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In denying Malala the credit she deserves, we belittle ourselves:   Malala stood for up for education and the rights of female students since 2009-10. Those were the dark days when the Pakistani State was in retreat in front of the Takfiri sectarian terrorists of the Taliban. During that
(Muhammad Faisal Younus) حقوق نسواں اور پاکستانی معاشرہ – محمّد فیصل یونس: کچھ دنوں پہلے اسلام آباد میں ایک ریلی نکالی گئی جس کا مقصد خواتین کے بنیادی حقوق کے لئے آواز بلند کرنا تھا. یہ ریلی کافی کامیاب رہی اور ملک کے روشن خیال حلقوں کی جانب سے پزیرائی بھی
The Decline of Human Rights and Social Order in Pakistan – by Muhammad Faisal Younus: Freedom of expression is the constitutional right of every citizen under Article 19 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but Pakistan is well known for violating basic human liberties and is notorious for its dictatorship and sometimes extremist mindset.
Amnesty, HRW want Saudis removed from UN Human Rights Council:   UNITED NATIONS: Two leading human rights group urged UN member-states on Wednesday to suspend Saudi Arabia from the UN Human Rights Council over the killing of civilians in Yemen and repression at home. Amnesty International and Human Rights
HRW’s statement on Khurram Zaki’s murder in Pakistan:   (New York, May 10, 2016) – Pakistani authorities should conduct a prompt and impartial investigation into the killing of human rights activist Khurram Zaki and appropriately prosecute those responsible, Human Rights Watch said today. Zaki, 40, had been publicly
UK has ‘legal duty’ to challenge Saudi Arabia over Yemen airstrikes:         The British government must challenge Saudi Arabia over whether it is using UK weapons to breach international humanitarian law by launching indiscriminate airstrikes in Yemen, a leading lawyer has told the UK arms export control
Yemen: Embargo arms to Saudi Arabia:   (Sanaa) – The United States, United Kingdom, France, and others should suspend all weapon sales to Saudi Arabia until it not only curtails its unlawful airstrikes in Yemen but also credibly investigates alleged violations. Since March 26, 2015,
ISIS apologists like HRW director Kenneth Roth justifying ‪#‎ShiaGenocide‬: These tweets are an example of how ISIS apologists like Kenneth Roth justify suicide attacks against Shia civilians in Iraq. His tweet highlights his perverted rationale for #ShiaGenocide. Amidst the ongoing tragedy in Parachinar, it is good to see
پاراچنار دھماکہ اور پاکستانی میڈیا کا شرمناک کردار – خرم زکی: گزشتہ روز پاراچنار میں کالعدم تکفیری دیوبندی دہشتگرد گروہ اہل سنت والجماعت کے ہاتھوں 26 سنی شیعہ مسلمانوں کے قتل عام کے بعد جہاں میڈیا کا طرز عمل شرمناک و افسوسناک تھا اور مین سٹریم نیوز چینل نے اس
پارا چنار میں شیعہ مسلمانوں پر کالعدم اہل سنت والجماعت کا دہشتگرد حملہ اور کمرشل لبرل لابی کا رد عمل۔ خرم زکی: گزشتہ روز پاراچنار میں کالعدم تکفیری دیوبندی دہشتگرد گروہ اہل سنت والجماعت کے ہاتھوں 26 سنی شیعہ مسلمانوں کے قتل عام کے بعد جہاں میڈیا کا طرز عمل شرمناک و افسوسناک تھا اور مین سٹریم نیوز چینل نے اس
تکفیری دیوبندی اور وہابی فاشسٹوں کے ہاتھوں شیعہ و سنی صوفی نسل کشی پرولی نصر و دیگر لبرل فاشسٹوں کا رویہ – از عامر حسینی: ولی نصر ان امریکی لبرل دانشور میں شامل ہے جس کی روزی روٹی سعودی عرب کی جانب سے ” ایران کو دنیا کا سب سے بڑا خطرہ ” قرار دینے اور سنیوں کو عفریت قرار دینے کے پروپیگنڈے کے
ہیومن رائٹس واچ رپورٹ: پاکستان میں دیوبندی انتہا پسندوں کے ہاتھوں شیعہ مسلمانوں کی بڑھتی ہوئی ہلاکتیں:   دیوبندی اہل سنت ولجماعت لشکر جھنگوی کےعسکریت پسندوں کو غیر مسلح کیا جائے اور ان پر مقدمات چلائے جائیں۔شیعہ ہزارہ برادری کو تحفظدیا جائے ۔ ہیومن رائٹس واچ کی جاری کردہ رپورٹ میں کہا گیا ہے کہ بلوچستان میں
Biased UN resolution against Houthis is a green signal for Salafi Saudis to conduct the genocide of Sunnis and Shias in Yemen: Saudi Arabia’s aggression against Yemen has taken a heavy humanitarian toll that is being ignored by the global media. In nearly a month of indiscriminate bombing, thousands of innocent lives have been lost including hundreds of women and children. Organisations
HRW: ISIS Salafi militants are abducting, killing, expelling minorities in Iraq:   The Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) is killing, kidnapping, and threatening religious and ethnic minorities in and around the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. Since capturing Mosul on June 10, 2014, the armed Sunni extremist group
