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PFUJ expresses deep concern over @BBCUrdu’s decision to layoff most of its reporters in Pakistan: Pakistan Federal Union of journalists (PFUJ) expresses deep concern over the decision of the BBC Urdu Service management to layoff forcibly majority of its reporters in Pakistan. “The decision is autocratic, arbitrary, unfair, without any justification and based on
CT Chief Minister Najam Sethi and the question of conflict of interest: Najam Sethi fan club: Raza Rumi, Ejaz Haider, Nadeem Paracha, Marvi Sirmed, Mehmal Sarfraz, Saleem Ali etc Independent critics: Nazir Naji, Farrukh Sohail Goindi, Rashid Rahman, Mazhar Abbas, Dr Ayesha Siddiqa, Abdullah Tariq Sohail, Adnan Farooq, Nusrat Javeed, Omar
Deobandi militants of Sipah Sahaba Taliban have taken over many Pakhtun neighborhoods in Karachi: Source: Dawn, 30 March 2013, written by Fahim Zaman and Naziha Syed Ali, adapted with minor changes ON the evening of March 13, Director Orangi Pilot Project Perween Rahman was shot and killed by masked men half a kilometre
Pragmatic secular: Najam Sethi ditches his secular ideals for 2-month CM’ship – by Abdullah Tariq Sohail: “I will strive to preserve the Islamic ideology which is the basis for the creation of Pakistan”, Najam Sethi’s oath Sethi vows to protect Islamic ideology of Pakistan Compromising his lifelong secular vision about Pakistan, the caretaker chief minister
Darvesh Wazir-e-Aala Najam Sethi aur Mall Road kay banner – by Nazir Naji: In the following column (Urdu, published in daily Dunya, 31 March 2013), veteran columnist Nazir Naji hints that Najam Sethi was long in knowledge of his nomination as caretaker Chief Minister Punjab as a consensus candidate of Pakistan’s military
Link TV’s report on social media activism on #ShiaGenocide in Pakistan – by Michelle Stockman: Michelle Stockman of Link TV has compiled a useful report on the gravity of Shia genocide in Pakistan by Deobandi militants of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. Since the beginning of the year (2013), more than 350 Shia Muslims have been killed
Pakistan’s five-star Marxist Najam Sethi brought to you by Comrade Mehmal Sarfraz: History in the making by Mehmal Sarfraz Source: Mid Day, India On March 27, renowned journalist Najam Sethi was sworn in as the caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab. Sethi’s name was nominated by the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) but
مہر و وفا کی پیکر ہے فاطمہ: میں بہت چھوٹا سا تھا-میرے خیال میری عمر 6-سال ہوگی تو میرے گھر میں بی سیدانی کا بہت آنا جانا تھا-بی سیدانی ہم بچوں کی فیورٹ انّا تھیں-اس لیے نہیں کہ وہ جب بھی آتی تھیں تو ہم بچوں
Ludhianvi, mastermind of #ShiaGenocide, files nomination papers for NA-89 Jhang Punjab: General elections: ASWJ chief files nomination papers for NA-89 Source: Adapted with some changes from Express Tribune, March 31, 2013 The chief of banned terrorist outfit Sipa-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP, currently operating as the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat -ASWJ) Maulana
A 1996 article on Deobandi violence against Shias in Pakistan – by Abbas Rashid: The Politics and Dynamics of Violent Sectarianism Understanding the rise of sectarianism (mainly, Deobandi violence against Shias and Sunni Barelvis) in Pakistan must begin with the crisis of the liberal-democratic order that was envisioned for the country at the
According to Jamaat-e-Islami’s Munawar Hasan, it ain’t rape without four witnesses: I found this argument by Munawar Hassan of the religio-political party Jamaat-i-Islami to be unbelievably disgusting and fundamentally blasphemous in the way he invokes the Qur’an to justify blatant misogyny: Anchor: Why did you vehemently oppose the women protection
Comrade Najam Sethi in the eyes of Comrade Nadeem Paracha: Related post: Pakistan’s five-star Marxist Najam Sethi brought to you by Comrade Mehmal Sarfraz Pakistan’s leading progressive, liberal, Marxist columnist (Comrade Nadeem F. Paracha) promotes another like-minded progressive, liberal, Marxist columnist (Comrade Najam Sethi of the London Group).
Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman ki Cheel aur Chirya mey Jhagra – by Danial Lakhnavi: میر شکیل الرحمن کی چیل اور چڑیا میں جھگڑا یوں لگتا ہے کہ میر شکیل الرحمان کی سیاسی قسمتیں لکھنے کی خواہش پورے مک میں ناکامی کا منہ دیکھنے کے بعد بالآخر پنجاب میں بارآور ہوگئی ہے اور ان
Accepting a position of political power by a journalist is a direct clash of interest: Mazhar Abbas’s column on Najam Sethi: Najam Sethi will certainly go down in history as the first journalist to get the top slot in Punjab, even if it is for only 40 or 50 days. But would he prefer to be remembered for his journalistic
Reality of Comrade Najam Sethi – by Farrukh Sohail Goindi: Najam Sethi is an imperialist-elitist liberal, not a progressive liberal or socialist In the following article (Urdu, published in daily Nai Baat), veteran progressive columnist Farrukh Sohail Goindi highlights the dubious background and track record of Najam Sethi, the
Shoot a teacher: Kill a country – by Rafia Zakaria: Illiteracy they say is Pakistan’s scourge. It is what shackles people in the chains of ignorance, condemns them to begging at corners, to injecting drugs, to selling their daughters and waiting in  vain for birthing sons. Illiteracy, is the
For Zardari, five years of lost opportunities – by Ayesha Siddiqa: Future tense Asif Ali Zardari is a past master at brokering deals but will find it tough to save the PPP from electoral oblivion BUT DON’T you think we are getting over-excited about the PPP (Pakistan People’s Party) government
The Feel Good Factor – by Umer Raza Bhutta: Pakistan is in the grip of that rare Feel Good Factor these days that grips it indeed rarely. All those politicians that were loathed, abused and mocked are out of governance frame for a couple of months. Those who
شام میں لڑائی، امریکی فوجی کے خلاف مقدمہ: امریکہ نے اپنے سابق فوجی کو شام میں القاعدہ سے منسلک باغیوں کے ہمراہ صدر بشار الاسد کی حکومت کے خلاف لڑائی کے الزام میں ایرک ہارون کو جمعرات کے روز اس وقت گرفتار کیا گیا جب وہ واپس
کہانی ، طالبان سے مذاکرات کی – زالان: کہانی ، طالبان سے مذاکرات کی زالان Twitter: zalaan1 ہر دھماکے اور قتل و غارت کے بعد عوام میں طالبان کے خلاف کروائی کرنے کا مطالبہ زور پکڑتا جا رہا تھا مگر میڈیا میں بیٹھے طالبان کے حمایتیوں ،سابقہ
Appeal to Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan: Don’t allow sectarian terrorists to contest elections: An appeal to Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan, Honorable Justice (retd.) Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim By Mahpara Qalandar Your Honor Now that the elections are scheduled to be held on time under your able supervision, there is just one issue
Silent victims -by Shama Junejo: She was raped at the age of ten; she remained silent all these years. Believing that it was not him but her fault, believing that guilty was not that Pied Piper but her. She faced post traumatic stress syndrome
Malik Riaz, not Najam Sethi, is the caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab: It is a fact that Pakistan’s military establishment and its various Punjabi-Muhajir affiliates (e.g., Malik Riaz of Bahria Town, Yunus Habib of Mehran Bank) have kept a large number of TV anchors and journalists (both in Islamist dominated Urdu
A sequel to ‘White legend of Pakistan’s creation’ – by AZ: As evidenced by the comments coming forth, my article “The White Legend of Pakistan’s Creation” seems to have received warm attention. I always value the viewpoints that diverge from mine as difference in views opens the doors unto learning.
Darra Adamkhel is next after the fall of Tirah: LUBP got an email from student of a private University of Peshawar, hailing from Darra Adamkhel. He has requested for anonymity due to risks involved. Telling us about fears of people of Darra Adamkhel after the fall of Tirah. 
