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پاکستان بارے آئی ایم ٹی کا مارکسی نکتہ نظر ۔ پہلا حصّہ – محمد عامر حسینی: سی پیک پاکستان کے لئے معاشی قیامت ہے پاکستان کی فوج میں جہادی اثاثوں اور کاروباری ایمپائر نے تقسیم پیدا کررکھی ہے حکمران طبقات امریکی ، چینی اور سعودی سامراجوں کی گماشتگی کا کردار ادا کرنے کے ساتھ خود
Pakistani academic Akbar Zaidi says CPEC corridor will colonise Pakistan: Columbia and Karachi university political economist S Akbar Zaidi has contended that Pakistan will become a colony of China once the CPEC corridor is implemented. In a lecture entitled “Has China taken over Pakistan” at the think tank Calcutta
The issue of Uighur Jihadis in China – Pejamistri: This article is mixed with facts/politics/religions. I was in China recently and after talking to quite a few Chinese there, I realised that the issue of Uighurs is very complex one. In the last 30 years the addition of
گلگت بلتستان کو کیا فائدہ؟ – وسعت اللہ خان: پچیس دسمبر کی چھٹی ضایع نہیں ہوئی کیونکہ ’’ پاک چائنا اکنامک کاریڈور اور گلگت بلتستان کا مستقبل ’’ کے موضوع پر ایک سیمینار میسر آگیا۔کئی نئے اور مفید نکتے معلوم ہوئے۔ مثلاً یہی کہ گوادر تا کاشغر لگ
پاک چین دوستی اور معاشی معاہدے – از عمار کاظمی: بیگم کی پھپھو کے بیٹے نے ایک بار ٹویوٹا ہائی لکس جیسی ایک چائنیز برانڈ کی نئی گاڑی خرید لی۔ چھ ماہ کے اندر اندر اس کا انجن ختم ہو گیا۔ بیچارے کو تنگ آ کر ٹویوٹا کا گئیر
ایران کے بعد چین بھی دیوبندی و وہابی تکفیری دہشت گردی میں پاکستان کے کردار سے غیر مطمئن – بی بی سی اردو: پاک افغان امور کے تجزیہ کار رحیم اللہ یوسفزئی نے بی بی سی سیر بین میں ان سوالات کےتفصیلی جوابات دئیے جو کہ درج ذیل ہیں۔ سنکیانگ رقبے کے لحاظ سے سب سے بڑا صوبہ ہے جہاں اوغر مسلمانوں
چین نے سنی امام کے قاتل دیوبندی دہشت گردوں کو سزا سنا دی: چین کے سرکاری میڈیا کے مطابق ملک کی سب سے بڑی مسجد کے امام کو ہدف بنا کر قتل کرنے کے جرم میں دو نوجوانوں کو سزائے موت اور ایک کو عمر قید کی سزا سنا دی گئی ہے۔
China Keeps Close Eye on Pakistan Protests – by Shannon Tiezzi: Protests against Pakistan’s government (including separate movements backed by Imran Khan and Tahir ul-Qadri) have sparked concerns about a political crisis in Islamabad. On Wednesday, protestors demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif entered Islamabad’s “Red Zone,” the
Xinjiang city bans Islamic dress:   Editor’s note: This article illustrates the selective stances of the Pan-Islamist. While many times more Muslims are killed, denied their universal right to practice their faith and driven off a hundred times more land than Palestine, the Islamist
Al-Bakistani on Muslims of Xinjiang struggling for freedom from China – by Senge Sering:     They don’t deserve it, they are conservative, terrorists, extremists, problem creators, agitators, don’t even look like Arabs, too short, should remain with China cause they all look like Chinese, should be thankful to China for all the
دیوبندی سلفی دہشت گردوں کی دہشت گردی سامراجی منصوبے کا حصہ ہے – از عبدلقادر:  شام : شام میں بشار السد کی سیکولر حکومت کا تختہ الٹنے کے لئے “جمہوریت” کے نام پر خانہ جنگی شروع کروائی جاتی ہے، اس خانہ جنگی کو “عرب سپرنگ” یا ” شامی بغاوت” کا نام دیا جاتا ہے۔
Gilgit-Baltistan: Nexus of a New Asian Economic Corridor – by Senge H. Sering:   Both Pakistan and India are showing signs of opening this remote area to trade and investment. History was made the day Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, flew to New Delhi to attend the swearing in of India’s Prime
