President Zardari in China to remove concerns & boost cooperation

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It was heartening to see the President of Pakistan, Asif Zardari, spending Eid in China’s Muslim majority province called Xinjiang and performing Eid prayers in the city of Urumqi.

Though this will again be ignored by our right wing media and the PPP/Zardari haters, the President has taken the lead in allaying fears of a time tested friend which has last month blamed Pakistan trained terrorists for an outbreak of deadly violence in their restive province. Our ISI went into overdrive trying to give a spin to the events, but the
President’s visit to China and that too in the Province of Xinjiang just proves the point that all is not well in Beijing.

According to the Express Tribune, “President Asif Ali Zardari has promised to work closely with China in the fight against terrorism“, state media said, nearly a month after Chinese officials blamed an attack in the troubled far-western region on militants trained in Pakistan.

The local government of Kashgar in Xinjiang, recently blamed Pakistan as the source of arms and training for separatists. Pakistan has since been trying to reassure Beijing that reports about ISI-trained Uighur militants causing trouble in Xinjiang, which recently saw two bloody bouts of violence, are untrue.

President Zardari is trying to reassure China that he really wants to curb the cross-border flow of terrorism. He made the comments during a meeting on Tuesday with Zhang Chunxian, the Communist Party chief of the restive region of Xinjiang, at the start of a trade expo in the capital, Urumqi.

His visit comes after officials in Kashgar, a city in south Xinjiang, said a stabbing attack in late July was orchestrated by members of theseparatist “East Turkestan Islamic Movement” who trained in Pakistan before returning to China.”

Xinhua, the official Chinese news agency reported Zaradari had agreed to “cooperate more closely” with China in battle terrorism during his meeting with Zhang Chunxian, a Xinjiang official of the Communist Party of China.

In 2009, Zardari endorsed China’s policies in Xinjiang, after Muslim Uighurs rioted against Han Chinese residents in Urumqi, killing at least 197 people, mostly Han.

Last year, Pakistan’s interior minister Rehman malik said that the government had killed a Uighur separatist leader in Pakistan.

“Pakistan will have even greater cooperation with China at fighting terrorism and together we will strike against terrorist forces,” it paraphrased Zardari as telling Zhang.

“Terrorism is the joint enemy of humanity, and we thank Pakistan for its support in this regard,” Zhang was quoted as saying in reply.

President Zardari also woos China’s industrial, corporate giants to invest in Pakistan. He said that enhanced investment by Chinese industrial and corporate sector companies and groups in different fields and projects in Pakistan including electricity generation, oil and gas exploration, coal mining, infrastructure, communication, telecom, agriculture and dairy development etc. would be welcomed to a win-win scenario.

We hope that the President Succeeds in his efforts which are another patch work to take the hit for the mindless dangerous duffers of Pakistan.



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