Neoliberal politics, selective outrage and activism take hypocrisy to new heights


There is an ongoing discussion within the current U.S. administration on whether to ban the sectarian and covertly fascist Muslim Brotherhood (MB). Predictably, sections of the hypocritical neoliberal lobbies have jumped to the defence of MB.

Ideally banning anyone, even hate groups like MB, does not solve the issue.

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) aka Ikhwan Al Muslimeen is the hate incubator of terrorist groups like Al Qaeda. When it briefly came to power in Egypt in 2012, violence against the ancient indigenous Egyptian Coptic Christian community rose exponentially.

In another instance, even a dissident Egyptian Muslim scholar, Sheikh Sehata was dragged outside his house, brutally lynched and murdered by a blood thirsty MB mob. His crime was simply criticising a historical personality for instigating violence and civil war. MB member and deposed Egyptian PM Morsi also addressed MB hate rallies.

MB is already banned in some Gulf countries and the current Trump administration is discussing measures to ban MB in the United States; a move that will impact Saudi funded, Salafi sectarian lobby groups like CAIR and ISNA.

The regime change war in Syria was started by violent MB protests. MB continues to collaborate with Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, NATO, U.S and EU and their various Al Qaeda and ISIS proxies against its own Syrian people.

Still, the United States has banned Hizbullah and one has not seen too much outrage on this long standing ban. Diametrically opposite to MB, Hizbullah is actually a protector of the Lebanese Christians and other marginalised and threatened faith groups who face increasing genocidal violence from Saudi-sponsored Salafi terrorists.

However, neoliberal politics, selective outrage and activism take hypocrisy to new heights. Such lobbies are instantly identifiable with their denial of Al Qaeda’s atrocities and False flags operations in Syria. Neoliberal lobbies and MSM like #CNN actually rely on MB and Al Qaeda as regime change proxies and propagandists. CAIR’s Californian leader, Hussam Allyoush has publicly rejoiced when an airplane was ostensibly destroyed by ISIS and wished for double the casualties. His sectarian prejudices have also been expressed on social media.

Instead of banning MB, the U.S. government must actively take on MB and its proxies and expose their double standards relentlessly. The previous administration and Hillary Clinton had taken this to the other extreme and actually employed MB affiliated and linked individuals (Huma Abedi) in important positions. They had essentially capitulated to MB’s dystopic worldview and facilitated its implementation in Syria and arguably Libya.

MB violent and sectarian worldview and history must be exposed by both the government and MSM. MB’s stated goals of sneaking in through the ballot box and then gradually overturning secular democracies must be discussed and condemned.

Their funding from various Gulf despots must be stopped and their proxies like CAIR must be held up to the same scrutiny afforded to other similar groups. Banning such groups will be counterproductive as this will allow neoliberal lobbies another opportunity to paint fascist groups like MB as the victim!