Militants may target Chinese interests in Pakistan – by Zia Ur Rehman:   Militants from the Taliban and the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), as well as Sindhi insurgents may separately target Chinese interests in Pakistan, security analysts and governmental officials fear. – See more at:        
Bombs tossed out car windows in Chinese terror attack; 31 dead – by Barbara Demick:   Witnesses described bombers flinging explosives out of car windows Thursday as two vehicles plowed through a crowded morning market in northwestern China, leaving at least 31 people dead and 94 injured. It was the most sophisticated in a
Rough Ride on the New Silk Road – by Keith Johnson: Editor’s note: While the lives and well being of Pakistan’s targeted communities might not be a priority of the current PML N governments, perhaps the country’s crucial economic ties with China are. Many Northern Areas of Pakistan are terrorized by
عالمی دیوبندی-وہابی جہادی نیٹ ورک اور نئی شاہراہ ریشم کا چینی خواب: چین کے مغربی صوبے جس کی سرحدیں پاکستان کے ساتھ الحاق رکھنے والی ریاست گلگت-بلتستان سے ملتی ہیں کے دارالحکومت میں گذشتہ دنوں بم دھماکے ہوئے اور چاقوؤں سے حملے کئے گئے جس کے نتیجے میں ایک شخص جاں
Disappearance of Malaysian plane 370 and plausible Al Qaeda connection: The largest group of victims in the disappeared Malaysian Air Lines are Chinese nationals. This fact is continuously being obscured in the international media. We cannot ignore the Deobandi Uighur militants that have publicly threatened China in the last
نئی رزمگاه:   نئی رزمگاه‎       دنیا میں سنتے آئے ہیں کہ حالات بدلا کرتے ہیں.کسی بهی قوم یا ملک کے حالات ، مفادات سے بلواسطہ یا بلا واسطہ وابسطہ ہوتے ہیں.بیشک مستقل نهیں ہوتے لیکن تغیر میں وقت
Gilgit: Time for Chinese drones before it is too late – by Laleen Ahmad: Here is a short video of a Chinse graveyard in Gilgit: The Chinese buried in this graveyard did not die as a result of an act of terrorism. They died in the line of duty while building the famous
Pakistan’s ‘strategic’ backwaters: It seems that Balochistan is no one’s responsibility when it comes to dealing with crisis but everyone else’s responsibility when it is a matter of taking critical decisions. Thus, no one wants to deal with the law and order
War with NATO, suicide for Pakistan – by Shiraz Paracha: A low-intensity military conflict between Pakistan and the United States is going on in Afghanistan and along the Pak-Afghan border since the U.S. military invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. Both sides have been using proxies and guerrilla war tactics
China, Russia flexing muscles: A New World Order, or Cold War? – by Shiraz Paracha: China and Russia are flexing their muscles in the wake of Western actions and policies in the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Days after China issued a warning against the establishment of U.S. military bases in Australia; Russia has
America’s pacific century – by Hillary Clinton: The future of politics will be decided in Asia, not Afghanistan or Iraq, and the United States will be right at the center of the action. As the war in Iraq winds down and America begins to withdraw its
And now Chinese -by Waseem Altaf: He was born in a Sindhi family and used to speak Sindhi at home until he joined a school and learned that the national language was Urdu. As the medium of communication was Urdu, he had to learn Urdu.
