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The modern racist -by Abdul Mirza Baig: Racism is often talked about. Often condemned. Often deplored and largely abhored by any sane and educated person in today’s world. However there are still amongst us, a few, who thrive on hatred and racism. Surprisingly, these people are
Marvi Memon’s insensitive discourse on ‘sectarian killings’: Marvi Memon condemns killings of ‘Sunnis’ in Gilgit. Accompanied by PML-N Gilgit-Baltistan Coordinator Siddiqul Farooq and Central Media Coordinator Asim Khan, she said that the Punjab chief minister had announced an education package for the children of victim families.
A reply to Nawaz Sharif and Marvi Memon on Sindh – by Raja M Asad Abbas: While Nawaz Sharif was on the tour Sindh he with his mates criticized the government of Sindh for not serving the people of Sindh and Even Marvi Memon said the same about the PPP Gov. they lashed out at
Political marriage between Ali Kazi and Marvi Memon – by Raza Baloch: Ali Kazi, the owner of KTN group of print and electronic media, is going to form a new ethno-nationalist party in Sindh. Marvi Memon, the foreign educated daughter of Nisar Memon who is a retired technocrat and a good
Let’s go on Marvi Memon’s jihad – by D. Asghar: Looks like there is no end to the comic relief in the last couple of days, from the Pakistani political scene. If Altaf Bhai and his pact with Imran Khan was not enough, the Lota League of Q, have
Mad ‘Sacred Cow’ Disease -by Mahmood Adeel: As I was thinking about the vilification of Marvi Memon for daring to suggest that maybe we should get the facts before we construct a shrine to Dr Aafia, it started to occur to me that part of the reason
Electricity Problems in Pakistan- by Sindhyar Talpur: Electricity or shortage of it, in Pakistan is a dire issue. It affects everyone, rich possibly more than poor but only because former rely on such luxuries more than the latter. Corruption and mismanagement in the WAPDA and Electricity
A reply on Marvi Memon’s open letter to PM Gillani on Kala Bagh Dam- by Ahmad Nadeem Gehla: Following is a reply on Marvi Memon’s open letter to PM Gillani on Kala Bagh Dam which we’d posted on LUBP earlier. You can see that post on the given link ‘Open Letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan on
Open Letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan on Kalabagh Dam – by Marvi Memon: Published on Marvi Memon’s website In the present budget session we have been witness to very unfortunate exchange of allegations on KBD. None of the speeches have been able to respond to the Technical Committee and Parliamentary Committee report