Ahmadi ‘kafirs’ recite darood sharif while the ‘constitutionally lawful Muslims’ massacre them

Here is a scene from inside the Ahmadi mosque, Lahore while it was under attack by the terrorists of Punjabi Taliban / Sipah-e-Sahaba (28 May 2010):

This video was recorded by Arsalan who was trapped along with other fellow namazis in the Ahmadi mosque.

In the video, Ahmadi Muslims can be seen encouraging each other to stay steadfast and patient. One innocent Ahmadi Muslim can be heard invoking darood (blessings) on the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), while the “constitutionally lawful” Muslims (Punjabi Taliban) are killing them. (courtesy facebook: Umair Bajwa).

Further comments by Qasim Rashid:

For those who don’t speak/understand urdu/punjabi, one man in the video is telling the other to just keep praying to Allah. Despite being injured (with many of them martyred by the terrorists), the surviving Ahmadis responded in this most devastating moment by reciting darood shareef (i.e. praising God and asking Him to send His blessings on Muhammad (saw) and the people of Muhammad (saw).)

They were praying for their enemies even as their enemies were collapsing on them from all angles with massive fire power.

See also, press conference of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya which so far no channel of the Pakistani media was willing to broadcast:



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