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From Russia with Love: Main Ney Russia Mee kya Dekha – by Dil Nawaz: When Islamic Republic of Pakistan came into existence in 1947, Russia was known as the “Godless Empire” of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics under the “brutal” dictator Joseph Stalin. This inherent difference in ideologies resulted in tensions from the
Russian Model: Team Leadership, Sovereign Democracy, National Champions – by Shiraz Paracha: Russia has become a leading world power because of its leader Vladimir Putin’s vision and political strategy. Prime Minister Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev have introduced new concepts of team leadership and ‘Sovereign Democracy’ in Russia’s political system. The
We got leaked- by Sindhyar Talpur: Wikileaks, an international whistle-blowing website, recently leaked US and Allied forces military documents highlighting the situation on the ground in Afghanistan. One of the many things highlighted is Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI’s, double game in the War. If you
Now Mullah and Mullen are attuned – by Ali Arqam and Dr. Khan: In Afghan War,  when the capitalist  world, the salafist  Arabs, the communist  Chinese and  the  opportunist Pakistani  Generals along with their puppet warriors and clergies were in a war with the USSR and the Communist Afghan regime on Afghan
Kyrgyzstan—Victim of the ‘Tulip Revolution’- by Shiraz Paracha: Thirty one years after the Soviet Union sent its troops to Afghanistan on the invitation of the then Afghan government, Russia, the successor of the USSR, has declined a troop request from another Central Asian state. Perhaps Russia does