Welcome back Pervez Musharraf – by Ali Raja

Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf addresses members of Britain's Pakistani community at the New Bingley Hall, in Birmingham in central England October 2, 2010. Musharraf said he will return to lead a new political party in Pakistan. - Photo by Reuters. Source: Dawn

A wide grin appeared on face my face as I recalled all those lovely little childhood stories. Stories which are the only asset a junior owns, stories around which his life revolves and stories which make a kid float in the sea of fantasies. Childhood stories are perhaps the brightest side of ones childhood. One cannot say where they hop in from but they sure are the out put of some very creative minds. Fairy tales, fables, road side stories, jungle boy and many more find themselves in the list of my childhood treasures but my personal favourite were the sequels. Sequels which keep the candle burning, Sequels which never end and Sequels which enlighten a hope of the revival of good. I think I have gone through dozens of them like Tarzan and The Return of Tarzan, Prince of Greenland and Return of the Prince, Pussy Cat and The Return of Pussy and many many many more.

Sequels are very well designed, well plotted and well carved stories. Regardless of the characters, the plot and the structure, a similar fashion is followed in almost all the stories. Sequels are divided into two phases. In the first phase of the story the lead character is the center of gravity. The story focuses on his kindness, his positivity, his good deeds and his blessed nature. The story reveals his dedication and hard work for humanity and masses and throws light on the thankless masses who despite his ultimate love turn out to be his enemy. The villain takes advantage of the situation giving in his final blow which makes the hero perish leaving the listener with a heavy heart.

The second phase begins with the awareness of the public and their realization of the bitter truth that they disrespected their divine man. Their prayers reach the skies. The atrocities of the villain and the the poor condition of his beloved people make the hero return. The nation is rescued and peace, harmony and love prevails on the land thereafter.

It had been long time since I encountered a sequel but the long lasting journey came to the destiny. It was just yesterday when I came to learn about the brand new sequel. Sequel of 21st century. “The Return of Pervez Musharaf.” General (R) Pervez Musaraf an ex Army Man, an ex General and an ex Chief Marshal Law Administrator who seized powers through a military coup in 1999 and resigned from authorities in 2008, on 1st of October 2010 formally joined the All Pakistan Muslim League and announced his return to Pakistan. In other words General (R) Pervez Musharaf intends to have a sequel.

Sequels though extremely appreciated are extremely hard to make. With intense lovers sequels also face intense critics. In case you take a wrong step, distort the fashion or deviate from the code of conduct your sequel gets squashed by the spectators and this even drowns the success of phase one. Good old Granny always kept this critical point in her mind and so were their sequels massive hits but our good old general was not quite professional when making this sequel. Though his phase one was more or less on the track. He was doubtlessly the center of focus for his 9 long years. He claims to have massively served humanity in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He tags the Pakistani nation as thankless masses who disrespected his valuable contributions to their uplift. The democratic villains hopped in took advantage of the situation making the retired General perish.

With a heavy heart we can listen to Pervez Musharaf and his arguments this far but the major question is the reason for a sequel. Why must the Pakistani nation hearken for Pervez Musharaf and what conditions prevail which require his desperate rescue by Pervez Musharaf. I think being a Pakistani national it is my utmost responsibility to help the good old General. Let me solve the clue out:-

1)-It has been 3 long years since the Constitution of Pakistan, the upholder of the Federation the Guarantor of Nationalism has not been abrogated and these filthy politicians will never be able to do so. You hold the bright record of abrogation of the Constitution twice. We miss you Pervez Musharaf.

2)-Despite their utmost efforts these filthy politicians have thrown down oil prices by a percentage of 32%. Rupees 55.37 per litters is crushing the backs and knocking the heads of our nation. It were you who despite global recession of prices had the privilege of keeping petrol Rupees 83.26 per litter. We miss you Pervez Musharaf.

3)-This pathetic silly government has taken the drastic step of induction of 1200 mega Watts in the national grid, have furthermore inaugurated 13 power projection units. What is beyond limits is that the industries enjoy a load shedding free status along with 21 other cities. We salute you Sir for not introducing a single power projection project, for not introducing 1 watt electric power in the national grid and for still rising the tariff by 36.4 percent. We miss you Pervez Musharaf.

4)-Sir it has been long long time since I saw the Stock Market crash. You hold the privilege of crashing the stock market twice and drowning the public wealth worth 234 billion dollars. We miss you Pervez Musharaf.

5)-Despite all efforts the value of Rupee has faced a change of of 7.5%. We miss the golden boom of economy when the Rupee faced a loss of 38%. These politicians will never be able to run the finance as you did. We miss you Pervez Musharaf.

6)-Bloody politicians have not suspended basic human rights in 3 long years. It is only you who can suspend basic human rights in thrice in a tenure. Me miss you Pervez Musharaf.

7)-This incompetent government has despite all efforts increased basic commodities by a rate of 32.6%. We miss your superb governance which increased them by a rate of 160%. We miss you Pervez Musharaf.

8)-This pathetic government is unaware of the golden formulae of finance i.e the trade of citizens at a rate of $5000 each. Sir we miss your golden era of governance when we used to be so expensive. We miss you Pervez Musharaf.

9)-It has been a long time since some one allotted national financial shares by his own wish and will. This bloody politicians have agreed over the NFC. We miss the time when provinces were collar to collar over finance. We miss you Pervez Musharaf.

10)-These incompetent bloody civilians have brought the PIA deficit from 140 billion to 53 billion. What rubbish!!!!We miss the time when you took over the beneficial organizations of PIA, Pakistan Railways, OGDCL, PTCL and Pakistan Steel Mills and gifted them back to us with billions in loss. We miss you Pervez Musharaf.

11)-This pathetic administration has ruined the structure of national organizations. We miss the time when you left the government with marvellous excellence. Sui Northern Gas was facing a loss of 170 million per anum Sui Southern Gas was facing a loss of 320 million per anum Pakistan Steel Mills was facing a loss of 480 million per anum OGDC was facing a loss of 19 billion billion per anum Pak-Arab Refinary was facing a loss of 500 million per anum PTCL was facing a loss of 6 billion per anum. On general terms the national financial assets were facing a loss of 26 billion per anum. We desperately miss that perfect governance. We miss you Pervez Musharaf.

12)-These traitor politicians have pathetically managed the release of Affia Siddiquie’s children from Baghram prison and have ruined 20 million dollars on the case of Affia Siddiquie. We miss your courageous leadership which sold away Affia along with three of her children. We miss you Pervez Musharaf.

13)-This unethical government has bluntley regularised all contract employees of your tenure, what a poor vision they have. We remember the faces of sacked regular employees when you stepped in. We miss you Pervez Musharaf.

14)-These heart less politicians have not kept a single political prisoners behind the bars. We miss the tenure when thousands of political prisoner were in the gallows without a trial. We miss you Pervez Musharaf.

15)These sold out souls have released traitors like Munir Mengal from the torture cells of Balochistan. They are unaware of the remedy of treason. We miss the times when you bucked up the officers involved in the rape of Dr. Shazia Khalid and Zarina Mari.

There are many many more reasons for which the country hearkens for you Sir. We are at the brink of a demise. These filthy politicians along with snatching the bread from our mouth have even halted those fairy dances we used to enjoy in the Presidency. Come back with your heavenly hands and blessed vision and save the nation as you did in 1999.

Welcome Back Pervez Musharaf!!!!



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