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In the land of “mentally unstable” – by D. Asghar: When the news reached the Twitterverse that a man was burnt alive in Bahawalpur, it just created a cycle of shock and disbelief. Very regretfully, this scribe was not shocked one bit. Knowing full well, what we are capable
10 things you cannot deny about Zardari -by D. Asghar: Statutory Warning: For those who would be seething in rage and resort to the usual profanity, and abuse; I would humbly request to refrain from reading the post. This post may not be feasible for your brain cells. Most
A letter from Garhi Khuda Bux -by D. Asghar: Dear Asif, A week or so back, when your PK 01 touched the Mauripur Air Base, many hearts sank. The detractors, opponents, adversaries, and some so called friends, were shell shocked. The Pundits and Analysts on TV screens, who
Edhi Sahib We Are Disappointed:—- By D. Asghar: Undoubtedly, Edhi Sahib is the last bastion of hope in the Land of Pure. A selfless human being, who has rose to immeasurable heights, all because his countless services to humanity. The entire Pakistan is proud of him and
1 down 3 more to go! :— By D. Asghar: Last week if you recall, this scribe wrote a post about US Secretary of State Clinton’s visit and the four names, that were on her list. Re capping those 4 names were, Zawahiri, Siraj Haqqani, Ilyas Kashmiri and Atiya
US in pursuit of 4 big ones:—- By D. Asghar: Secretary of State Clinton’s visit to Pakistan left us pretty much where we were. Although the visit was supposed to be a “fence mender”, but it seems like it is the usual diplomatic stuff. Yes we all are aware
No sir you can’t have it both ways – by D. Asghar: Source: Viewpoint   Going a bit further, what did Mr. Bin Laden do for Pakistan in the first place? Did Mr. Bin Laden build schools, hospitals, mosques, pharmacies, colleges, universities or flood control canals? No Sir, no such thing.
Hairan Khan ka doosra dharna – by D. Asghar: Disclaimer: Dear friends, This is political satire. Hopefully all of us are mature enough to handle it. It is like Saturday Night Live, locally on Geo TV, we have “Hum sum umeed sey hain.”. It is along those lines.
PPP and PML-Q: The odd couple — By D. Asghar: This scribe’s opinion about this “deal” is very well known. President Zardari’s move to save his party’s crumbling popularity, by going to bed with his staunchest critics, may be a major gamble. Whether this gamble pays off or not,
Osama’s Death: Fact or Fiction – by D. Asghar: Like many when the news alert of Osama’s death popped on my Blackberry, I said, “Good Riddance.” The snippets of news started to trickle in. Initially CNN said in its alert, it was in Afghanistan. I sighed and said,
Musharraf’s “non-political” journey – by D. Asghar: As usual our former President Musharraf was throwing pies in the sky. In a recent interview to a popular daily, he made a tall claim. He was going to be back in the country before the year end. He
Yemeni uprising and Saudi mediation – by D. Asghar: Is it me or has someone else read this thing with amazement, where GCC headed by Saudi Arabia, wants to broker a deal to get the Yemeni President Saleh ousted? Come to think of it, it looks quite hypocritical
Bhuttos never die – by D. Asghar: I have very clear memories of the day. Our class teacher was a bit shocked, a bit disturbed. But she held herself well. She was Christian and her voice had  deep regret. All she did was without giving any
World Cup semifinal between Pakistan and India: Real game or business as usual? – by D. Asghar: It is no secret that March 30, World Cup Semi Final Cricket match, between India and Pakistan will be a nail biter. Fans are completely charged and ecstatic. The traditional rivals facing each other at Mohali, will literally bring
Let’s go on Marvi Memon’s jihad – by D. Asghar: Looks like there is no end to the comic relief in the last couple of days, from the Pakistani political scene. If Altaf Bhai and his pact with Imran Khan was not enough, the Lota League of Q, have
Zardari Wooing PML-Q: Adding Insult To Injury – By D. Asghar: In Politics, as always there is no final word. Yesterday’s adversaries can potentially emerge as allies, when push comes to shove. It seems like due to the bickering and fighting with PML-N and the constant tug of war with
Let’s Corner The Government Again, Says MQM – By D. Asghar: Related articles: Altaf Hussain’s revolution archive As expected the confrontational politics is back in vogue, in our mother land. The divorce of PPP and PML-N in Punjab is not a good sign. Each of them trading accusation and counter
From Charter of Democracy to Charter of Idiocy – by D. Asghar: The tell tale signs are not comforting. We are back again to the same old rhetorical and very historical political confrontation. The same old PPP and PML-N acting like two naïve school children and the war of words is
The pipe dreams of General Musharraf – by D. Asghar: Our “saviour and moderately enlightened leader”, none other than former President and General Musharraf is facing a shoe in London. Some disgruntled person at the meeting of newly originated party, “All Pakistan Muslim League, dislodged the footwear. It never
USA: Conspiracy Theorists favorite Pinata – by D. Asghar: At another of my hang out, I wrote about this developing though fairly critical situation in Egypt, a couple of days ago. Within a matter of a couple of days, the toll on human life has increased. Almost 100
PM Gilani takes the middle road – by D. Asghar: Our PM Sahib reiterated at the Cleric Conference that no changes would be brought to the infamous Blasphemy Law. In the same breath, like a true politician, he stated that “no one would be allowed to misuse it either.”
De-weaponise Pakistan! But How? – by D. Asghar: MQM’s senior leader, Dr. Farooq Sattar, in the wake of recent Karachi killings, made an appeal to the masses. He wants to evaluate current laws on the books and introduce some new ones, to essentially de-weaponise Pakistan. The statement
Right or wrong? – by D. Asghar: We take positions based on our views and our perceptions of the world. Mostly our views are guided by our domestic and external education, religion and morals, personal experiences and above all our environment. We are a bitterly divided
Qadri Episode: Where All Of This May End Up – by D. Asghar: From an unknown Elite Policeman to a Ghazi, Qadri Sahib has been declared the new super hero of our  nation by some misguided clergy. Any sane person can deduce that Qadri Sahib’s action is considered a “Gunah e Kabeera”
“Ghazi” Mumtaz Qadri – by D. Asghar: The insane murder of late Salman Taseer was not enough of a shameful surprise this week. There was more in store for all of us. The blood of the slain leader had barely dried and there came an edict