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Diversity indicted in Pakistan: the buck stops with President Zardari — by Dr Mohammad Taqi: As to the allegations against the PPP’s legislators, the thousands of Barelvis killed and the Shia genocide in Pakistan, the buck stops with President Asif Ali Zardari Faqeeh e shehr bola badshah se/Barra sangeen mujrim hai yeh aaqa/Isay masloob
Shahbaz Sharif won Bhakkar MPA seat thanks to ASWJ-LeJ’s Malik Ishaq’s support: Feeling clearly upset over Nawaz Sharif-led PML-N’s changing tone and tenor towards Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (defunct Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan – SSP aka Lashkar-e-Jhangvi LeJ), the central leadership of ASWJ has reminded Shahbaz Sharif that he owes his present chief
Where Hamid Mir and Ejaz Haider converge: Politicians, not army, responsible for #ShiaGenocide: Related post: Good Liberals and Good Taliban of Pakistan stand united with Pak Fauj – by Syed Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji In his long apologia for Pakistan army’s inaction against Takfiri Deobandi terrorists of ASWJ-LeJ (formerly known as Sipah-e-Sahaba), Ejaz
Kamran Shafi’s column and PML-N’s Khawaja Asif’s speech on #ShiaGenocide: ‘Outrage’, indeed! Kamran Shafi We were ‘outraged’ by the killing of well over a hundred — we’ll never know the exact number — Hazara Shia, including women and old men and little children, slaughtered in a massive explosion caused
A legal framework for fighting terrorism – by Nadir Hassan: Everyone can agree that in the legal realm, the fight against militancy has been failing. Too many cases against alleged terrorists end up with acquittals. In recent months, the government has tried to come up with legislative fixes for
میں ایک سنی ہوں اورلاہور میں شیعہ ڈاکٹر علی کے قتل پر میرا دل روتا ہے: لشکر جھنگوی سپاہ صحابہ کے تکفیری دہشت گرد شیعہ اور سنی دونوں کے دشمن ہیں میری باتوں کا برا نہ منایئے گا ۔۔۔ میں ایک سنی ہوں، اورلاہور میں شیعہ ڈاکٹر علی کے قتل پر میرا دل ویسے ہی
تماچی صاحب کی عقل و دانش -ڈاکٹر شازیہ نواز: ایک زمانہ تھا جب لوگ اسی بات کو یقین کرتے تھے جو ان کوماں باپ نے بتا دی ، اور ماں باپ کو ان کے ماں باپ نے. زمانہ بدل گیا ہے. اب دنیا چھوٹی سی جگا ہے، لوگ
The PML-N government was not always soft on ASWJ-LeJ militant groups -by Ayesha Siddiqa: LUBP Editor’s note: In the following article published in Express Tribune, Dr Siddiqa notes that the PML-N government was not always soft on ASWJ-SSP-LeJ and other Deobandi-Wahhabi militant groups. It had contested the ASWJ/SSP/LeJ network during the 1990s, but
Let’s send chocolates to LeJ -by Ammara Ahmad: Those who protest by delaying the burial of their dead make me laugh. Why would anyone use the dead to protest against those who are already dead? The whole country has been frozen by a wave of stupidity, selfishness
PPP’s Qamar Zaman Kaira’s secret love affair with ASWJ-LeJ: Summary: Pakistan’s Federal Minister of Information and PPP’s central leader Qamar Zaman Kaira has openly admitted in Dawn News talk show (Asma Shirazi’s “Faisla Awaam Ka”) that he was supported by banned Takfiri terroirst outfit Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (ASWJ-LeJ) and
With little trust in security forces, Pakistan’s Shia Hazaras take up arms over attacks by Deobandi militants – AFP Report: QUETTA: Ismatullah holds an AK-47 and checks vehicles on the road. “Enough is enough. We have no trust in the security forces anymore and we’ll protect our community ourselves,” says the teenage Shia student. Extremist bombers killed nearly 200 people
LeJ-ASW: The Taliban’s new, more terrifying cousin: How a virulent Pakistani terrorist group is trying to annihilate an ethnic rival–and why we should be worried A boy stands at the site of a bomb attack in a Shi’ite Muslim area of the Pakistani city of Quetta
Homegrown militancy: How is Pakistan army coerced into blackmail?‏ -by Zain Gardezi: I had a pretty normal childhood like many Pakistani children. I was born in a generation which was regularly taught that all ailing problems of Pakistan are due to corrupt politicians and whenever Army will again come into power,
