Victoria and Gwadar

Victoria – a lady of courage, who worked hard in London in 1956 to get Gwadar for Pakistan through the British PM & Parliament’s approval for the British colony Oman to give custody to Pakistan.

The Shah of Iran was new to the throne – CIA had Nixon talk to Harold Macmillan to give Gwadar to the Shah of Iran.

Victoria – ” Viqar-ul-Nisa Noon” her Muslim name, saw Americans pushing
for Iran over Pakistan & intercepted the lobby head-on. She even went to Winston Churchill – a champion in making ‘Pakistan’ who lobbied too for ‘ Gwadar port’ to be given to Pakistan.

Today – after 62 years, the Pakistani leaders are counting Gwadar port as its only deep sea port for heavy oil tankers & cargo ships for CPEC.

Now, it’s Pakistan’s pride & joy. Yet, I see no one wanting to mention – how Viqar-ul-Nisa Noon (Victoria) & her husband Feroze Khan Noon worked very hard with the powerful British PM & parliament to get Gwadar for pakistan.

These million or so Acres were won by Pakistan by true Pakistani loyalists by the pen and not the sword.

We must acknowledge this fact by commemorating a plaque in Gwadar:
“this port & land is dedicated to the great people & Sultan of Oman -for their Gift & loyal Pakistanis who worked hard to get Gwadar for Pakistan”

Special thanks to Lady Viqar-ul-Nisa Noon for her personal dedication & effort for lobbying at the British Parliament in

No PM, No President, No COAS, No Ambassador deserves credit for Gwadar.

*In addition, we must not forget ( HRH) Prince Karim Aga Khan*, who paid the entire cost of the deal on behalf of Pakistan for Gwadar to the Sultan of Oman



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