Now Mullah and Mullen are attuned – by Ali Arqam and Dr. Khan

In Afghan War,  when the capitalist  world, the salafist  Arabs, the communist  Chinese and  the  opportunist Pakistani  Generals along with their puppet warriors and clergies were in a war with the USSR and the Communist Afghan regime on Afghan territory, the whole world fell in romance with Afghans. Books were written on the courage and bravery of Afghans. Russian were threatened with historical evidence (though false) how Afghan land is never ruled by any foreign invader, how Afghan had treated the British rulers, etc. etc. Whether these historical references were right or wrong, its not my subject of discussion here. I have to write on the reemergence of the romance though in a different context.

First a quick view on the times of alleged Russian invasion, when almost all the western world was passionately lauding Afghan warriors, and were endowed with bulk of Arms, sophisticated weapons and Dollars, US president Ronald Reagan was a step forward than his companions calling them (the rogue ones, the militant islamists ) as moral equivalent to the American founding fathers.

With Russian exit, the romance came to an end, and those who were claiming victory indulged in a civil war for the next decade, which devoured millions of Afghans. Their atrocities and inability to reconstruct war torn country has added to the miseries of the people.

The arrival of Taliban has ruined what was left by their predecessors, Afghanistan turned into a hiding for the militants from all over the world. Jihad was exported globally especially to the neighborhood. A dream come true for the hardcore islamists as they were free to implement what they have understood of Islam. Musharraf on his visits and tours, in his speeches was advocating them and enlightening people enthusiastically on the difference between “Jihad and Terrorism”

Here comes the 9/11, a defining moment for the happenings around the world in pre and post 9/11 scenario.

Enraged US and allies with the UN resolutions backing started a war and entered Afghanistan to destroy and dismantle Taliban regime. The remaining world as well as the neighborhood of Afghanistan had welcomed the US to get rid of the teasing neighbor, a source of nuisance for them. They hoped the product of American designs will be eliminated by the same hands. Though US stay at Afghanistan was viewed with suspicions and the real objectives were not as pretended.

opium poppy

After almost a decade of US presence at Afghanistan has affirmed the skepticism Militancy has increased and enlarged. Afghan drug trade is multiplied, the war is declared as not winnable. The mullahs who were shattered with the fall of “Taliban Emirates” are praising and appreciating them in the mosques at Juma prayers for their resistance to the combined military forces of almost twenty two countries and adding to the disappointment, Military Generals of US and its allies are declaring Taliban as tough rivals and undefeatable, hence corroborating the mullah’s claims. In the whole decade of US presence Taliban appeared as invincible.

Once again US and allies are on the same line of glamorizing and romanticizing the extremist militants with a different context, hence Mullen and Mullah are attuned.



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