Incompetence or glee over bloodshed? A comment on Christian Caryl’s article on #ShiaGenocide – by Ali Taj: This article is in response to Christian Caryl’s article titled“Not About Us” published in Foreign Policy Magazine on February 20th in 2013. The author is either completely unaware of the ground realities of Shia Genocide in Pakistan or is simply rejoicing
#ShiaGenocide: Will Pakistan Navy care to protect its Shia officers from ASWJ-LeJ terrorists?: Related post: Takfiri terrorists’ attacks on naval officers in Karachi: Excise this cancer or else – by Abbas Nasir Another Pakistan Navy Lt. Commander Azeem Haider Kazmi, a Shia Muslim, was targeted near Karachi Port Trust (KPT) Gate No
The Curse of Apostatizion – by A Z: It is an established fact that apostatization nudges the Muslim sentiments to suppress usual human revulsion to murder. Apsotatization in Muslim societies always leads to mayhem. The objects of apostatization in a Muslim society are deprived of the assurance
سپاہ صحابہ کی تاریخ اور نواز شریف کی پنجاب حکومت کا رویہ: سپاہ صحابہ کی تاریخ اور پنجاب حکومت کا رویہ اسلام ٹائمز: گذشتہ دہشت گردانہ کارروائیوں کے ساتھ ساتھ حالیہ لاہور کے واقعات ان دہشت گردوں پر پوری سختی کے ساتھ ہاتھ ڈالنے کے لئے کافی نہیں ہیں، جن میں
@CMShehbaz Sharif cordially invites you to LeJ’s Conference in Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab – by Ada Khakwani: The banned Deobandi terrorist group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ, currently operating as Ahl-e-Sunnat-Wal-Jamaat ASWJ, previous name Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan) is organizing “Ideology of Jhangvi” Conference in Sadiqabad, Rahim Yar Khan District, Punjab province of Pakistan on 6 March 2013. Given that the
Hyderabad blasts: 1 kg of ammonium nitrate used in bombs:     NEW DELHI: The ingredients and make of the bombs that exploded in Hyderabad’s Dilsukhnagar area, killing 16 people, point to the involvement of banned Indian Mujahideen (IM). Preliminary investigations, which is likely to be completely entrusted with
Conference demands an end to militant groups: News Desk, London Tuesday, 26 February, 2013 03:36:35 PM Electoral alliances with militant outfits responsible for Shia genocide will create more mayhem, warned the speakers at the conference to condemn recent wave of Shia killings in Pakistan. The Conference
Evil in its most horrid form:   Kamila Hyat The writer is a freelance columnist and former newspaper editor   Even now, when our country has been brought to its knees by terrorists; when its very existence is under threat and the lives of citizens
A comment on Matthew Green’s (Reuters) report on “Sunni-Shia sectarian violence” in Karachi – by AZ: On this there is absolute unanimity and also utter confusion: everyone agrees journalists must tell the truth. This desire that information we receive be truthful is elemental. Here the journalists’ role becomes very important in filtering out incorrect information
Debate on #ShiaGenocide including Shia Hazara killings in British House of Commons: A session was held in British House of Commons on 25th February 2013 where Hazara and Shia Genocide was discussed with Lord Eric Avebury. The session was called by Parliamentary Committee of Human Rights which is chaired by Lord
جنرل کیانی کا خواب : ایک اور ایکسٹینشن یا وزارتِ داخلہ: جنرل اشفاق پرویز کیانی اور اُن کے روایتی مدّاح جو کہ اپنی فکری وابستگیوں کے حوالے سے “مولانا مودودی کے فکری خوشہ چین اور دائیں بازو کی حامل جماعتوں مسلم لیگ، تحریک انصاف وغیرہ میں بکھرے ہوئے ہیں اس
We have to answer our future -by Javed Akram: On 3 February 2013, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesman Ehsnaullah Ehsan in a video interview appearing with Adnan Rashid, the prime convict in the Pervez Musharraf (Ex-President of Pakistan) attempted suicide attack case, said that if Pakistan-Muslim-League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz
Saaeda Begum, Mother of Irfan Khudi Ali -by Asim Rafiqui: Irfan Ali was perhaps one of the most well known young Hazara activists and human rights worker. His death in the January 10, 2013 suicide bomb attack sent shock waves across the country, and solicited outrage and statements of
What has LUBP done for Pakistan’s Shia Muslims in last 5 years?: Related post: Has LUBP alienated genunine sympathisers of Pakistani Sunni Sufis and Shias? Let Us Build Pakistan (LUBP – is a citizen-journalism based website to act as an alternative media to contribute to building a democratic, multicultural
