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Pakistan’s so-called independent judiciary is ‘incapable’ of prosecuting terrorists: US: A new U.S. report calls the Pakistani legal system “almost incapable of prosecuting suspected terrorists,” claiming that the acquittal rate stands at about 75 percent in such trials. The US State Department has come out strongly against Pakistan for
President Zardari in China to remove concerns & boost cooperation: Related Article: China Blames Pakistan for Violence, Our Spymasters Spin through media It was heartening to see the President of Pakistan, Asif Zardari, spending Eid in China’s Muslim majority province called Xinjiang and performing Eid prayers in the city
Wahabi-Deobandi fitna celebrates Eid in Quetta by killing Shia worshippers: And what to do? By Omar Khattab in Lahore Immediately after the suicide bomber struck the Hazara Shia worshippers in the mosque in Quetta this morning, the highly partisan channels of Pakistan, especially GEO and ARY, relayed “Breaking News”
Osama bin Laden ‘protected by Pakistan in return for Saudi cash’ – by Rob Crilly: Osama bin Laden was protected by elements of Pakistan’s security apparatus in return for millions of dollars of Saudi cash, according to a controversial new account of the operation to kill the world’s most wanted man. Raelynn Hillhouse, an
Petition: Silence of Human Rights Organizations on Shia Genocide in Pakistan: Please sign this petition here: To: Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, United Nations Human Rights Commission, European Union, Governments of Pakistan, USA, UK and other countries Silence of Human Rights Organizations on Shia
Moving beyond Jinnah’s Pakistan —by Fahd Ali: What exists right now in the name of the Pakistani state is an institution that oppresses its citizens, discriminates against them on the basis of religion, usurps their rights, and rewards the coterie of a few, which consists of
MQM- The Dilemma: MQM, its rise, its style of politics, transformation from a so-called nationalist party into a pressure group, its claim to be sole representative of Urban Sindh, its attempts to change its outlook and increase influence outside urban Sindh and
Constructing a ‘Secular’ Jinnah: New Project for Pakistani Liberals -by Marvi Sirmed: Originally Published at: BAAGHI As a firm believer in cultural roots rather than oneness through religion, August gives me hope. Flags adorn the cities and marketplaces fill up with the echoes of milli naghmas (patriotic songs) sung in the
Concern for Marvi Sirmed’s Safety – by Alamdar Mengal: Editor’s note: We at LUBP are deeply concerned for Marvi Sirmed’s safety and will not see her being left at the mercy of wolves. We appreciate Marvi Sirmed’s attention to human rights issues which are simply not being talked
On Cafe Pyala’s misrepresentations on Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza: Related posts: In support of Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza: Stop one-sided operation in Lyari President Zardari, no further reconciliation with MQM! – by Dilshad Chandio Editor’s Note: It is disappointing to see Cafe Pyala’s ambiguous and personal attacks on Dr.
The vulnerability of Khawja Siras in Pakistan -by Zeeba Hashmi: The fact is they exist, and have been existing here throughout our history. They were the entertainers, the artisans, the lovers, the bodyguards, the warriors, the dancers, the feeble among the crux of the society that never looked at
Court orders seizure of Musharraf’s property: An anti-terrorism court (ATC) on Saturday ordered seizure of Pervez Musharraf`s property and freezing of his bank accounts while declaring him absconder in the Benazir Bhutto assassination case. The order was issued by ATC-III Judge Shahid Raffique after the
In support of Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza: Stop one-sided operation in Lyari: Related post: President Zardari, no further reconciliation with MQM! – by Dilshad Chandio PPP leader Dr. Zulfiar Mirza has decided to resign from his ministerial post, party post and MPA seat in protest over Lyari operation. Senior provincial minister
Let’s wipe out the PPP: On Daily Times’ editorial on Shahbaz Taseer’s kidnapping: Related post: PSF activists support Mumtaz Qadri? Poor reporting by the Daily Times: A plea to Shaheed Taseer’s family – by Shahid Khakwani There are a number of key problems in Daily Times’ Editorial on Shahbaz Taseer’s kidnapping: 1.
Guilty by Domicile – Imran Khan: Editor’s Note:  The PML N leadership sees no double standards when lecturing PPP about Karachi and putting pressure on it to call the army into Karachi with its own shambolic performance with regards to the Law and Order situation in Punjab.  
