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MWM leaders threaten to surround US Consulate to put an end to Shia genocide: Related posts: Who will free Pakistan’s Shias from the Iranian-agenda scholars? Raja Nasir Abbas of MWM and nation’s mazloom daughter Aafia Identity Assassination of Shia Community in Pakistan – by Ali Salman Alvi MWM must not act as a Shia
Spini Road Killings: The Quetta Version – by Anwar Ali Hazara: A Sukuzi van on its way to Alamdar Road carrying Shia Hazara passengers from Hazara Town was ambushed by 2 armed assailants when it slowed down near a speed-breaker on Spini Road, Quetta. According to the driver, two bearded
A girl who couldn’t become even Fakhra Younus – by Ahmed Nawaz: Fakhra Younus, an acid-attack victim, committed suicide less than a month ago – a horrid crime leading to a murder. Not many would be uninformed about the incident and unaware of the woman herself; for, it received heavy media
Prominent PTI activist Dr. Awab Alvi dreams of attack on Pakistan Parliament, regrets plot foiled – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji: To internet and the silly liberal fascist “scum” that infest it (you know who you are) Brave PTI warrior and the world’s best dentist and blogger, Dr Awab Alvi, recited the following immortal lines on twitter this morning: “Plot
Obfuscation by Sethi and Rumi in The Friday Times: Shia genocide by Deobandis in Pakistan or Sunni-Shia sectarian violence?: Related posts: ‘Sectarian Violence’ or Gradual Genocide of Shia Muslims? – by Dr. Nakvisson Raza Rumi’s discourse on Pakistan’s Shia Muslims Is Shia genocide an adequate term to describe the plight of Pakistan’s Shia Muslims? ISI-sponsored Shia genocide in
Sublime or stupid! Political questions in Grade 9 Urdu paper in Punjab – by Shoaib Mir: A report in today’s issue of the Express Tribune [March 29, 2012, page 3] reads, in part, as follows: “When students appearing for the compulsory Urdu paper in Lahore on Wednesday morning turned to the multiple-choice section, they were
29 March 2012: Yet another Shia massacre in Quetta by ISI-backed Jihadis: Related posts: Abdul Khaliq Hazara and the ethnic cleansing narrative – by Marya Mushtaq List of non-Hazara Shia Muslims killed by SSP-LeJ-Taliban in Balochistan – by Marya Mushtaq New Twitter activists against Shia genocide in Pakistan Jihadi-sectarian militants of
A critical analysis of the MWM resolution at the Karachi Shia rally: Related post: MWM must not act as a Shia version of Difa-e-Pakistan Council In the absence of any support from the government and secular-progressive lobbies, civil society activists, human rights groups; and in the presence of active and tacit
On extensions – By Ali Aftab Saeed, Pakistan Today: In Pakistan, old soldiers just don’t fade away Source: Pakistan Today Haroon-ur-Rasheed recently in a newspaper article fantasised about Imran Khan’s great relationship with General Kayani after becoming Prime Minister in 2013. According to Hamid Mir, when asked about
Pakistan’s forced marriage with Balochistan – by Samreen Anwar:  پاکستان کا بلوچستان سے زبردستی کا رشتہ ایک دفعہ تاتاریوں کے سردار چنگیز خان سے کسی نے پوچھا “اے خان تاتارتو نے کبھی کسی پہ رحم کیا ہے ؟ ہاں ! چنگیز خان نے جواب دیا . “ایک دن
Ummul Khabais Soch – by Imam Bakhsh: ام الاخبائث سوچ کو شکست دینا ہوگی تحریر: امام بخش ۱۹۵۲ سے لے کر آج تک ھماری فوجی قیادت ہمیشہ سے سمجھتی آئی ہے کہ پاکستان میں ہر چیز اس کے تابع ہونی چاہیےاور ملک کے ہر معاملے میں
27 March I celebrate or I cry with the Baloch? – by Salma Jafar: Today the Baloch nation is observing black day to mark its annexation to Pakistan. For me it is not a black day it is a day I want to celebrate. I want to celebrate because it gave me the
This is how Pakistani media misrepresents Shia Muslims rally in Pakistan: Related post: While General Kayani looked the other way: Quran-o-Ahlebait Conference in Karachi After failing in the moral duty of highlighting Shia genocide, Pakistan’s media particularly the champions of liberalism and progressive ideology in English press are once again
