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سعودی عربیہ سے سلمانی عربیہ تک ۔ گل زہرا رضوی: استاد شہید مرتضیٰ مطہری کہتے ہیں روح کی بزرگی ایک چیز ہے اور بزرگواری ایک اور۔ کچھ لوگوں کی روح بزرگ ہوتی ہے، وہ سرداری چاہتے ہیں ، شہرت ، اثر و رسوخ چاہتے ہیں ۔ وہ چاہتے ہیں
How Trump fooled the establishment: Why the Syria strikes don’t mean anything and won’t escalate beyond small Strikes – By Rayhan Al-Safawi:     The Syria strikes were only for domestic consumption in order to get the media off his back on his alleged Russian ties. The strikes were purposefully ineffective and changed nothing on the ground. Here is why I
Tulsi Gabbard mentioned Khurram Zaki in her speech unlike commercial Liberals – by Pejamistri:   Tulsi Gabbard mentioned Khurram Zaki in her speech yesterday. It is indeed a big and good news as Khurram Zaki was not someone who had support of mainstream media in Pakistan, he was not Marvi Sirmid, Raza Rumi
Rutgers University’s 10th annual Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) day keynote address by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard:   Namaste. Salam Alaikum. Aloha. Thank you for inviting me to be with you as we all come together from different faiths and spiritual paths to stand in solidarity for freedom and peace. Sadly, as we look around us
یمن میں نسل کشی : میڈیا امریکی۔سعودی جنگی جرائم چھپا رہا ہے – منار مہوش: میناپولس۔سعودی قیادت میں فوجی اتحاد کی بے تحاشہ فضائی بمباری نے یمن کو تباہ کردیا ہے۔اس کے ساتھ ساتھ یمن کی ناکہ بندی نے وہاں پہ خوراک اور پانی کی دستیابی پہ بھی بہت برے اثرات مرتب کئے ہیں۔
Neoliberal politics, selective outrage and activism take hypocrisy to new heights:   There is an ongoing discussion within the current U.S. administration on whether to ban the sectarian and covertly fascist Muslim Brotherhood (MB). Predictably, sections of the hypocritical neoliberal lobbies have jumped to the defence of MB. Ideally banning
The hidden dangers of Muslim led Anti-Trump rallies:   Since the year 2017, the news and social media have been inundated with reports on protests against President Donald Trump. One of the major rallies that took place was the Women’s March. The Women’s March protested against President
Tulsi Gabbard, True Maverick:       It’s nice to be reminded on occasion that not all of our so-called representatives in Congress have gone over to the dark side. While the majority of our federal lawmakers exist to blindly serve the military-industrial
Saudi Invasion of Yemen – Ali J. Zaidi:   Saudi Invasion of Yemen with the help of West, Kuwait, Qatar, Sheikhdoms and some other undeclared Muslim countries is one of the worst kinds of atrocities in the recent history. Saudis have been committing war crimes in Yemen
An open letter to President Trump:   Dear President Trump, I believe that in the age of e-surveillance, your office will somehow read this letter. I have heard and read about your executive order banning certain foreigners’ entry into the United States. I would like
Tragic attack on Quebec City mosque:   Tragic attack on a Quebec City mosque by two terrorists shouting Allah o Akbar. This is the typical modus operandi (MO) of Saudi-sponsored Salafi-Deobandi terrorists. In the last decade, hundreds of Sunni-Sufi and Shia mosques have been attacked
Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard returns from Syria with renewed calls: End regime change war in Syria now: Washington, DC—Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (HI-02) returned to Washington, DC after a week-long visit to Damascus, Aleppo, and Beirut to see and hear firsthand the impact of the war in Syria directly from the Syrian people. She heard stories of
#TrumpMustGo: Trump Regime loses legitimacy in the light of Madonna’s Revolution: Question: Should another country therefore have the right to intervene in the U.S.? Considering the history of US foreign policy when it comes to intervening in foreign countries to overthrow governments, we need to ask ourselves this question: do
Fog of War:     By September 2016 Aleppo was overrun by terrorists and President Obama was going to work with President Putin to free the people of Aleppo from the Al Qaeda related Salafi and Deobandi Terrorists. Now that Assad and
Are you confused by what is going on in the Middle East? Let me explain.:   We (The West) support the Iraqi government in their fight against ISIS. We don’t like ISIS, but ISIS is supported by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, whom we do like because we love our oil nice and cheap. The
شام اور بحرین: خودساختہ جعلی احتجاج بمقابلہ اصلی جمہوریت نواز احتجاج: ایک پرامن احتجاج ریکارڈ کرنے کے لیے بڑے پیمانے مظاہرے ہوئے ہیں۔مظاہرین جمہوریت چاہتے ہیں۔اگرچہ مظاہرین میں زیادہ تعداد ایک خاص مسلک کے مسلمانوں کی ہے لیکن ان مظاہروں کا رنگ فرقہ وارانہ نہیں ہے۔ بڑے پیمانے پہ کریک
The forgotten people of Bahrain:   There are mass demonstrations for a peaceful protest. The protestors want Democracy. Even though the protestors are predominantly from one Muslim sect, the protests are not couched in sectarian language. A massive crackdown occurs. The protestors who have
حلب کی ناخوشگوار کہانی میں بتانے کو ایک سے زیادہ سچ ہیں – رابرٹ فسک – ترجمہ و تلخیص : ع-ح: اب جب بشار الاسد کی شامی افواج نے حلب کا کنٹرول دوبارہ حاصل کرلیا ہے تو مغربی سیاست دان،تجزیہ کار اور صحافی آنے والے دنوں میں اپنی کہانیوں کو دوبارہ سے ترتیب دینے جارہے ہیں۔ہمیں اب یہ معلوم کرنا
