World Cup semifinal between Pakistan and India: Real game or business as usual? – by D. Asghar

It is no secret that March 30, World Cup Semi Final Cricket match, between India and Pakistan will be a nail biter. Fans are completely charged and ecstatic. The traditional rivals facing each other at Mohali, will literally bring both countries, and millions of fan at a stand still.

It is heart warming to see the Pakistani team all set and ready for this occasion. The Cricket fans around the globe will be hooked to their TVs, PCs and hand helds with bated breaths. Where every single delivery and run will raise heart beats. Many will lose their sleep either in excitement or due to disappointment.

The Pakistani fans expect a clean and a fair game from their national heroes. None of the previous corrupt shenanigans will work. Frankly, the fans are sick and tired of those and will not tolerate any such sub standard performance.

It is perhaps no secret either that betting business will be on full throttle, in Karachi, Dubai, Mumbai and the rest of the world that day. Sadly, it’s this business of “Bhai logs”, which has ruined this sport. If the collections of Bhai log for that day, ever reach the poor and needy of both countries, it will be like nirvana moment for many on the streets. One has to wonder, even though this is totally illegal, but it cannot be banned. How about the Governments legalising this and potentially collect revenue from such events. (Not a proponent of gambling, but if it is being done anyway, then why not get the piece of the pie, and use it for something good).

The Indian PM, Dr. Singh’s invitation to the President Zardari and PM Gilani to watch this historical match is a welcome gesture. The electronic media is coining this with the phrase of ” Cricket Diplomacy.” Whether it is or not, Pakistan should avail this opportunity, and move the dialogue process forward.

Yes some eyes are set at Sania and Shoaib as well. I mean people are still stuck with, why she will be rooting for India, when she married a Pakistani. Give it up folks. Let them stay happily married. The last thing we want is apna Shoaib sleeping on the couch.

Let’s hope that all goes well as Mr. Rehman Malik has taken some kudos along with Interpol by nabbing some Sri Lankan person. A simple request to the terrorist type bhai log, “Ayey Bhai log aik din ka sick leave lo aur please apni apni ghaar main chup jayo. Chain ka aik din to jeeney do.” 🙂



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