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عبادات اور اخلاقیات – آصف جاوید:    میرے ایک دوست نے اس وڈیو کو دیکھنے کے بعد مجھ سے میرا نقطہ نطر طلب کیا ہے۔ میں نے اپنے دوست کو جو نقطہ نظر دیا، وہ اپ سب کی بھی نظر کررہا ہوں میرا نقطہ نطر
Pre-Marital Sex – by Waseem Altaf: In most of the cultures, sex before marriage was tabooed historically; however, today it is an accepted norm in almost all Western societies. The act of fornication; sex between two unmarried persons and adultery; sex where either of the
Right or wrong? – by D. Asghar: We take positions based on our views and our perceptions of the world. Mostly our views are guided by our domestic and external education, religion and morals, personal experiences and above all our environment. We are a bitterly divided
Raising awareness within the media: business without ethics?: Dawn’s Editorial: Media coverage IT is the electronic media’s job to report on events as they unfold and relay news to viewers as quickly as possible. A spirit of competition — and there is a lot of it these