Increasing acceptance and currency of LUBP’s discourse on Shia Genocide – by Ali Abbas Taj: I wish to congratulate those that have been fighting the good fight for a truthful discourse on Shia Genocide in the mainstream and social media, we have recently achieved notable successes. I would also take this opportunity to invite
PML-N should consider that buying ASWJ-LeJ votes with Shia and Sunni Barelvi blood is bad politics: Note: The following is an adapted version, with minor changes, of Mr. Feisal Naqvi’s article on the unholy alliance between Takfiri Deobadni militants of ASWJ-LeJ and PML-N. The minor changes reflect the fact that it is not only Shias
Hasil Bizenjo and Abdul Qadir Baloch discuss Pakistan Army’s role in Shia Genocide – by Ali Taj: This is a must watch video clip based on reflections by two leading Baloch politicians Mir Hasil Bizenjo and General (retired) Abdul Qadir Baloch on Shia genocide in Balochistan and wider Pakistan. For the past four years, LUBP has
مادیت پرستی اور روحانیت، ایک مغالطہ — زالان: آپ کو اکثر مسلمان کہتے ملیں گے کہ اگر سب اسلام پر عمل کرنے لگیں تو ہمارے حالات اچھے ہو جائیں گے یا خلافت کے دور میں فلاں فلاں چیز اچھی تھی یا کہتے ہیں کہ اسلام ہی تمام مسائل
#ShiaGenocide: An echo of Pakistan’s tragedy in Delhi – by Amit Baruah: Delhi was the scene of an unusual protest on Friday. Some members of the Shia including Shia Hazara community and a few Pakistani students gathered outside the United Nations office to demonstrate against the killings of hundreds of Hazara and
The House of Lords meeting on Shia genocide in Pakistan by Deobandi ASWJ terrorists – by Lord Avebury: Related post: Debate on #ShiaGenocide including Shia Hazara killings in British House of Commons British Parliament’s Human Rights Group approaches the UN to stop #ShiaGenocide in Pakistan Shia Hazara Massacres in Pakistan Source: Huffington Post A meeting in
No – To Shia hate mongers too – by A Z: Recently a friend sent me a couple of links showing some Shia Muslims using hate speech against the first three caliphs of Islam. One of the video showed about fifteen to twenty people gathered at some place in the
Steely resolve of Shia Hazaras: ‘We are not victims — we choose to live and to fight’ – by Rabia Ali: Trauma alone from a blast such as the one which took place in Quetta on February 16 can leave an individual paralysed with fear – but the girls of Hazara, the community which was targeted in the attack, have
Banned terrorist outfit SSP (ASWJ-LeJ) chief Ludhianvi confirms talks with PML-N – by Amir Mir: The cat is finally out of the bag. What was vehemently being refuted by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz has actually been confirmed by none other than the chief of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ — defunct Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan-SSP) Maulana
#ShiaGenocide: Najam Sethi gives clean chit to Pakistan army – by Ada Khakwani: In his Urdu article in daily Jang (24 Feb 2013), Najam Sethi once again resorts to the 80-20 formula (mixing 20% of misstatements and misrepresentations in 80% of facts) to obfuscate and misrepresent Shia genocide. In essence: 1. Sethi
Hamid Mir recycles PMLN-ASWJ’s propaganda against PPP – by Ada Khakwani: There are quite a few misstatements and misrepresentations in the following article written by Hamid Mir in daily Jang (25 Feb 2013). In essence: 1. Mir equates ASWJ-LeJ terrorists with Shia Muslims, and questions PPP’s alliance with Shia political
LeJ is part of the larger Deobandi network in Pakistan: Interview with Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa: “LeJ’s ideology is to strengthen a Sunni state” — Defense and security analyst Dr Ayesha Siddiqa By Farah Zia The News on Sunday: In a recent study that you have conducted “The New Frontiers: Militancy & Radicalism in Punjab”
#ShiaGenocide: Who are these takfiri Deobandis killing Shia and Sunni in Pakistan? – Press TV’s report: Stream of Shia blood continues to spill across Pakistan Imagine a sight of a devastated father, sitting cross-legged on the road, in the dark and cold night, staring at the coffin of his only son, unmindful of the rain