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Scottish Parliament condemns worldwide sectarian violence against Shia Muslims by Wahhabi-Deobandi militants: BBC (28 May 2013). SNP MSP Sandra White said it was right to condemn all extremism and violence as she lead her member’s debate on sectarian attacks against the Shia community on 28 May 2013. Ms White highlighted a
Takfeer of Shia Muslims by Deobandi clerics: Playing with fire – by Sabah Hasan: دار العلوم دیوبند کی جانب سے سنی بریلوی اور شیعہ مسلمانوں کے خلاف نفرت انگیز فتاویٰ – Deobandi fatwa against Sunni & Shia – See more at: I am no religious scholar, but as an ordinary Muslim I
تنویر قیصر شاہد نے دہشت گرد ملا لدھیانوی دیوبندی اور اسٹیبلشمنٹ کا بھانڈہ پھوڑ دیا – از حق گو: آج صبح تنویر قیصر شاہد صاحب کا مزاح و طنز سے بھرپور کالم پڑھا جس میں موصوف نے ملا لدھیانوی دیوبندی کی وہ خبر گیری کی کہ دوسری تیسری بار پڑھ کے اندازہ ہوا کہ محترم کا مقصد صرف
Zia ul Haq the mass murderer of Black September – by Mian Waheed: A rare photo of “Mard e Momin”, Ameer ul Momineen Hazrat Muhammad Zia ul Haq Rehmatullah Eleh, killing Palestinians in Jordan during what is known to the world as “Black September” During Black September, the head of Pakistani training
Why did Najam Sethi deactivate his Twitter account?: On 16 May 2013, Punjab’s caretaker Chief Minister Najam Sethi announced on Twitter that the was not interested in being an Ambassador to USA. He described all such reports as utter non-sense. Soon afterwards, he released 112 ASWJ-LeJ terrorists
The future of Taliban – by Abbas Zaidi: The future of the Taliban is bright in Pakistan. They will not take over Islamabad from where they can deal with the world. No. This will not suit them The very abbreviation TTP (Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan) and the concept behind
Tahir Ashrafi condemns killing of British soldier – by Mobarik A. Virk:       ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) Chairman Maulana Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi has said that the PUC strongly condemns the attack on a British soldier by a British Muslim of Nigerian origin, and termed the incident as an
شریف کورٹس کا آغاز – واجد علی خان: ابھی پاکستان میں شریف حکومت کا آغاز نہیں ہوا مگر ساری انڈیکیشن ہیں کہ مقبول عام شریف کورٹس اور عدل شریف ا سٹائل کی ابتدا ہوچکی ہے جس کی سب سے پہلی جھلک پچھلے ہفتے فافان نیٹ ورکس کے
سلفی نظریات دنیا بھر میں دہشت گردی کا محور ہیں – از حق گو: وولوچ میں جو دل دہلا دینے والا واقعہ پیش آیا وہ بلکل بھی غیر متوقعہ نہیں تھا ٠ مسلمانوں کے بیچ میں شدت پسندوں سے نبٹنے کی وہ قوت دیکھنے میں نہیں آتی ہے اور شدت پسند برطانیہ میں
JUI-S chief Sami keen to mediate, but clueless about TTP – by Ismail Khan: AKORA KHATTAK: His back leant on a cushion against the wall, eyes half-closed, he gave some quick lesson to one of the disciples in waiting while another massaged his leg and in-between managed incessant phone calls for him. A
Ludhianvi vows to go to assemblies, despite losing elections – by Rana Tanveer: Radical Deobandi cleric Maulana Ahmed Ludhianvi (C) addresses his supporters. PHOTO: REUTERS/FILE LAHORE: Despite losing the elections in NA-89 Jhang, Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ) Chief Maulana Ahmed Ludhianvi said that he would go to the assemblies, and anyone who tried
Helping Syrian rebels a dangerous risk – by Rand Paul: Editor’s note: Rand Paul, a Republican, is a U.S. senator from Kentucky. (CNN) — The United States has a history of often picking sides in Middle East conflicts to its own detriment. In the 1980s, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld
Pakistan Council of Islamic Ideology: Don’t let DNA con justice in a rape case – by A Z: The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), that great avant-garde enabler of Islamic Ideology in the Land of Pure, has decreed today that the DNA evidence does not comprise a substantial proof for conviction in rape cases. The Council opined