The Polemics of Apostasy in Pakistan: Did Shia Muslims participate in anti-Ahmadiyya movement?: Related posts: What role did Pakistan’s Shias play against Ahmadis? Debate on Shia role in Ahmadi persecution – by Ali Abbas Taj In Pakistan, our limited intelligentsia is further limited due to a combination of both academic laziness and
While General Kayani looked the other way: Quran-o-Ahlebait Conference in Karachi: Related posts: AHRC Statement: “It is hard to refute the accusation that military is involved in killing of Shias in Pakistan”. This is how Pakistani media misrepresents Shia Muslims rally in Pakistan Tens of thousands of Shia Muslims and
RIP Iqbal Bahu: LUBP offers condolences to the family of noted Sufi singer Iqbal Bahu and millions of his fans in South Asia and other parts of the world. In the current era of state sponsored violence against Sufi (Barelvi) and other
Should we not condemn Sunni genocide taking place in Pakistan?: Related posts: Sunni genocide in Pakistan Forensic examination reveals that Sipah Sahaba behind murder of both Sunni and Shia in Karachi Sipah Sahaba publishing anti-Sahaba books Sunni Muslims reject Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan Attack on Shrines Often, when we highlight the
True Jihadi Stories: This documentary is inspired by true stories of persons, who were once radicalized to the extent that they took up arms. However, later they gave up the violent path and now are trying to live a normal life. This
Baloch activists condemn misrepresenting report by HRCP: Related post: HRCP’s dark humour on Shia massacre in Kohistan VFBMP condemns the report of HRCP, figures listed are not accurate – Abdul Qadeer Baloch Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VFBMP) has condemned the misrepresenting report of Human Rights
This is how Jihadi-sectarian terrorists in Pakistan use social media and anti-Semitism to incite violence against Shia Muslims: Author: Tufail Ahmed Source: LUBP Editor’s note: While the post below provides ample documentation of the anti-Shia Muslim hate literature by extremist groups, there are a number of important areas which need to be made clearer. For instance,
The laptop distribution game by the Punjab government: In the absence of any substantial evidence of performance, yet enjoying ‘high ratings’ due to their alliance with the media, the PML-N government in Punjab has in the last few months on an ambitious plan of winning over youngsters
We condemn ISI-sponsored defamation campaign against AHRC: We condemn harassment of Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) by the ISI (Pakistan army’s spy agency). In contrast to the shameful silence of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), Amnesty International (AI) and other human rights groups on
Holi: Our celebration of colors: I am not an infidel, nor must I be labelled as one. My love for colors is not my crime. My crime is my indolence as a spectator of undue treatment that even I could nakedly feel while belonging
Looking back at the Lawyers’ Movement -by Ayesha Siddiqa: The protests, rallies and demonstrations by the legal community from 2007 to 2009 took everyone in and outside Pakistan by surprise. People were impressed with the perseverance of the lawyer’s from around the country in the face of a
Some apartheids are more kosher: Deportation of Shia Muslims from the UAE: Hmmm . . . where are the protests in the streets of Karachi and Cairo, outrage in London and Washington over this apartheid policy by haters of Shi’ite Muslims?  Where are all the vocal Muslim groups (Jamaat-e-Islami, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hizb-ut-Tahrir, Jamaat-ud-Dawa
Salman Rushdie to write book on Imran Khan – by Nadeem F. Paracha: I just read this article by liberal fascist imperialist capitalist neocon Nadeem F. Paracha and I don’t know how to attack it. However, I must correct that it was not Duran Duran but original Sufi rock band, Rolling Stones