There is more than one truth to tell in the awful story of Aleppo – Robert Fisk: Western politicians, “experts” and journalists are going to have to reboot their stories over the next few days now that Bashar al-Assad’s army has retaken control of eastern Aleppo. We’re going to find out if the 250,000 civilians “trapped”
How we lost the Middle East by tying our camels with the Saudis:   Since the overly-hyped “Arab spring” was selectively launched by sectarian Gulf despots to eliminate their secular rivals in 2011, the United States has picked the wrong side. In Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Libya and even Iraq, the United States
امریکہ کا سعودی عرب کے ساتھ ملکر وہابی ازم کو پھیلانا پورے ایشیا کی تباہی کا سبب بن رہا ہے۔ڈاکٹر کرسٹنا لین:   نوٹ : ڈاکٹر کرسٹنا لین ایس اے آئی ایس۔جان ہاپکنز یونیورسٹی میں مرکز برائے ٹرانس انٹلانٹک ریلشنز کی ریسرچ فیلو ہیں جہاں وہ چائنا۔مڈل ایسٹ/میڈیٹرین ریلشنز میں سپشلائز کررہی ہیں اور وہ جین ز کیمکل ،بائیولوجیکل ،ریڈیالوجیکل اینڈ
Trump Transition: As Secretary of State, Tulsi Gabbard offers potential for peace with Syria, Russia:   so far as world peace and prosperity goes, most of the names currently being kicked around for America’s top diplomatic position do not inspire a great deal of confidence. It’s easy to feel uneasy when you see recycled neoconservative
Bombshell: Congresswoman tells CNN U.S. Gov funds ISIS:   Brave Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard told CNN that the U.S. government funds both ISIS and Al Qaeda, in a live interview. According to the Hawaii representative, Donald Trump’s priority as President should be de-funding both of these terrorist organisations as
پاگل پن کا خاتمہ ضروری ہے: امریکی کانگریس ویمن تلسی گبیرڈ نے دہشت گردوں کو اسلحہ و فنڈ کی فراہمی روکنے کا بل متعارف کرادیا: امریکی کانگریس ویمن تلسی گبیرڈ نے امریکی ایوان نمائندگان میں “سٹاپ دی ارمنگ ٹیررسٹ ایکٹ” بل کا پیش کیا ہے۔اس بل کا مقصد خفیہ آپریشنز اور تھرڈ سٹیٹس کے زریعے سے عالمی دہشت گرد گروپوں کو اسلحہ فراہم کرنے
Trump era has begun – Mobarak Haider:   In an earlier post I wrote so about Mr. Trump: “Under his presidency, new alliances will emerge to make the world peaceful again. There will be no nuclear war.” Let me make some ‘silly’ predictions, even if they
Gitmo prisoner reveals that Saudi ‘terrorist rehab’ center is a scam:     Counterterrorism experts have long suspected Saudi Arabia’s “rehabilitation” center for terrorists does a poor job of de-radicalizing jihadists. But a Saudi detainee at Guantanamo Bay now reveals it’s actually a recruiting and training factory for jihad. According
West running campaign of lies about Syria chemical attacks: Deputy FM:   A senior Syrian official has roundly rejected as part of “a campaign of lies” recent allegations by Western media outlets that the Damascus government is using chemical weapons in its anti-terror operations across the Arab country. “The multitude
Qatar will continue supporting Syria’s terrorists even if Trump pulls US out: Qatar says it will continue to supply terrorist groups in Syria with arms even if US President-elect Donald Trump halts US support. According to Press TV, Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al-Thani made the remarks on
Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard stands with environmental activists at standing rock:   Rep (D) Gabbard continues to affirm that she is a true progressive. She has resisted the Democratic party establishment on their regime change policy in Syria and the subsequent support to Al Qaeda. While the old guard is
An absolutely stunning example of how the BBC tries to manipulate the terms of debate and subvert reality:   Give me a King Abdullah, a Prince Khalifa or a King Salman any day! These and other elected Sheikhs of the GCC put the L into Liberal and are leading some of the most Gay-friendly societies on the
Political and social polarization in Europe – by Shiraz Paracha:   At the dawn of this century the Western world faces new challenges. Western dominated political and economic world order appears to be failing. There are questions about the finality of Western political thought, discourses and the Western way
Tulsi is the the most suitable pick for Secretary of State makes for a team of Rivals: Tulsi Gabbard will always stand on principle. She is not like other politicians who run after money and sell out to Saudis. She will have the interest of the oppressed Sunni Sufi Shia Hindu Christian Yazidi and others at
Tulsi is the right person to take on the exclusionist ideologies of ISIS & others: Two weeks after Donald Trump’s shocking upset of Hillary Clinton, the imperious and imperial neoconservatives and their liberal-interventionist understudies may finally be losing their tight grip on U.S. foreign policy. The latest sign was Trump’s invitation for a meeting
The United States under a new president – by Rusty Walker: I have until now refrained from commenting on the presidential race due to the vitriolic outcry from both sides of the American parties. It is now time to become one again as a nation, as was the plea from the
Hajjaji Denounced Trump victory and mourns with working class Hollywood celebrities: As an aspiring actor and Studmuffin of 1972, I denounce the victory of Donald Trump. There were hardly any Hollywood celebrities who were supporting him. And if there is one thing we have learnt, it is that Hollywood really
Donald Trump has done the unthinkable – Ali J. Zaidi:   Donald Trump has done the unthinkable against the Republican Establishment, the Democratic Party machine, the Money Power, lobbyist, cartels and a media united in their hatred of him. This is an earthquake that will shake the whole world.