بلوچستان میں شیعہ مسلمانوں کا قتل عام اور ہیومن رائٹس واچ کی رپورٹ، ’ہم زندہ لاشیں ہیں’ – از خرم زکی: بلوچستان میں شیعہ ہزارہ مسلمانوں کے قتل عام پر ہیومن رائٹس واچ نے ٦٢ صفحات پر مشتمل ایک تفصیلی رپورٹ شایع کی ہے جس میں کالعدم دہشت گرد گروہ لشکر جھنگوی کے فوج کے ساتھ روابط، حکومتی بے حسی
2014 پاکستان میں کالعدم دیوبندی تنظیموں کے ہاتھوں شیعہ نسل کشی پر ہیومن رائٹس واچ کی رپورٹ:   ادارتی نوٹ : پاکستان بھر میں شیعہ اور سنی بریلوی مسلمانوں اور خاص کر بلوچستان میں ہزارہ  شیعہ اور پشتون شیعہ زائرین پر ہونے والے حملوں کی ذمہ داری لشکر جھنگوی اور اس کی ذیلی نظیموں نے کھلے
Rampant Killings of Shia Muslims by Deobandi Extremists in Pakistan – HRW’s Report 2014: (London) – Pakistan’s government should take all necessary measures to stop Sunni extremist groups in Balochistan province from committing further killings and other abuses against Hazara and other Shia Muslims, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.
An interview with HRW’s Ali Dayan Hasan about the state and predicament of Shia Hazaras of Quetta: LUBP Editor’s note: In the following interview, HRW’s Pakistan Director Ali Dayan Hasan informs us about the plight of Shia Hazara Muslims of Balochistan, one of the most persecuted and target killed communities in Pakistan, who are being killed
HRW slams Saudi Arabia after 7 jailed for ‘inciting protests’ on Facebook: Human Rights Watch has slated Saudi Arabia for violating international human rights obligations after it jailed seven people for up to 10 years for ‘inciting protests’ via Facebook. The indicted denied charges and said they were tortured into confession.
Deep State vs HRW – by Kamran Shafi: Most ugly shenanigans “Four Israeli attacks on journalists and media facilities in Gaza during the November 2012 fighting violated the laws of war by targeting civilians and civilian objects that were making no apparent contribution to Palestinian military operations.
World Shia Forum lauds HRW’s report on #ShiaGenocide in Pakistan, condemns harassment tactics by security establishment: Coverage of Shia genocide in Human Rights Watch 2013 report on Pakistan Religious minorities continued to face insecurity and persecution as the government failed to provide protection to those threatened or to hold extremists accountable. Islamist militant groups continued
#ShiaGenocide: Massacre in Quetta provides damning indictment of Pakistan government and army: HRW: NEW YORK: The Pakistani government’s persistent failure to protect the minority Shia Muslim community in Pakistan from sectarian attacks by Sunni [Deobandi] militant groups [Sipah Sahaba Taliban aka LeJ-ASWJ], is reprehensible and amounts to complicity in the barbaric slaughter
“Not enough Shias killed in Pakistan yet to describe it as genocide”, says Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy: Source: World Shia Forum In 2012 alone, more than 600 Shia Muslims of diverse ethnic backgrounds have been killed in Pakistan at the hands of Deobandi militants using varioius aliases and labels including Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ aka LeJ), Taliban (TTP), Jundallah
Statements by HRW, Amnesty and HRCP on Shia genocide in Pakistan (November 2012): Editor’s note: A number of leading human rights groups have issues statements urging Pakistani State and government to protect Shia Muslims. A couple of things are of note: 1. None of the statement clearly identifies the known and proud
HRW’s Letter to Pakistan on Its Candidacy to the UN Human Rights Council: H.E. Raja Pervaiz Ashraf Prime Minister of Pakistan Islamabad, Pakistan Dear Prime Minister, With elections to the United Nations Human Rights Council quickly approaching, and with Pakistan standing as a candidate, we are writing to urge your government to
Let’s jointly mourn all target killed Balochs, Shias and Settlers: Human rights violations in Balochistan: Compiled from various sources listed below Balochistan, with 9m out of Pakistan’s 180m people, covers 44% the country’s territory and contains its most valuable deposits of gas, copper, iron ore and oil. It has a new deepwater port, Gwadar,
HRW Statement: Shia killings by extremist groups allied with the military escalate in Pakistan: Highlights of the HRW statement – Pakistan Government and Security Forces have failed to protect Shia Muslim minority. – In 2012, at least 320 members of the Shia population have been killed in targeted attacks. Over 100 have been
