Hajjaji Denounced Trump victory and mourns with working class Hollywood celebrities


As an aspiring actor and Studmuffin of 1972, I denounce the victory of Donald Trump. There were hardly any Hollywood celebrities who were supporting him. And if there is one thing we have learnt, it is that Hollywood really represents the working class of America.

After all, who can forget the class struggles of Jennifer Lawrence in that movie last year – it was so memorable that I cannot even remember the name.

Similarly Brad Pitt and Matt Damon remind me of not just my own dashing looks but also the travails of the working man and blue collar workers.

Al Gore invented the Internet and Leonardo DiCaprio saved the environment – on the big screen. In Titanic he reduced his carbon footprint voluntarily – something he does in real life as well by using private jets for celebrity bashes.

I also want to thank George Clooney and Olivia Wilde – nobody ever looked so pretty when talking about unemployment.

If Trump gets in trouble on rape charges and sexual harassment, he can always employ the Clintons to defend him – as they have to others and to each other.

Condolences to Weed Socialist, the humble and likeable Bill Maher. Your sweeping and reductive rants against religious extremism were so much in line with your support for Saudi-funded Hillary.