Dismantle the oppressive establishment – by Dr Amna Buttar

I told my nine year old daughter to dismantle the tent that she was hanging out in and was set up inside the room. She ignored me in her usual nine years old way — pretending she did not hear me. At my insistence, she dismantled the tent, and then said “here, now I have dismantled the oppressive establishment”. This must be the line she heard on some TV show, and probably did not realize the profoundness of her statement, but it got me thinking, and I am choosing this topic to be my debut blog.

I wish it was this easy to dismantle the oppressive establishment — click click — all promoters of hatred through religion disappear, and let’s have a world where no Martin Luther Kings, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and three of his children including Benazir Bhutto, Shahbaz Bhatti, and Salman Taseer would not be brutally murdered.

However, in the real world we have to know who the establishment is in order to dismantle it? Are the clergy (be they Mullah, televangelist, Priests, Rabbis, or Pastors) who promote hatred in the name of religion establishment? yes, all these clowns who feed on human emotions and make human beings do things that their prophet or God would look down upon. How about the corrupt power hungry Governments, and the intelligence agencies who only focus on the regime of power through whatever means necessary?
And while we are at it, let’s not forget the corporations, multinationals, and other giant conglomerates who in the name of material dreams take the masses for a ride!

The end result for all these establishment forces is to keep themselves powerful by opperssing those who are weak and needy. Which leads us to another question; why do masses let these few oppressors manipulate them? Obviously, masses are more powerful, and these giants are only giants and oppressors because we let them become so powerful.

I know it is not as simplistic, and much more complicated, however, I keep going back to my favourite part in Pakistan People’s Party’s manifesto: All Power to the people; if people can realize their power and take it back, they will win.

Problem is, we don’t want to take back our power, or where we have it, we are giving it away. Prime example is USA politics, where the masses want to be lured into Tea Party Republican’s promises of “cut spending” without realizing that we are cutting our children’s education and therefore our future.

It all boils down to greed which makes us blind; or our ignorance where we have to go with whatever the promoters of hate and hijackers of religion tell us and we blindly follow.

Maybe, it is as easy as my daughter said — click click — people of the world rise and see through the hipocrisy of promoters of hate, power mongers, and hijackers of religion and poof…there goes oppressive establishment.

{The Writer is Medical Doctor, Politician (MPA PPP-Punjab), Humanist}

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