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Musharraf’s newly born Puppy:
Musharraf’s “non-political” journey – by D. Asghar: As usual our former President Musharraf was throwing pies in the sky. In a recent interview to a popular daily, he made a tall claim. He was going to be back in the country before the year end. He
The pipe dreams of General Musharraf – by D. Asghar: Our “saviour and moderately enlightened leader”, none other than former President and General Musharraf is facing a shoe in London. Some disgruntled person at the meeting of newly originated party, “All Pakistan Muslim League, dislodged the footwear. It never
Dictator’s Confession – by Ahmed Riaz Shiekh:
Welcome back Pervez Musharraf – by Ali Raja: A wide grin appeared on face my face as I recalled all those lovely little childhood stories. Stories which are the only asset a junior owns, stories around which his life revolves and stories which make a kid float
Enlightened Moderation, Part 2 – by Hakim Hazik: It is great to see the best and the brightest in Pakistan assembled for this historic occasion. I welcome Mr Sher Afgan Niazi, the foremost public intellectual of the Eastern hemisphere; Dr Naseem Ashraf, physician, philosopher and toad eater
A critical view on General Musharraf’s ‘All Pakistan Muslim League’ – by Shahid Mahmood: Former president Pervez Musharraf has launched a new political party, All Pakistan Muslim League, in London, thinking he is the only solution to the all problems he created himself in the modern era of Pakistani politics. Forget about the
Tonga Parties Enjoy Imaginations, by Amjad Rashid: Before the partition of sub-continent, there is a famous incidence told by a writer of that time which is probably written by A. Hameed.There was very brutal and violent incidence occurred in Amritsar, the city of eastern Punjab at