Qadri Episode: Where All Of This May End Up – by D. Asghar

From an unknown Elite Policeman to a Ghazi, Qadri Sahib has been declared the new super hero of our  nation by some misguided clergy. Any sane person can deduce that Qadri Sahib’s action is considered a “Gunah e Kabeera” (great sin) in our faith. But all this commotion on the streets leaves you speechless.

People are gathering at Qadri Sahib’s residence like it was some sort of a citadel to chant their meaningless slogans in support of his heinous crime. I said it at another forum, I will briefly repeat here, our misguided clerics are mixing apples with oranges. As little as I know about my faith, I know that in any case, my faith does not permit me to hit someone from the rear, who is unarmed and unsuspecting. Above all, if I am hired to protect him, then it is considered another sin, to dis obey my duty by deceiving and using deception to kill someone twice my age.

But all this is like no one wants to hear. Prophet PBUH’ s name and its sanctity is being made an excuse for this  pathetic  behaviour. To top it off the victim had clearly and categorically criticised the misuse of the law, and not the law itself. But like anyone else, I am shocked at the callous and indifferent attitude of many in our land of pure and perfect.

Our hyper anchors of media may be twisting this saga into a liberal and conservative issue. I humbly disagree with them.  It is more of a right and wrong issue. In any society, no matter which country, you do not glorify the act of murder. Keep in mind, at the day of Judgment, when GOD may forgive our sins, because HE is the most compassionate and merciful. Let’s say the victim does not, and pleads to Almighty for justice, then we will have no where to end up, other than the ever burning hell.

The misguided clerics, despite the assurances of the government spokes hole, are carrying their million man march to demonstrate their street power. One wonders why we are in such a disarray , these are the  people, who are supposed to be our role models and teachers of our faith.  The pressure on the government will be immense and there is no way that our government will open a new front with this unruly segment. One can easily guess the fate of the poor lady, Asiya Bibi, who has been accused of making the blasphemous statement against Prophet PBUH.

By the same token, chances are that the accused, Mr. Qadri may get a life sentence at the most for the pre- meditated murder.  Of course, there would be immense pressure to set him free and we may see more demonstrations and pressure tactics to convince the government to toe the line of the “self righteous.” Who knows, some “foreign governments” may intervene as well to get an “amicable resolution.”  Any thing is expected and possible in our gifted land. The days ahead are going to be difficult and turbulent, to say the least. The fragile government will be facing the fissures of the very deeply divided and wounded nation.

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