Pakistani Taliban join Twitter, threaten rights activists

Apparently Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has made a Twitter account (@TehreekeTaliban) for their Jihadi-sectarian propaganda on social media and also to harass their perceived opponents. While we have no means to confirm the genuineness of this account, the tweets so far seem to be consistent with Pakistani Taliban’s ideology and operations (hatred against USA, Pakistan army, Shia Muslims, liberals etc).

In their twitter profile created on 13 March 2012, they use a picture of Hakimullah Mehsud, and provide the following description of the account:

Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم [In the name of Allah] We are fighting against USA biggest terrorist in history of mankind, and we will take pak army as enemy until they stop fighting US war

In the first five tweets on 13 March 2012, TTP wrote:

“we will continue our jehad that was declared by our founder Amir Baitullah Mehsud against d Pak Army due to the country’s aliance with US. Our Mujahedeen are planning orchestrated attacks against the government and the military 2 gain control of areas that had lost in wazirstan. We are waging a guerrilla war and inflicting losses on Pakistani security personnel and US elements. We are loyal 2 Amir ul Momineen Mullah Muhammad Omar, and we dont recognise the Durand Line as the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. “The services and sacrifices made by the TTP 4 the Islamic Emirates of Afgh hv bn proven over time”

In the next two tweets they threatened the following persons: Ali Dayan Hasan (of HRW), Raza Rumi (a development consultant and a co-editor of The Friday Times), Abbas Nasir (former editor of BBC and Dawn), Imtiaz Alam (veteran journalist, secretary of South Asian Free Media Association), and Rehman Malik (Interior Minister).

The aforementioned persons were terrorized in the following words:

“Warning for all shias and librals and non muslims.. stop propagating [against] …Islam and taliban, otherwise we would be forced 2 take action against you.”

The next four tweets are used for typical Al Qaeda propaganda with hate speech against the USA, Pakistan army, Shia Muslims and liberals:

“US soldier killed 16 innocent women and children and burnt their dead bodies..I O muslims Tum mazloom k haq mein awaz kyon nhin uthatay [o Muslims, why don’t you raise voice in support of the oppressed]. O muslims come and join TTP to fight against enemies of Islam US, Pak Army, Shias and librals (having no religion). American agents on social media keep silent on the shahadat of thousands of Sunni muslims in drone attacks and by shia terrorists,…..but start beating drums when one shia kafir is killed by mujahideen.”

In the last three tweets on 14 March 2012, they threaten Abdul Nishapuri, editor of a progressive Pakistani blog (Let Us Build Pakistan – LUBP) which is known for tough stance against the Taliban, Al Qaeda, other extremist organizations and has published daring posts in support of the communities oppressed or/and killed by the Taliban (e.g., Shia Muslims, Ahmadiyya Muslims, Sunni Barelvi Muslims, Christians, Pashtuns etc).

This is how Pakistani Taliban threatened the LUBP editor:

“Ur master USA and kafir shias has imposed a war on us and Inshallah we will fight till end. Our jehad will continue until all the shias and US agents are in the region. We know u are not in Pak, you are sitting in the lap of americans and getting paid by them to propagate against Sunni muslim”

Direct of Human Rights Watch, Ali Dayan Hasan, responded to the Taliban’s threat in the following words:

“If you take “action” against me, who will speak for your rights?”

Raza Rumi of The Friday Times offered the following response:

“I am in the august company of @AliDayan @abbasnasir59 @ImtiazAlamSAFMA & @SenRehmanMalik (?) who have been asked to stop speaking ag TTP!”

Abdul Nishapuri of LUBP thus reacted to TTP’s threatening tweets:

“Stop threatening! You are killers of the Shias, Sunnis, Ahmadis, Christians, Pashtuns, Balochs etc. Shame on you!”

It is pertinent to recall that recently certain people on Twitter and other social media have been noticed to be unnecessarily interested in finding out and revealing personal details (name, location, address etc) of social media activists. In the light of recent revelations about Saleem Shahzad, we can’t rule out the possibility that such people may be agency plants. Rights activist are advised to exercise maximum care to beware of such suspicious persons.







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