A reply to Nawaz Sharif and Marvi Memon on Sindh – by Raja M Asad Abbas

While Nawaz Sharif was on the tour Sindh he with his mates criticized the government of Sindh for not serving the people of Sindh and Even Marvi Memon said the same about the PPP Gov. they lashed out at President Zardari for not working for the People of Sindh they gave examples of Punjab Gov. and it’s Works in Punjab but may I tell u an Interesting fact that My Village even doesn’t have ROAD Nor We have a Dispensary in Our UC though it was approved it 95 and a High School built from 74 and we Were facilitated by Electricity in Shaheed Rani’s Time and it’s almost 30 Kms Away from the Rwp GPO and For a Fact it the Constituency of CH NISAR ALI KHAN

let me now come to back the Topic I would not discuss the performance of Punjab Government as if anyone has Visited NA-54 Rawalpindi Cant (Especially the Areas of Lalazar Dheri Tali Morhi Harlay Lalkurti and Many Others)

He/She could see their performance from where they have an Elected MNA and 2 Elected MPA’s Now we should Concentrate on the Fact what Sindh Government has done for the People of Sindh indeed Pakistan Peoples Party has Served the People of Sindh as no other has done I won’t go into the Past but I will briefly describe the 4 years Performance of Pakistan Peoples government in Sindh and will Leave the decision on you…. ROAD SECTOR The Works under Undertaken by the National Highways Authority in Sindh which are Ongoing are as follows :

1. Lyari Express Way (16.8 Km)

2. Karachi Northern by-pass

3. Ratodero-Dadu-Sehwan Highway (200 Km)

4. Sukkur-Khairpur-Jacobabad Road Dualization (68 Km)

5. Bridge Over River Indus at Larkana

6. Reconstruction of Hyderabad-Badin Road to Mir Wah Sanjar Chang Road (53 Km)

7. Rehabilitation of Ratodero-Nudero Road (16 Km)

8. Dualization/Rehabilitation of Larkana-Monjedaro Road (28 Km)

9. Rehabilitation of Larkana-RasheedWagan-Naseerabad Road (34 Km)

10. Rehabilitation of Kambar-Shahdadkot Road (29 Km)

11. Gharo-Ketibandar Highway (90 Km)

12. Bridge Over River Indus at Jherruck-Mullahkatyar

13. Bridge Over River Indus linking Kandkot-Gothki

14. Construction of Kazi Ahmed By-Pass (Nawabshah District)

15. Construction of Sakrand By-pass linking off from Saeedabad toll Plaza to Benazirabad (Nawabshah)

Development Works Which Have been Completed by National Highways Authority.

1. Realignment of Thatta-Badin Road

2. Larkana-Khairpur Bridge

3. Flyover in Khairpur near Shah Hussain Chowck

4. Ghagar Paktak Bridge to Kotri

5. Over Head Bridge at Kotri

6. Realignment of N-65 near Jacobabad Dera Allah yar

7. Flyover and Construction of 8 Km Lane at Lyari Expressway

8. Rehabilitation of Larkana-Kambar Road (21 Km)

9. Rehabilitation of Larkana-Nuderolakhi Road (29 Km)

10. Dualization of Nawabshah-Sakrand Road (35 Km)

11. Construction of Bridge at Kazi Ahmed-Amri (Nawabshah Dis). Including Sakrand by-pass

12. Road Projects under Larkana Package (I got all of this Information from the NHA Main Office Islamabad) Now may I Come to the Works Under taken by the Provincial Government of Sindh in the Province which are On going and Completed by the Ministry of Works and Services

Works under Taken by the Provincial Government of Sindh ROAD SECTOR

Hyderabad-Mirpurkhas Dual Carriageway (60 Km)

Bypass Constructions in District Dadu Nawabshah Shikarpur Sukkur Khairpur Larkana Hyderabad and others

652 Km MPA Sponsored Roads were constructed in 2010-11

525 No Roads of Rural Development Were Constructed on MPA sponsored Programs in 2011-12

2060 Km Roads were constructed in the finical Years 08-10

Construction of 5000 Kms farm-Market Road by June 2010

14 Bridges were Constructed in between 2008-10

21 Bridges were constructed in 2011-12

148 Road Schemes were Completed from 2008-10

In March 2012 under the Rural Road Development Plan 221 Kms of Roads were under Construction out of 328 App. By the Help of Japanese aid.

Construction of Provincial Roads in Sindh such as Nawabshah-Padadan Padadan-Ranipur Thatta-Sajwal Roads & others with a length of 250 Kms

More than 1400 Road Development Schemes are Under Impletion in Sindh

2012 is regarded as the year of Development in Sindh


The Progress made it the Water Supply Sector is also unparallel to the Other Governments

For Clean dirking water Asia’s Biggest RO Plant is installed in Nawabshah

207 RO Plants are installed in Internal Sindh by the Provincial Government while 31 and 146 were installed in Hyderabad and Karachi respectively by March 2012

726 RO Plants were also in there final phase of installment by March 2012

114 Water Supply Schemes were Completed from 2008-10

Health Sector has also been given a Priority by the Sindh Gov. under the Directives of President Zardari

Establishment of Hospital in Lyari (Cardiac Center), Shaheed Benazirabad, Larkana, Khairpur, Badin, Sehwan Trauma Center. Up gradation of Hospitals in Mithi, Mitari, Shikarpur, Tando M Khan, Jamshoro and other Districts


The Most Important need of the Hour in our Beautiful Province of Sindh is Education and the Sindh Government is Giving full importance to that Sector some of the Important salient features are as follows: Establishment of Universities in Lyari, Shaheed Benazirabad, Larkana, Khairpur, Shikarpur, while Colleges are established under Universities in Dadu, N’Feroz, Jacoababad, Mithi, Kakar and in other distircs they are being Constructed

By the Help of the US Government 200 flood Effected Schools haven been rebuild 600 School in an other Project are to be built and 50 % work has been Completed.

Other Works under taken for the Betterment of the People of Sindh

35000 Families were assisted by Waseela-e-Haq Sindh Program each given 3 Lac Each Rs for business.

56100 Acres of Agricultural land was Distributed in Landless Peasants

0.5 Million Families are given finical aid under the Benazir Women Support Program which is diff from BISP

0.1 Million families were given Medical Insurance under Benazir Sehat Salmat Card of 25000/family Member

5000 Houses are Built under Bhen Benazir Basti Scheme which are to be distributed free of Cost President Zardari Distibuted 400 of them on 28 Jan 2010

2500 Houses of Rural Development were constructed for homeless People

10,000 Houses for Flood Affects are constructed by the Help of Turkish Government

by March 2012 70,000 Personals were employed in Government Services

4736 tractors were given on subsidized rates to farmers under Benazir Tractor Scheme

More than 2500 Goths Were Regularized which will prove beneficial for the People to have Basic Necessities

3000 Goths were facilitated with Electricity & 800 Goths were given Gas Facility by April 2012

3000 People are Given Rickshaws to run their Household

1700 Plots were distributed by CM Qaim Ali Shah on 7 April 2012 in Homeless People

50000 Plots are developed to distribute in homeless People for their shelter

As I wrote an Article Earlier with the Ending Phrase when People Said to Majnoon “Teri Laila Kali hae ‘’ and Majnoon Replied with Teri Nigha Nahe Dhekne wali hae they would not want to see it but we will love to Show it and for these Services Millions of People Gatherd at KAMOO SHAHEED on 12 May 2012 & Hundreds and Thousand of them Gathered at the Death Aniversery of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and Still our Sindhi Brothers Chant out






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