Musharraf’s “non-political” journey – by D. Asghar

As usual our former President Musharraf was throwing pies in the sky. In a recent interview to a popular daily, he made a tall claim. He was going to be back in the country before the year end. He was not afraid of any threats. Whether those threats emanated from his rivals or the plethora of cases. He was a fighter, willing to put up a good fight as usual.

Apparently, as soon as the news item made it to the electronic media, there was some sort of retreat. The back pedaling and a clarification came rather swiftly. His comeback was that he will return back to Pakistan, as soon as “Pakistan needs him” and it will all depend on his party APML’s performance and support of the core group of his voting base.

Somewhat emulating what Barack Obama did, when Mr. Obama galvanized the young American voters through new media, Mr. Musharraf is banking on his Facebook following. Perhaps thousands of his followers on Facebook and Twitter are giving him highly false hopes and perhaps some unnecessary hype.

The fact is Musharraf Sahib is no Barack Obama, when it comes to the oratory skills, energy level or personality. Nor are the elite kids inclined to stand in the long lines in Pakistan, to cast their votes, come voting season. This is mostly the on line chattering class.

The down side with Musharraf is that he was in the office for almost 10 years and created some major havoc. Obama was fresh and he had some what of a “Change Mantra” for the US. Musharraf is stale, has no real vision and when he launched his APML, his launch manifesto was rather vague.

The bigger issue (s) with him are, his one time loyalists have disowned him. The Chaudhrys are cozying up with the PPP. The Judiciary and the former Commando cum General have old scores. The Khakhi company has not much interest in him either, as soon as he took the infamous “wardi” off. To them he does not add much of value, as there is a new Chief on the saddle. He does not have that emotional connection with the average voter as well. Like many countries, it is the average voter of lower to middle class strata that makes the difference. He has no known name with him to pull. Even if he miraculously makes a come back and stands, the most he can garner is one seat under his name. A la Imran Khan style.

It is perhaps in his best interest to retire gracefully in London and perhaps continue his lecture business. That brings this discussion to a new question. Who in their right mind, is willing to pay Mush Sahib, for the same old information, that every one is aware of, thanks to the blogosphere and Google?

One response to “Musharraf’s “non-political” journey – by D. Asghar”

  1. Musharraf’s one time loyalists have disowned him. At least in this regard, Sher Afgan Niazi has proven that he is man much worthier than the Chaudhries, Sherpaos and Mushahid Hussains.