Right or wrong? – by D. Asghar

We take positions based on our views and our perceptions of the world. Mostly our views are guided by our domestic and external education, religion and morals, personal experiences and above all our environment.

We are a bitterly divided nation, like many other countries around the world. There is this constant tug of war that you witness around the globe, between liberals and conservatives. One trying to enforce their principles and ideologies on the other. Often this is an exercise in futility, as rarely any one parts with their core mental mapping.

Our country is no exception. Ever since its inception, there has been a conflict between these two distinct intellectual forces. In our case, regretfully the conservatives have used the religion as a moral compass to mold the opinion of the general masses. There is no denying that a faith is very significant factor in establishing the foundations of law and morality in personal and societal lives. But the basis of religion actually is a link between the Creator and the creation. A path that leads every individual to their personal salvation.

When religion becomes a tool to formulate an opinion which threatens the life and liberty of another individual on the basis of innuendo and perception, then a correction is badly warranted. Keep in mind, that its the faith which teaches us to better ourselves first. Passing judgments on others and their salvation or lack thereof, are not in the capacity of any human being. Those decisions are well suited for the “Ultimate Decider.”

The recent murder in our capital raises a very important moral question. Taking another life merely on personal beliefs is whether right or wrong? This is not a right versus left debate. It is just a rude awakening for our deeply cancerous mindset which praises an atrocious act. Our religion teaches us to show compassion and mercy to others. When we face our Lord every day in our prayers, we beg Him to put us on the right path. Either the Lord has put us on the right one, and we are ignoring it, or our tall egos are preventing us from accepting that, what we are doing is utterly wrong. Right or Wrong!



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