Amnesty International and HRW are constantly remiss in reporting Shia genocide in Pakistan – by Dr. Muhammad Taqi: Related posts: An open letter to Amnesty International from concerned citizens of Pakistan Pakistani Shias and other rights activists protest the misrepresentation of Shia massacres by Human Rights Cartel “If this isn’t Shia genocide, what is?” – by Zofeen
Did Ali Dayan Hasan (of HRW) recant statement against ISI?: The newly appointed Director General of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) may have attained an understated and unsung victory for his intelligence agency considering the recent and highly surprising statement by Human Rights Watch’s Pakistan head Ali Dayan Hasan that
Pakistani Taliban join Twitter, threaten rights activists: Apparently Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has made a Twitter account (@TehreekeTaliban) for their Jihadi-sectarian propaganda on social media and also to harass their perceived opponents. While we have no means to confirm the genuineness of this account, the tweets so
Jang Group’s Hizb-ut-Tahrir wing inciting vigilante justice against Ali Dayan Hasan of HRW: We at LUBP condemn yet another targeted incitement of vigilante justice Jang Group’s Ahmed Noorani, a notorious journalist belonging to Ansar Abbasi gang and links close to banned organizations like Hizb ut Tahrir and Sipah Sahaba Pakistan against the
We condemn Pakistan army’s harassing and threatening statement against HRW: Pakistan army’s media wing (ISPR) has issued a press release (16 Feb 2012) titled “Human Rights Watch (HRW) Report on Judicial Commission on Saleem Shehzad Murder Case Not Correct”  hitting back at Human Rights Watch (HRW) for its news release claiming
This is how Sherry Rehman backstabs the Baloch cause: Pakistan’s urban elites (fake liberals) promote Sherry Rehman as a champion of human rights. Editor’s note: In the past, LUBP has been castigated for having the nerve to critisize Sherry Rehman.  The latter represents everything that is held dearly
US house committee hearing on Balochistan: Oversight and Investigations – by Mureed Bizenjo: Source: Pakistan Blogzine Related post: This is how a fake champion of human rights backstabs the Baloch cause Let’s think about creating a Balochistan in southern part of Pakistan, said Congress republican Louie Gohmert, who completely backed the idea
Saleem Shahzad Commission results marred by free ride to ISI: Government has to Take on Military and Intelligence Services and end Impunity (New York) – The Pakistani government should redouble efforts to find the killers of the journalist Saleem Shahzad, following the failure of the judicial inquiry commission to
LeJ kills Shias with impunity even in areas where state authority is well established – by Ali Dayan Hasan (HRW): Sectarian cleansing By Ali Dayan Hasan December 31, 2011 On Oct 4, gunmen stopped a bus carrying mostly Hazara Shia who were headed to work on the outskirts of Quetta. The attackers forced the passengers off the bus, made
Jang Group must stop harassing Ali Dayan Hasan of Human Rights Watch: Related posts: HRW is concerned about the fear of judicial over-reach in Pakistan: Interview with Ali Dayan Hasan AHRC appeal: DG ISI Gen Shuja Pasha must be prosecuted for hatching conspiracy against democracy Critical readers of Pakistan’s politics are
HRW is concerned about the fear of judicial over-reach in Pakistan: Interview with Ali Dayan Hasan: Related post: Jang Group must refrain from harassing Ali Dayan Hasan of Human Rights Watch Interviewee: Ali Dayan Hasan, Director, Human Rights Watch Interviewer: Raza Rumi Source: The Friday Times HRW has consistently commented on civil-military relations in Pakistan.
HRW urges Pakistan to protect Shia Muslims: (New York, 3 December 2011) – The Pakistani government should urgently act to protect Shia Muslims in Pakistan from sectarian attack during the Muslim holy month of Moharram, Human Rights Watch said today.  In recent years, Sunni extremist groups
Jalil Reki’s murder is a test case for rights champion Sherry Rehman – by Laibaah: Cross-posted from Pakistan Blogzine While elite media and human rights organizations are currently busy in projecting Sherry Rehman (Pakistan’s new Ambassador to the USA) as a champion of human rights in Pakistan, here is a first opportunity for Ambassador Rehman