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China-Pakistan relationship and opacity of Western Media:   Pakistan is always in the news for reasons not necessarily as important as it may seem. By considering Pakistan an ally to the US in “War on Terror”, it is assumed that Pakistan has been taken on lease
Analysis of relief and donations related to Pakistan floods 2010 – by Anas Abbas: Donations and contributions so far: World Bank: popularly known as the Israeli sponsored conspiracy in Pakistan said it had set up an aid fund at Pakistan’s request with initial pledges of $80 million. United States of America: Remember (According
Floods Opening The Floodgates For Pakistan’s Extremists- By Daud Khattak: Devastating flooding in northwestern Pakistan has now taken more than 1,400 lives and a left about 1 million people homeless. Although the government has announced it is stepping up relief efforts, it has been widely criticized for its slow
China carries Benazir Bhutto’s dream – by Antoaneta Becker: Source: Asia Times BEIJING – When President Asif Ali Zardari appeared at a Pakistan-China renewable energy forum in Shanghai on July 10, he rekindled a vision of his assassinated wife and former prime minister, Benazir Bhutto, who had envisaged
Zardari’s China policy- By Shahid Javed Burki: Shahid Javed Burki is a renowned economist and also belongs to the anti-PPP divide. He was a minister in the interim cabinet after the removal of the 1996 government of MBB. This article that appeared in Dawn is extremely
Zardari in China – by Amjad Rashid: It is very difficult for a country to maintain balanced relations with its neighbor countries when most of its neighbors are super powers of the world. Pakistan is situated in such a geographical area that it has China, Russia,
Now Mullah and Mullen are attuned – by Ali Arqam and Dr. Khan: In Afghan War,  when the capitalist  world, the salafist  Arabs, the communist  Chinese and  the  opportunist Pakistani  Generals along with their puppet warriors and clergies were in a war with the USSR and the Communist Afghan regime on Afghan
JF-17 Thunder figher jet: Congratulations to Pakistan and China: We at “Let us build Pakistan” offer our felicitations to the nations of Pakistan and China on the joint development and production of JF-17 Thunder fighter jet. Here are two op-eds on this topic, by Talat Masood and Nazir
China sets up patrol to check kissing students: Lesson for LUMS?: By M.A.N. (A LUMS Alumnus) Given the recent uproar about the so called public display of affection (whatever that means) in LUMS, the following example of morality (or display) control at a university in East China might be of
War Stories: Taliban punish the family who helped escape an abducted Chinese engineer: Zhang Guo is back in China while Jamaluddin and Liaqat were killed by TalibanJamaluddin Khan – an unsung hero of Pakistan-China friendship It was on October 17, 2008 that the two young Chinese engineers made their move to escape
Jamaluddin Khan: An unsung hero of Pakistan-China friendship: Another Swati pays with life for saving Chinese engineer Friday, October 02, 2009By Rahimullah Yusufzai PESHAWAR: The bullet-riddled body of a Swati in whose house the kidnapped Chinese engineer had spent a night in October 2008 after escaping from
‘Pakistan saved China from embarrassment on Xinjiang violence’: * Both countries have not fully utilised political ties for economic gains * New Chinese embassy issue different from US embassy’s expansion By Sajjad Malik ISLAMABAD: Pakistan played a key role in dissuading certain Muslim countries from taking the
Pakistan extradites ten Taliban terrorists to China – by Amir Mir: 10 terror suspects extradited to China By Amir Mir LAHORE: Pakistan has extradited 10 arrested terrorists belonging to the pro-independence Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) to China, an Interior Ministry spokesman confirmed to The News on Friday. The spokesman
After India, Afghanistan, & Iran it’s now China which wants Pakistan to take action against militants !!! Isn’t it time to wake up ???: China Leans on Pakistan to Deal With Militants Washington is not the only ally calling on Islamabad to take action against militants based in its tribal areas along the Afghan border. Now, according to a prominent Pakistani politician, Beijing
Militants swapped for Chinese engineer? Swapping militants for hostages is a gain in the short-term but a loss in the long-term…..: Swapping militants for hostages will not work, General Kayani. It it time to attack and eliminate the militant
Militants swapped for Chinese engineer? Swapping militants for hostages is a gain in the short-term but a loss in the long-term…..: Swapping militants for hostages will not work, General Kayani. It it time to attack and eliminate the militant leadership, once and for
An unsung hero from Swat: The people’s cause Friday, January 16, 2009 The account of how a brave individual from Swat, even while aware of the risk, helped a kidnapped Chinese engineer to escape from Taliban kidnappers, is educative. The man was later killed
Pakistan-Iran relations: It is time to reconcile and develop a new strategic relationship…. By Nazir Naji:
Pakistan needs financial and logistic aid to sustain the war on terror: Global crisis and war on terrorismThe International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned on Saturday that “debt-ridden banks were pushing the global financial system to the brink of meltdown” and “the rich nations had so far failed to restore confidence”. According
Friends rally around Pakistan (Buck up Zardari): A permanent forum known as Friends of Pakistan was launched in New York on Friday with the mission to help Pakistan out of its economic crisis. It has been estimated that Pakistan would need around $15 billion to prevent