An unsung hero from Swat

The people’s cause
Friday, January 16, 2009

The account of how a brave individual from Swat, even while aware of the risk, helped a kidnapped Chinese engineer to escape from Taliban kidnappers, is educative. The man was later killed by the militants. His family today lives in fear of further reprisal. But the rather sad account of the fate of this man is a reminder of the fact that most people in the valley do not sympathize with militants. The residents of Swat are, on the whole, decent people who oppose the crazed cruelty unleashed by extremists. Most seek only a return to the life they knew before conflict overtook their valley.

It is unfortunate so little is being done to defend these people. The story of the man who helped the Chinese hostage to reach an army check post had not been told for weeks. Perhaps now that it has come to light, his family will be offered some kind of compensation. This of course will not bring the victim back, but it may help send out a signal to others that they are not alone in their plight and that the authorities do stand by them after all. (The News)