Media alert: Pakistani Wahhabi Deobandi militants celebrating the Woolwich beheading: Here is a translation of Wahhabi Deobandi Jihadists of Pakistan eulogizing the horrible beheading of a British soldier in Woolwich, London. Two honourable (Salafi Wahhabi Deobandi) Muslims conveyed the voice of the Islamic Ummah to White people of the
Action Required: Unblock Roshni: Facebook has put  country restrictions on Roshni page making it inaccessible to users who have set their location to Pakistan. Details of this can be read here and a petition demanding unblocking it is here.This page requests users to log a
عوام اور نوکر شاہی: گجرات کے ایک گاؤں سے چلنے والی اسکول وین کے اندر شارٹ سرکٹ سے بھڑکنے والی آگ میں درجنوں بچوں کے جھلس کر مرنے سے پیدا ہونے والی سوگواریت ختم ہونے میں ابھی کچھ وقت لگے گا-لیکن اس سانحے
New wave of #ShiaGenocide engulfs Pakistan after Punjab CM Najam Sethi released 112 Takfiri terrorists: New wave of Shia genocide has engulfed Pakistan after caretaker Chief Minister of the Punjab, Mr. Najam Sethi, decided to release 112 arrested terrorists of banned sectarian outfit Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP, also known as Lashkar-e-Jhangvi LeJ and Ahle Sunnat
Shia Genocide and our reaction to it – by Sabah Hasan: During, and more so, just after the countrywide four-day sit-in in January against Shia Genocide, my friends had questioned and commented on certain aspects of the event. I had promised my daughter (one of the persons who asked some
Soul searching for PPP: Editors Note: We are posting some useful articles which provide a damning indictment of the abject failure of the PPP media and policy advisers. While there were external factors that hurt the party this is not the entire story.
The grandest of all goof-ups OR going according to plan – by Yin & Yang: Yin : The grandest of all goof-ups around the corner. 1. The Govt has acknowledged the TTP as a force and has ‘offered’ talks from a position of weakness 2. The TTP does not consider a democratic setup legit.
میرے پاس حاضر ہو تاکہ میں تم سے تعزیت کروں- پنجاب کے نگران وزیرا علیٰ نجم سیٹھی کو شرم نہیں آتی – طلعت حسین: Source: Saach TV People are dying, Najam Sethi says take money and go – by Talat Hussain Talat Hussain’s rant against Najam Sethi is justified.The so called liberal bastard released hundreds of terrorists.What else do ya expect? Najam sethi
Yin and Yang: The psychology of balance – by Maryam Sadiq: Why is it so difficult for the battle within ourselves, or within our homes, to end in a draw? Must it always be(pun intended) ‘plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose’? “According to Chinese philosophy of the time,
Patronage of sectarian terrorists by Punjab’s CT Chief Minister Najam Sethi – by Sadiq Ameen: The caretaker Punjab government has released 112 Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ-LeJ) terrorists who were unwillingly detained under Shahbaz Sharif’s government in the aftermath of Shia genocide in Quetta and Karachi and were held in various prisons across the province. This probably
کیا شیعہ ہونا جرم ہے ؟ – از حق گو: کراچی کے ایک گھر سے صبح سویرے اپنے والد کے ساتھ سکول کے لئے نکلنے والے عون و محمد نے کبھی سوچا بھی نہیں ہوگا کہ وہ اپنی ماں سے آخری بار مل رہے ہیں – سوچا تو کسی
50th Anniversary of the Therhi Massacre – by Mohammad Alo: In Remembrance Thursday, June 6, 2013 On June 6, 1963, at least 116 Shia Muslims were massacred in the village of Thehri in the Khairpur district of Sindh province in Pakistan while taking part in the Juloos (procession) of
WAPDA refrendum 2013: the turning point – by H.A.Khan: 29th May, 2013 the labourers of the wapda will once again caste their vote to select their Union. For the last 04 years they had been choosing Hydro as their soul voice to work for their better rights in
For India, worries of another 1989 moment in the region – by Shivam Vij:   With NATO pulling out of Afghanistan in 2014, foreign policymakers in New Delhi are concerned that Pakistan may refocus militants on Kashmir. As NATO troops solve the logistical challenges of a draw-down from Afghanistan, there is a sense
Qatar, Stoking up the Fires in Syrian Inferno – by A Z: In Syria Bashar al-Assad obstinately clings on to power as the number of dead continues to rise and the atrocities by the rebels and the government multiply. In the midst of all this it is startling to note how
