Is China not an emerging imperialist power? – by Aamir Hussaini

In political dictionary definition of imperialism is the policy of extending a nation’s authority by territorial acquisition or by the establishment of economic and political hegemony over other nations. If we see role of government of China in our region, Then we can say that China is an emerging imperialist power of our region as she is establishing its economic and political hegemony in our region.

I think when China says that there should be one China and Pakistan supports its stance it is also imperialist behavior. Why Taiwan has no right to be sovereign state separate from China.

China had played very negative role during democratic and radical movement against Ayub Khan. China instructed pro china elements in Pakistan to isolate themselves from this movement, that is why Maulana Abdul hameed Bahshani’ s NAP and its affiliated student wings and trade unions isolated themselves from the movement resulting in regime change with  Yahya’s entry.

China put her weight  against the PDPA Govt, formed and sponsored militants groups(Shola-e-javed) in Afghanistan, became an ally to the western block  along with Pakistan and provided arms to Afghan militant wings. Nowadays her role in Balochistan also is questionable and Baloch nationalist forces have strong reservations against it.  China is acquiring control of natural resources of Baluchistan with the help, consent and collaboration of Pakistani military establishment. China’s own record of Human Rights Violation is worst, she never asked Pakistani establishment to stop violation of human rights and exploitation of natural resources in Baluchistan.

China has damaged manufacturing industry of Pakistan . After the free trade agreement, revenues of FBR have been decreased so much due to cuts of duties on Chinese products. Illegal entries and smuggling of Chinese products through Pak China borders are also stripping us of customs and other duties. The very low quality of Chinese products have changed Pakistan into a dumping place for the Chinese scraps. Balance of trade between Pakistan and China is in favour of China. Commerce ministry has admitted that free trade agreement did not benefited Pakistan but China completely.

In many trade deals with china like purchasing of engines for Pakistan railway, Pakistan faced serious loss and internal crisis. Chinese demands extraordinary privileges. An English daily newspaper pointed out this in its exclusive story on its front page about the hydropower project deal with Chinese company.

Our main stream media is imbalanced and hide facts and figures about relations between CHINA and Pakistan. During visit of Chinese prime minister to Pakistan talkshows, analysis and reports in Pakistani media were totally one sided . I write a regular column in a National Urdu news paper, I sent an article on China’ s role in Pakistan which was  not allowed to be published by the editor for its content questioning China’s manipulation. I was not surprised at this as I know Urdu media and its readership is very conservative on China-Pakistan relations.

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  1. My Facebook Status and Comments

    Ali Arqam
    We are United, No political, religious difference, no clashing egos etc.. when it comes to Friendship with China, and enmity with India…what a farce

    Abdul Nishapuri, Abdul Nishapuri, Syed ALi Ousat and 11 others like this.


    -Enmity of india is one bonding factor other is genius of china to exploit the pakistani hate (of india) .

    -And No bombs and blasts even in Moharram since Premier here other wise this month and on almost every arrival of Americans, fireworks and blood bathe are routines.

    -looks like these terrorist group have a softcorner on image of pakistan when chinese premier visits pak..

    -Chinese role in Afghan Jihad can not be avoided, as they have formed and sponsored a militiant organization known As “Shola-E-Javed” to fight against the Afghan Govt.

    -One can see the contradictions in Pakistani Armed Jihadis attitudes when it comes to supporting Jihad in Chinese province Xingjiang and other parts of the world.

    -That is why the rogue Jihadis from the Pakistani state have many times targeted Chinese Engineers and provided safe places to militants from ETIM, a militant outfit, active in China.

    ‎-@Ali, you know why.. because we are an ideological state :)..

  2. Author did lot of spine on historic events in favor of the thesis he is building against China – at this time China is not imperialistic nation rather more possessive and protective about the economic success he achieve for his country. Regarding the case of Taiwan – historically Taiwan is not separate from China but integral part of it.

  3. Hamid Mir on Pak China friendship:

    یہ کہنا غلط نہ ہوگا کہ پاکستان اور چین کی محبت میں پاکستان نے ہمیشہ بہت کچھ لیا اور چین نے دل کھول کر دیا ہے۔ ہم نے صرف ایک دفعہ کچھ غیرآباد پہاڑی علاقہ چین کے حوالے کیا لیکن 1965ء کے بعد سے چین نے ہمیشہ مشکل وقت میں پاکستان کی مدد کی ہے۔

    Jang, 20 Dec 2010

    In December 1962, 1868 sq.miles were conditionally taken over by China at Shaksgam in Northern Areas of Kashmir under Pakistan control

    Long live Pak-China Friendship, Long live GHQ narrative in Pakistani media.

  4. Imperialist powers tend to have aims that are beyond their national territories. China, for now, only seeks claims that historically Chinese or so they claim. This difference is necessary while labelling. Further, while we can have a moral stand-point on this issue, that being the right of Taiwanese to have a say, whether they should join, PRC. We however publicly give China support, as a quid pro quo for theirs Kashmir. Similarly we don’t talk about their human right abuse, so that they don’t talk of ours.

    With regards to China using, what is only a minor political influence on leftist parties. We know for real, nothing China or NAP could have done to prevent 1971. This seed was sown in 50s, and nothing short of a military intervention could have prevented it. Don’t see any reason why China should do that?

    Finally, please don’t expect any country in the world to give you free alms for nothing. They are leaders of their country, not ours and they have their own interests to ensure. If you can’t negociate favourable deals, or have a robust private sector, its not China’s problem that they are good at that. I find it nothing short of admission of acknowledgement of failure to do their duty, if Commerce ministry says they procured a bad deal.

  5. u pakistani’s dont understand the chinese domination on ur country,they are exploiting both india nad pak resources for thier own benefit,we will fight each other till the kashmir issue is solved but after this issue ,will ur lovly partners (chinese alias communists) be patient ot watch the peace attained in south asia,their ultimate aim is control not only asia but the world ,INDIA will rise one day and will crush u oth with full force ,ur cartoon shows of pak-china atrategies will never work.only way for u to attain peace is join by the side of us and fight terrorism,we can solve any problems through peace and let us be united in humanity or kill urself by allowing chinese influence inside ur nation.china has nothing to da with kashmir,we have the problem we can handle it!

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