Bilawal says ICAPP is an exceedingly important forum in the 21st century: NANNING (China) Sept 5 (APP):Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari called upon political parties in Asian countries to enforce the highest standards of transparency and accountability in government and institutions to ensure that people remain invested in the
President Zardari in China to remove concerns & boost cooperation: Related Article: China Blames Pakistan for Violence, Our Spymasters Spin through media It was heartening to see the President of Pakistan, Asif Zardari, spending Eid in China’s Muslim majority province called Xinjiang and performing Eid prayers in the city
China blames Pakistan for violence, our spymasters spin through media:   There are two news items in the mainstream newspapers of Pakistan today: one is a wish of our right wing media living on the crest of breaking relations with US in favor of China and the other from
Pakistan, theatre of U.S energy war–by Shiraz Paracha: As the theatre of the U.S initiated war moves to Pakistan the Pakistani military feels cornered and its commanders are looking for internal unity and reaching out to new and old foreign friends. Interestingly, perhaps for the first time,
Message to Pakistan: China Will Not Replace U.S. Aid – by Daniel Wagner: The current debate in the U.S. Congress about whether and how to continue economic and military aid to Pakistan is understandably problematic. On one hand, Congress is mindful of Pakistan’s long history with the U.S., its unique geostrategic location,
Choosing sovereignty over servitude — by C. Christine Fair: Pakistanis are outraged by US Ambassador Munter’s reported assertion that the US government is entitled to influence Pakistan’s internal affairs in exchange for US assistance. The US is Pakistan’s largest source of economic support either directly or through international
Putting prisoners to work – by Ali Wahab: Express Tribune Published: January 31, 2011 Pakistan has a large number of offenders in jails who can be put to good use. DESIGN: S.JAMAL When I was in university nearly a decade ago, we could use China in a
Rise of the Dragon – by Abdul Samad: Cross-posted from Pakistan Blogzine China’s epic rise as a military and an economic powerhouse over the last few decades is more like a fairy tale. This unprecedented metamorphosis has led to China’s pre-mature coronation as the next big thing.
On Pak-China Friendship and CIA-ISI feud: The Pamir Knot and beyond – by Dr Mohammad Taqi: The relationship between the US and Pakistani intelligence agencies appears to be moving from playing uneasy footsie to a fairly sordid affair. The blowing of the CIA’s Islamabad station chief’s cover, allegedly at the behest of the host country’s
Is China not an emerging imperialist power? – by Aamir Hussaini: In political dictionary definition of imperialism is the policy of extending a nation’s authority by territorial acquisition or by the establishment of economic and political hegemony over other nations. If we see role of government of China in our
U.S. aggression against North Korea and China – by Shiraz Paracha: The United States and its faithful allies within NATO would demand invoking the Article 5 of NATO’s charter if China had conducted joint military exercises with Cuba or Venezuela in the international waters near the U.S coast. But the
Why Obama bows to the Chinese – by Sindhyar Talpur: foreword: Apologies if this essay seems to be simplistic in nature, however this essay is meant to be basic in its content. It is part of an endeavor by LUBP to highlight economic situation around the world, its effects
China: ‘Pakistan is our Israel’: When a US delegate once confronted a Chinese diplomat about Beijing’s uncompromising support for Pakistan, the Chinese reportedly responded with a heavily-loaded sarcastic remark: “Pakistan is our Israel”. But judging by China’s unrelenting support for some of its allies,
China standing up to US – by Shiraz Paracha: US interference in the regional issue of the South China Sea has caused a stir in Beijing’s military and political circles and some in the Chinese military are prepared for a show of power with the United States. It
China plans 1-gigawatt N-power plant in Pakistan: China plans 1-gigawatt N-power plant in Pakistan Source: Dawn, September 21, 2010 BEIJING, Sept 20: China’s main nuclear energy corporation is in talks to build a 1gigawatt atomic power plant in Pakistan, an executive said on Monday. China has
China-Pakistan relationship and opacity of Western Media:   Pakistan is always in the news for reasons not necessarily as important as it may seem. By considering Pakistan an ally to the US in “War on Terror”, it is assumed that Pakistan has been taken on lease