Will Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif be able to get rid of its pro-Taliban and pro-sectarian image?: Getting rid of its pro-Taliban and pro-sectarian image will be a formidable challenge for the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), as its leader Nawaz Sharif braces to become the 18th prime minister of Pakistan. The party’s victory has been accepted
“The sympathy vote for PPP in rural Sindh is still alive”: Nazir Leghari, a senior journalist and resident editor Jang Karachi, who had been visiting the length and breadth of Sindh province, predicted the precise victory of the PPP a long time back. Here he analyses the reasons that led
An Islamist Beheading In Britain, Ctd: Greenwald refuses to label the beheading in London “terrorism,” calling it just another attempt to stir paranoia against Muslims: [T]he term at this point seems to have no function other than propagandistically and legally legitimizing the violence of western
Whingers and Whiners on Load Shedding and Mirza Ghulam Ahmed’s stance againts Jihad – by Maryam Sadiq: ‘Interesting weekend listening to ‘whingers’ and ‘whiners’ who rail against ‘load-shedding’ and ‘water shortage’- what ‘wusses’? I’m informed that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed was a cleric who advocated against ‘armed jihad’, is all. As such he was naturally vilified by
Woolwich: Muslim reaction, Saudi connection and inept states: It was tragic to see what happened in Woolwich but I was not surprised. I have been speaking about the danger which this radical ideology exported by Saudi Arabia poses to all of us for long. The reaction of
دہشت گردوں کا فرار اور رہائی – سیکورٹی اداروں اور نگران حکومتوں کا کردار – از حق گو: انتخابات کے بعد ہونے والی پیش رفت میں یہ بات تو سامنے آگیی کہ وفاق اور پنجاب میں حکومت بنانے والی نواز لیگ بلوچستان میں حکومت سازی کے لئے بھی ایڑی چوٹی کا زور لگا رہی ہے اس کے
Pakistani mainstream media turns a blind eye to LeJ ‘escapees’ and Aiwaz Ali’s assassination in Quetta – by Mahpara Qalander: The mainstream Urdu-English media has not reported that the caretaker government of Baluchistan has facilitated the escape of two top terrorists of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) from a Quetta prison ( Muhammad Umar Lehri and Mir Ahmed Lehri ‘escaped’ from Quetta
China talks sweet, but doesn’t want to be sugar daddy – by Praveen Swami: It was stronger than the strongest Baijiu and headier than the finest Peshawar weed, whatever it was that they’d had that fine day in December, 2010, when Pakistan’s legislators gathered to celebrate their friendship with China. “Taller than mountains”, sang out
Woolwich Beheading: Educating the West about the Wahhabi brand of terror – by Rusty Walker: Photo: Proof of Salafist connections to terrorists are often missed, as the press use generic terms like, “Jihadist.” The Wahhabi connection is more evident in this photo of Anjem Choudary, British-based Wahhabi-Deobandi hate preacher, pictured with the Woolwich terrorist
Saudi Arabia Funds Mossad Anti-Iran Operations – by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu:   An article posted by a former CBSNews producer Barry Lando claims that none other than Saudi Arabia helps fund Israeli Mossad operations against Iran. “A Strange Alliance: Are the Saudis Bankrolling Israel’s Mossad?” appears on his blog. Lando’s source is named
سلفی دہشت گردوں کی بربریت – مغرب کو سعودی عرب سے تعلقات پر نظر ثانی کرنا ہوگا – از حق گو: لندن میں دو سلفی وہابی دہشت گردوں کے ہاتھوں برطانوی فوجی کا سر کاٹنا  بلا شبہ ایک بہت سنگین اور دل دہلا دینے والا واقعہ ہے – ماضی کے واقعیت کی طرح یہ دونو قتل بھی سعودی سلفی نظریے
Doctrine of armed jihad or doctrine of Saudi Wahhabi caliphate?: Related posts:  Woolwich: Muslim reaction, Saudi connection and inept state -by Ale Natiq Woolwich Beheading: Educating the West about the Wahhabi brand of terror – by Rusty Walker While the world is being wrecked by terrorist acts of Wahhabi-Deobandi