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Victoria and Gwadar: Victoria – a lady of courage, who worked hard in London in 1956 to get Gwadar for Pakistan through the British PM & Parliament’s approval for the British colony Oman to give custody to Pakistan. The Shah of Iran
Pakistani academic Akbar Zaidi says CPEC corridor will colonise Pakistan: Columbia and Karachi university political economist S Akbar Zaidi has contended that Pakistan will become a colony of China once the CPEC corridor is implemented. In a lecture entitled “Has China taken over Pakistan” at the think tank Calcutta
پاک چین دوستی اور معاشی معاہدے – از عمار کاظمی: بیگم کی پھپھو کے بیٹے نے ایک بار ٹویوٹا ہائی لکس جیسی ایک چائنیز برانڈ کی نئی گاڑی خرید لی۔ چھ ماہ کے اندر اندر اس کا انجن ختم ہو گیا۔ بیچارے کو تنگ آ کر ٹویوٹا کا گئیر
Rough Ride on the New Silk Road – by Keith Johnson: Editor’s note: While the lives and well being of Pakistan’s targeted communities might not be a priority of the current PML N governments, perhaps the country’s crucial economic ties with China are. Many Northern Areas of Pakistan are terrorized by
عالمی دیوبندی-وہابی جہادی نیٹ ورک اور نئی شاہراہ ریشم کا چینی خواب: چین کے مغربی صوبے جس کی سرحدیں پاکستان کے ساتھ الحاق رکھنے والی ریاست گلگت-بلتستان سے ملتی ہیں کے دارالحکومت میں گذشتہ دنوں بم دھماکے ہوئے اور چاقوؤں سے حملے کئے گئے جس کے نتیجے میں ایک شخص جاں
China talks sweet, but doesn’t want to be sugar daddy – by Praveen Swami: It was stronger than the strongest Baijiu and headier than the finest Peshawar weed, whatever it was that they’d had that fine day in December, 2010, when Pakistan’s legislators gathered to celebrate their friendship with China. “Taller than mountains”, sang out
Message to Pakistan: China Will Not Replace U.S. Aid – by Daniel Wagner: The current debate in the U.S. Congress about whether and how to continue economic and military aid to Pakistan is understandably problematic. On one hand, Congress is mindful of Pakistan’s long history with the U.S., its unique geostrategic location,
Rise of the Dragon – by Abdul Samad: Cross-posted from Pakistan Blogzine China’s epic rise as a military and an economic powerhouse over the last few decades is more like a fairy tale. This unprecedented metamorphosis has led to China’s pre-mature coronation as the next big thing.
Pak China friendship, Why not with India? – by Shoaib Adil: