US in pursuit of 4 big ones:—- By D. Asghar

Secretary of State Clinton’s visit to Pakistan left us pretty much where we were. Although the visit was supposed to be a “fence mender”, but it seems like it is the usual diplomatic stuff. Yes we all are aware that, Pakistan has to step up its efforts to combat the poisonous monsters. On the other hand, the US has to respect its sovereignty and stop or at least slow down the pesky drones. 

The million dollar question is, has someone gotten the message or is it business as usual. Of course based on media reports, the Secretary looked a bit frustrated. The same media reported that US gave four names to Pakistan of their most wanted men after Osama. Those four names are Zawahiri, Siraj Haqqani, Ilyas Kashmiri and Atiya Abdel Rahman. Amzingly, Mulla Omar’s name did not pop on that list. This sort of gives the impression, that either he is no more, as some rumors were suggesting, or there is some other reason, that we are not privy to.

Back to the issue of the meeting, of course at the end there was a notification pretty much restating the same old diplomatic riff raff. From what can be read between the lines is of course there is immense frustration on the US side.  The policy makers in Washington are looking for swift actions. Of course their patience is running thin. On the surface we are being told that, all is well and good, and the relationship with CIA is back on track. In reality is it so?

The post Osama events are pointing to one very conclusive thing. This war is far from over. Each day there is a bomb going off and people dropping like flies. 157 no more just in KP area, after the great Osama’s demise. Even if miraculously the four names listed above are caught or killed, the hateful ideology will not be killed. That’s where US and other allies need to focus heavily. Its the despair, which feeds into the rotten mind set. The mind set that fore goes any logic, rhyme or reason.



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