Why did rightwing Nawaz Sharif accept liberal Najam Sethi as caretaker CM of Punjab? – by Nusrat Javeed: Senior columnist Nusrat Javeed reveals (Daily Express, 29 March 2013) plausible dimensions of a secret understanding between Islamist politician Nawaz Sharif and (fake) liberal columnist and anchor Najam Sethi. Nusrat Javeed explains that Nawaz Sharif’s increasing trust on Najam
Deobandi militants of Sipah Sahaba Taliban kill another Shia professional in Peshawar: پاکستان کے صوبہ خیبر پختونخوا کے دارالحکومت پشاور میں ٹارگٹ کلنگ کے واقعے میں شیعہ مسلک سے تعلق رکھنے والے سرکاری اہلکار کو ہلاک کر دیا گیا ہے۔ مقامی پولیس کے مطابق ہلاکت کا یہ واقعہ بدھ کی صبح
The archaeology of how Saudi Arabia subcontracted Punjab to Najam Sethi – by Mahpara Qalandar: Since his youth, Najam Sethi has meant everything to everybody. He began his political career as a ‘rebel’ supporting the Baloch freedom-fighter against the Pakistan army. Through his own bragging and a cabal of courtiers like Ejaz Haider and
Najam Sethi represents opportunist elite-feudal class, not journalists – by Nazir Naji: Veteran journalist Nazir Njai offers a detailed account of Najam Sethi’s opportunism and political somersaults. Naji explains that Sethi’s appointment as caretaker Chief Minister of the Punjab province is due to his wife’s and his own family background and
Hamid Mir is my role model, says Marvi Sirmed: Bakhtawar Bhutto Z ‏@BakhtawarBZ 26 Mar @Razarumi Rumour after rumour to discredit + NEVER an apology. All these games been played from the beginning nothing new #ZAB #SMBB #AAZ (Context: Publication of false news items in The Friday Times,
World Shia Forum condemns Najam Sethi’s appointment as Caretaker CM of the Punjab: Pretext: Let us not forget : Umar Ibne Saad did not want to kill Imam Hussain (AS), beloved grandson of the Prophet of Allah (PUBH). He sent dozens of emissaries to try and work things out i.e. get Imam
Motives behind the Shia massacres in Pakistan: PressTV report: While we are talking to each other, there is an old mother sitting in the corner of her house; silently weeping the death of her young son, there is a weak and helpless father struggling to earn some money
HRCP’s statement on violence and displacement of Pashtun population in Tirah: Lahore, March 25:  The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) expresses deep concern at the prevailing situation in the Tirah valley, Khyber agency. The Commission strongly condemns the bomb attack killing at least 17 people at Jalozai, this past
Letter From Isa Town Women’s Prison in Bahrain:     A great leader is immortal — their words and deeds echo through the years, decades, and centuries. They echo across oceans and borders and become an inspiration that touches the lives of many who are willing to
Punjab’s caretaker CM Najam Sethi and his political somersaults – Daily Times’ editorial by Rashid Rahman: Najam Sethi started life as a revolutionary Marxist and joined the Baloch resistance against Zuklfikar Ali Bhutto’s military campaign in that troubled province in the 1970s. Arrested, tortured and imprisoned in 1975, he was finally released from Hyderabad Jail
List of Takfiri terrorists contesting elections in Pakistan: Muttahida Deeeni Mahaz (MDM), the new alliance of Takfiri Deobandi and Wahhabi terrorists The LUBP has created a new tag ‘terrorists contesting elections‘ to build an archive of names, pictures, election symbols, constituency number etc of all ASWJ-LeJ candidates
No equality for women, Shias and non-Muslims in MDM’s manifesto: The election manifesto of the new Deobandi-Wahhabi alliance (MDM) of terrorist groups (ASWJ, JUI-S, Jamiat Ahle Hadith etc) violates not only Pakistani law but also the code of conduct of Pakistan Election Commission which does not allow any candidate
Pakistan Elections 2013: Terrorists contesting elections: New archive LUBP has decided to create a new archive of posts on Pakistan Elections 2013. In particular our attention will be focused on highlighting cases of Takfiri Deobandi terrorists contesting elections in independent or party-affiliation capacity. The new
An open letter to Imran Khan on PTI’s seat adjustment with Jamaat-e-Islami – by AZ: Dear Imran Khan, That you are seeking a seat adjustment with Jamat e Islami, despite its questionable past, does not bother me, though Jamat still seems more interested in PMLN than your Tsunami. Our first problem is basic good
The Takfiri Deobandi violence against Shias in Pakistan – by Khaled Ahmed: LUBP Editor’s note: Adapted with some changes from the Economic and Political Weekly. The changes reflect the fact that target killing of Shia Muslims at the hands of Takfiri Deobandi militants cannot and must not be described as Sunni-Shia