Let’s go on Marvi Memon’s jihad – by D. Asghar

Looks like there is no end to the comic relief in the last couple of days, from the Pakistani political scene. If Altaf Bhai and his pact with Imran Khan was not enough, the Lota League of Q, have decided to boycott the NA sessions. Reason is their dismay over the release of Raymond Davis and the infamous drone strikes.

One of their Senator, Ms Marvi Memon has decided unilaterally that Pakistan should declare war on the US, to provide a befitting response, to the tiny state of USA.Yes I am bedridden as I am under the weather, but could not control my spontaneous laughter on this one. With the laughter came a spasm of cough and I was just rolling on the floor. Can some one remind her the threat, that was given to Pakistan by Dick Cheney / Richard Armitage, when her former boss Musharraf was on the saddle. Declare war with what, “Jazba” and Eemaan.” Never mind, if we depend on the US aid, Q League will foot the national exchequer’s account. Right.

So Japan is devastated, thousands have been killed, many are missing and we are stuck with two Pakistanis. GOD forbid if we have one like Japan, we will be looking towards the same US for help. Can the shameless TV anchors, who recently made a widow (of Faheem) commit suicide for no reason, come forward and accept their blunders. Had she been alive, she would be with the rest of her family starting her life anew.

But to illustrate the irony of the situation, the families were taken away to protect them from the wrath of their own people. The same people who are uncontrollably beating their chest and wailing, because the “national honor” was desecrated. Absurdity has no end in our dear country, and talking sense with the senseless is a total exercise in futility.

So when Ms. Memon gets us all victorious with the power and zeal of the pure Pakistani jazba, all will be fine. Problems solved, we will be the Ghazis and we will rule the world. O man, some aspirin please….



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