The Argument:   Its not the news that sells, its speculation on the news that does. But its never a good omen, when subjudice legal cases become subject to speculation, its almost as heinous as gambling, perhaps even more. Talk shows and talking
Zaffar Abbas, Dawn’s editor or chief of Shia Ghetto Police?: Related posts: Misrepresentation of Shia genocide In the last week, DAWN has published atleast 2 articles/editorials that dishonestly obscure the carnage faced by the Shia Muslims across the lenght and breadth of Pakistan. Last month, Huma Yusuf’s dishonest and
‘Sectarian violence’ or gradual genocide of Shia Muslims? – by Dr. Nakvisson: My mother can never forget the gloomy day of 10th of Muharram in the year 1963 when the dead body of her brother was brought home. He was among the hundreds of Shia Muslims slaughtered while commemorating Ashura in
Stop it, General Kayani – by Lala Jie: Related posts: Good riddance, General Pasha! Mehran Gate reveals ISI’s dirty role in Pakistani politics – by Saleem Safi and Hasan Nisar بس کریں جنرل صاحب بس ۱۵ مارچ ۲۰۱۲ء کو ہمارے سپہ سالارِ اعظم(بقول ہمارے منصفِ اعظم) نے
Pakistan’s Shia Muslims and other persecuted groups must fight the minority self-image: Editor’s note: The following is an unusual post because it is based on a facebook conversation between three persons. However, the topic under discussion and the debate itself may not only provide some useful food for thought on an
What Hazrat Imran Khan is not? The immortal letter by Shafqat Mahmood – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji: Dear readers, I want to express my appreciation to the PTI Information secretary, Mr. Shafqat Mahmood for his brilliant deconstruction and dismantling (What Imran Khan is not  ) of the rubbish post by Saroop Ijaz called “The lies and triangulations of Imran
The Joker Named Shahbaz Sharif: While it is amusing to see the fake revolutionary in Shahbaz Sharif most of the time, but this time he has gone out of his mind. In his desperation and hatred for the PPP and it’s targeted leadership of
Long march against Pakistan’s Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry: Pakistan’s Shia Muslims are currently considering a long march to protest against the anti-Shia bias of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. The exact date for the long march is expected to be announced shortly after due consultations with all
FAQs on theories popularized by Pakistani media – by Zalaan:  عوام میں پھیلاے گئے چند مفروضات  اور ان کے مختصر جوابات  پاکستان میں جمہوریت چل نہیں سکتی  جواب : کیوں کیا پاکستان کوئی دنیا کا انوکھا ملک ہے ،انڈیا پاکستان سے پانچ گنا بڑا ہے جہاں غربت بھی ہے ،اور رنگ
A rejoinder to liberal fascist critique of sister Naziha Syed Ali – by Syed Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji: Related article: Naziha Syed Ali justifies Shia genocide in Pakistan as tit-for-tat violence I want to commend sister Naziha for presenting the ongoing genocide of Islamo Marxist groups like Sipah Sahaba/Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat by the All-Powerful Rafzi (Shia)
Pakistani Taliban join Twitter, threaten rights activists: Apparently Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has made a Twitter account (@TehreekeTaliban) for their Jihadi-sectarian propaganda on social media and also to harass their perceived opponents. While we have no means to confirm the genuineness of this account, the tweets so
اپنے منہ میاں مٹھو: اورلامیریجان ایک بڑے   مصنف، شاعر، افسانہ نویس، ناول نویس، تاریخ دان، معیشت دان، سائنسدان، سیاستدان، غرض کہ ہمہ دان ہیں، اور ہمارے دوست مجید کے بقول بلاۓ جان بھی ہیں، مگر یہ آپس کی بات ہے اور ہم اس
Mian Sahab, better to stay quiet – It will only get muddier for you: The Pakistan Peoples Party which is always reeling under pressure from its arch rival – PML-N and the alliance of Teen Jeem i.e. Jurnail, Journalists and Judges, seems to be relaxed for the first time in the last four
Ijaz-Sehbai: Memogate’s Dastardly Duo -by Ibrahim Sajid Malick: Many of us who have known Shaheen Sehbai personally are aware that his ties with Mansoor Ijaz goes back at least a decade. And I have been on a hunt to dig out some old articles so we can