Death can not kill a character – by Ahsan Abbas Shah:
When armies surrender – by Dr. Niaz Murtaza: This article is not a treatise on military tactics. It does not explain why and when armies throw in the towel on the battlefield. Rather, it analyzes the factors which force politically over-active militaries to ultimately surrender to civilian
Dismantle the oppressive establishment – by Dr Amna Buttar: I told my nine year old daughter to dismantle the tent that she was hanging out in and was set up inside the room. She ignored me in her usual nine years old way — pretending she did not
In support of Shahbaz Taseer: We are extremely perturbed to hear the news of the kidnapping of Shahbaz Taseer and our thoughts, prayers and wishes are with his family in this trying hour. In trying to make sense of this disturbing and depressing event,
Book review: Taliban and Anti-Taliban, Another book to kill for? – by Khaled Ahmed: Another bombshell will have to be endured by the national Taliban narrative with ‘Taliban and anti-Taliban’ by Farhat Taj (Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2011), a Research Fellow at Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Research, University of Oslo, Norway, an MPhil in
Marvi Sirmed takes apart Zaid Hamid and his hypocrisy in Shahid Nama: Marvi boldly confronts  Zaid Hamid and his double standards and lies on the genocide of the Baloch, Hazara, Turis and the mistreatment of Hindus in Pakistan on  Shahid Nama (talk show by Dr. Shahid Masood, 25 August 2011, Express News TV). Zaid
Remembering Ahmed Faraz: A Voice of Dissent – by Arjumand Ara: Kisi aur des ki or ko, suna hai Faraz chala gaya. sabhi dukh samet ke she’hr ke, sabhi qarz utaar ke she’hr ka. (They say that Faraz has left for some other land, Taking with him all the sorrows
President Zardari, no further reconciliation with MQM! – by Dilshad Chandio: Related posts: 26 target killers shook Karachi: Pulse Exclusive Report Meet the target killers Thank you, judiciary, for releasing the notorious target killer Ajmal Pahari While one agrees that military operation is not a solution for Karachi’s crisis, this
احمد فراز کی ایک نظم: آج احمد فراز کی برسی ہے .  وہ سچے شاعر تھے، اپنے جذبوں اور اپنے خیالات کے عکاس، اس لئے ایک رومان پرور حساس انسان جو حسن و عشق کا دلدادہ ہے، ساتھ ہی  وہ بے باک اور اپنے
Remembering the Visionary, the Poet Ahmad Faraz: Khwab martay nahi Khwab dil hein, na ankhein, na sanseiN ke jo Reza Reza huwe to bikher jaiN ge Jism kee maut se yeh bhee mar jaiN ge
The Ahmadi Conundrum – by Aden: I don’t know if it’s true or not, but my Mom says that my first word was Allah. Well this is what supposed to happen when your house is so close to the mosque and the Azaan comes out
Well said Nawaz Sharif, well done SAFMA —Dr Mohammad Taqi: Related : SAFMA sends defamation notice to TV channel The security establishment frets that a strong politician from Punjab, who always had the wherewithal to cut them down to size, has been consistently expressing his will to do so too
Interview: U.S. special envoy Marc Grossman on India-Pakistan relations and Afghanistan’s future: Marc Grossman, the U.S. senior representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, recently sat down at the State Department in Washington with Voice of America’s Lina Rozbih to discuss a wide range of regional issues, from the future of Al-Qaeda and
Health Professionals given their due right – Thank you Peoples’ Government: On 1st August, 2011, LUBP’s author, Dr. Saif ur Rehman, wrote an article titled “CSHP for Federal Health Professionals: Thanks to Peoples Government”. The article very clearly presented facts about the Career Structure of Health Personnel (CSHP) for those
Increase in armed reprisals and police violence against journalists: Reporters Without Borders firmly condemns three recent attacks on journalists – two of them by policemen – in Peshawar, the capital of the northern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. A reporter was badly injured when a TV crew was ambushed
Vomiting Siasi Adakars By: Ali Sher Mussali: I wonder how Siasi Adakars (political actors) survived three Ramzans without military government in Pakistan. Fake Civil Society (FCS), the “independent” Media’s top ranked anchors, retired army officers,  human rights and peace activists and political orphans are shouting and crying
Aitzaz Ahsan calls dear army to Karachi: Related post: The LUBP Archive on Aitzaz Ahsan Aitzaz Ahsan’s pronouncements are an appropriate indicator of what his real masters, Aabpara, want to implement.  Going against the explicit proposals of the elected Prime Minister Gillani, the royal servant of
Heal Karachi – by Farhad Jarral: ‎ In putting things into perspective, I would like to quote from Rashed Aurakzai’s Metro-Netherworld: A Comment on Karachi 2800 killings in past eighteen months in Karachi haven’t awoken our intellectuals, human rights groups, civil society or media.Let’s analyze
Alamat e Aman – by Ahsan Abbas Shah:
Ethnic Conflict in Karachi- From Past to Present -1: Partition of India and migration has left long term effects, challenges and issues which are mostly overlooked by intelligentsia and opinion makers in both India and Pakistan which in turn has impacted conventional wisdom and formed many misconceptions. Many
UN calls on Pakistan to probe abductions, extrajudicial killings & human rights violation: The United Nations is urging Pakistan to investigate human rights violations, including several recent attacks on journalists. A spokesman for the U.N. human rights commissioner, Rupert Colville, said Friday the U.N. agency has recently received reports on the killing
A Vigil for the victims of Karachi violence & PTI’s best efforts to steal the show -by Zeeba Hashmi: A vigil night in memory of Karachi victims of violence was called by the the Institute of Peace and Secular Studies in Lahore on 20th August, 2011. “Karachi is a sensitive issue, we don’t want to bring politics in
On Ayesha Tammy Haq’s role before and after Salmaan Taseer’s murder – by Fawad Siddiqi: Disclaimer: This post represents the personal opinion of the author and must not be misconstrued as a policy statement of the LUBP. Related posts: Three musketeers and the “PPP abandoned Salmaan Taseer” narrative “Civil” Society must stop blaming the
Washington Post’s report on Geo‏: The Washington Post’s Islamabad correspondent Karin Brulliard reports on Pakistani leading media group’s bias, irresponsible reporting, negativity against modern liberal concepts, anti American views, it’s pro religious extremist approach and anti democratic agenda. KARACHI, Pakistan — In a nation
Nusrat Javeed on Zaid Hamid‏: lal topi wala maskhara: Source: Daily Express ——– PS: Apparently General Kayani was a bit generous with the truth. He too seems to have good relations with Zaid Hamid who was specially invited to PMA, Kakul, Osamaabad Abbottabad – in 2010