China blames Pakistan for violence, our spymasters spin through media


There are two news items in the mainstream newspapers of Pakistan today: one is a wish of our right wing media living on the crest of breaking relations with US in favor of China and the other from China admonishing a possible role of Pakistan in an attack in its Muslim majority province of Xinjiang.


In Beijing to hold "Strategic Dialogue"?

Firstly, Jang reports on its front page that: General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, the chief of ISI is on a “secret visit” to China, whose sole purpose is to cajole China to support Pakistan more reducing dependence on USA. The report also claims that he is to begin strategic dialogue with the Chinese and that a security official has refused to share more details about the trip and his discussions there. Express Tribune also reported on the matter which can be read here.

Reading the above, one realizes how secret the trip was and how capable the apex spymaster and his agency is! A secret trip exposed in newspapers which we are quite certain must have been deliberately leaked by the ISI to show how smart they are and how much they care about national sovereignty.


Wang Jili, who was injured during a terror attack on Saturday, receives treatment in a Kashgar hospital. Wang suffered head injuries but is in stable condition. Mao Weihua / China Daily

But then it has been reported in all newspapers (Dawn, Jang, Express Tribune) that a local government in China, Kashgar’s, has blamed Pakistan trained terrorists for the killings of nearly 20 people in two separate incidents in the ancient Silk Road city of Kashgar over the weekend in the latest wave of violence to hit the restive Xinjiang region, home to a mainly Muslim Uighur minority. The Kashgar local government said in a statement on its website that the assailants who attacked a restaurant that left six dead on Sunday had learned explosive-making skills in terrorist-run camps in Pakistan. “The heads of the group had learned skills of making explosives and firearms in overseas camps of the terrorist group East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) in Pakistan before entering Xinjiang,” the online statement said. The attackers adhered to “extremist religious ideology” and advocated “jihad”, the statement also said.

 So now read both the news items and find out why Ahmed Shuja Pasha has gone on a “secret mission” to Beijing? Forget strategic dialogue, he has gone to calm the Chinese down who would first be furious in Chinese and then an interpretor will be furiously translating what the official said in English/Urdu or even Punjabi!!

Our spymasters have to learn that “sayana kawwa …. Khaye!”. You can’t continue to fool the world with your duplicity.

Euronews report on the violence can be seen below:



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