup can be debated. But what is clear beyond doubt is that they amount to a ruinous intervention in the politics of a country that
Similarities between Egypt’s Morsi and Pakistan’s Nawaz Sharif: There can be no justification for the current subversion of democracy in Egypt which resulted in a coup against the Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi. However, it is even more difficult to feel any sympathy for the brutal Morsi regime that
Is Egypt Looking for its Next Pharaoh? – by A Z: While I may support liberal ideas and politics and be dead against all forms of theocracy, I have no choice but to call a spade a spade; it just is what is. July 3, 2013 was no different from
نیل کے ساحل سے لے کر تا بہ خاک کاشغر شیعہ نسل کشی – از حق گو: قاہرہ سے پشاور تک شیعہ مسلمان تکفیری دیوبندی اور سلفی دہشت گردوں کے نشانے پر ہیں – ان تکفیری دہشت گردوں نے بلا مبالغہ ہزاروں شیعہ شہید کر دیے ہیں جب کہ باقی لوگ خاموش تماشائی بنے ابھی یہ سب
Dangerous Divisions in the Arab World: Even in a region where violence has become all too commonplace, the killing of four Shiite men in Egypt last weekend seemed particularly vicious. According to news reports, a cheering Sunni Muslim mob armed with clubs, swords and machetes
HRW Egypt: Lynching of Shia Follows Months of Hate Speech similar to Pakistan: Editor’s Note : We are cross posting the HRW report on a build of two years of hate speech which has placed the Shia Muslims of Egypt at risk in their own homes. The demographics are different in Pakistan,
Shias under attack across the globe – by Murtaza Haider: From Cairo to Peshawar, Shias are under attack by Sunni militants. The sectarian warfare targeting Shias has left thousands dead. The rest of the world watches silently as Muslims self-destruct in sectarian wars. Earlier on Sunday, a lynch mob
Increasing Salafist influence in Egypt death-warrant for the Muslim Brotherhood – by Sadiq Ameen: By now the world knows that in a savage incident in Egypt Sunday, thousands of Salafists lynched and murdered four Shias in Giza-district village of Zavia Abu Muslam, beating them and burning their houses down. Coptic Christians have also
Sheikh Hassan Shehata and four other Shia Muslims brutally murdered in Giza, Egypt:   In an unparalleled event, four Shiite Muslims were killed by angry Salafists in Giza. At least 3000 angry locals attacked the houses of Shiites, killing four and injuring 32. Five houses owned by Shiites were also completely torched.
Iran cuts Hamas funding over Syria: Lesson for Pakistan’s Shia clerics – by Khurram Jafri: In principle, LUBP has opposed the support given to Salafi-Wahhabi militant organizations like Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood by certain sections of Pakistan’s Sunni and Shia clergy. While we have fully supported the common agenda of protesting Shia genocide and
Doctrine of armed jihad or doctrine of Saudi Wahhabi caliphate?: Related posts:  Woolwich: Muslim reaction, Saudi connection and inept state -by Ale Natiq Woolwich Beheading: Educating the West about the Wahhabi brand of terror – by Rusty Walker While the world is being wrecked by terrorist acts of Wahhabi-Deobandi
An Expedient Alliance? The Muslim Right and the Anglo-American Left – by Meredith Tax: I was recently in London to launch my book Double Bind: the Muslim Right, the Anglo-American Left, and Universal Human Rights, published by a new transnational think tank, the Centre for Secular Space. (The New York City launch is
An open letter to Iranian President Ahmadinejad from Pakistan – by Abdullah AlFaisal: Dear Mr. President, The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is making a transition from Military-Feudal to Military-Mullah-Feudal state, where the military and feudals are traditional while mullahs are the new stakeholders. The inclusion of mullahs, exclusively from Deobandi-Salafi religion, into
The collapse of Al-Jazeera’s credibility: “Before the beginning of the Arab Spring, we were a voice for change…a platform for critics and political activists throughout the region. Now, Al-Jazeera has become a propaganda broadcaster.” Related post: Deconstructing Al Jazeera and its paymasters Since the
Pakistani Shia clerics and Iranian agenda: In a previous article, Marya Mushtaq has highlighted how some Shia leaders in certain ethnic parties (e.g., Abdul Khaliq Hazara) are trying very hard to misrepresent Shia killings by the Saudi-funded, ISI-sponsored LeJ-SSP-Taliban terrorists in Pakistan by giving them