The pipe dreams of General Musharraf – by D. Asghar

Our “saviour and moderately enlightened leader”, none other than former President and General Musharraf is facing a shoe in London. Some disgruntled person at the meeting of newly originated party, “All Pakistan Muslim League, dislodged the footwear. It never made it to the intended target and there was no harm no foul.

Last checked, it was not a female sandal and the shoe hurler was definitely not Ms Odho, a champion of civil society rights these days. It was a male and the security personnel removed him from the crowd (if there was any) in a rather expeditious manner.

There is a context of what General Musharraf is facing nowadays. According to the media reports, his name has been included in the list of murder probe of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. This is of course and should be standard operating procedure. After all it was General Musharraf on the saddle, when a heinous murder took place in broad daylight and another Bhutto was brutally murdered in Rawalpindi. No one is pointing fingers at him, but at least as the Head of the State and the person responsible for the safety of the entire nation, he has some clarifications to do.

This brings us to another subject, what is our so dear friend lecturing to various forums around the world? Is it the recycling of same rhetoric that entire world is so amply familiar with. Is it memoirs of our former General who took one step and brought us thousands of feet away from the norms of civility and the rule of law.

Perhaps he still has cronies around the globe and in the country, hoping to bring him back to the throne of Islamabad. From the current read, it seems like they are banking on the wrong guy. The fact is quite plain and simple. PPP and PML-N pretty much have the territory well covered. However, his Q Leaguers and MQM and some religious fundamentalist parties may align with him at due time, if it ever happens. It is utterly unlikely that in presence of PPP and PML-N, he has a chance to form a government. The only way he can make it is if he forms an alliance with either PPP or PML-N, but chances of that are very slim.

What about a glut of cases against the former commando in the Land of the Pure. Some are really serious and may take him to the slammer. He often has reiterated that he is not afraid of any of those cases and he will face them head on. Only time will tell when the rubber finally gets to meet the road. Until then these are all pipe dreams of our dear friend Musharraf.



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