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NewYork Times: How a Single Spy Helped Turn Pakistan Against the United States:  The burly American was escorted by Pakistani policemen into a crowded interrogation room. Amid a clatter of ringing mobile phones and cross talk among the cops speaking a mishmash of Urdu, Punjabi and English, the investigator tried to decipher
Why Pakistan wants to keep that $800 million in aid, after all: A day after Pakistani military officials shrugged off news that the US was cutting $800 million of aid for materiel and expelled military trainers, Pakistan’s prime minister expresses ‘concerns’ and its spy chief visits Washington. By Howard LaFranchi In
Anti – Militancy Long March that changed Punjab: Sunni Ittehad Council is an alliance of traditional Barelvi religious / political parties, which is moderate in its essence and is popular with traditional and folk Muslims in Pakistani villages of Sindh and Punjab. The Council started a long
Some questions about Imran Khan’s PTI NA-USA LLC – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: My article earlier this week titled “Imran Khan’s financial credibility?” has not gone down well with his supporters, his fan club members and all those who believe he is a ‘messiah’ for Pakistan. After reading comments and attacks on
A commodity called security: In the last few months, especially after the manner in which the Raymond Davis matter unfolded, I have been saying to friends that Pakistan (unfortunately) has a commodity to sell called “Security” which is now not going to be
Thank you Raymond Davis – by Mahvish Afridi: Thank you, Raymond Davis! The honour (ghairat) brigade in Pakistani media (sponsored by Aabpara) had presented CIA Operative Raymond Davis as an insult to Pakistan’s national honour and security. However, yesterday’s (May 1, 2011) surgical operation by the US
The outspoken Fauzia Wahab denounces religious extremism – by Alexandra Zavis, Los Angeles Times: Pakistani lawmaker briefly trades death threats at home for serenity in Southern California The outspoken Fauzia Wahab denounces religious extremism and reflects on her homeland’s future. It has been a harrowing few months for liberal Pakistani lawmaker Fauzia Wahab.
Narrow moves: MQM playing to the right wing gallery? – by Nadeem F. Paracha: Related articles: MQM Right Wing Alliance Narrow moves The Muttahida Qaumi Movement is one of the most enigmatic political parties. It has been enjoying overwhelming support in Karachi and Hyderabad ever since the late 1980s, in the process becoming
Releasing Raymond Davis: Why I Agree With Zardari – by Yasmeen Ali: The atmosphere in Pakistan is charged with emotions: fury at the release of Raymond Davis, the U. S contractor who killed two Pakistanis in cold blood. The government, especially the President, is coming under firing for “doing” this. A
Ridiculing Imran Khan’s revolutionary? The joke is on you, mates! – by Maula Bux Thadani: Related articles: Let’s have a revolution in Pakistan: Yeh, Yeh, Yeh! A conversation with Raid Shamat and Sasha Sham-me – by Razzak Memon The Civil Society Bulletin – by Abbas Baloch One of Pakistan’s renowned social commentators, Nadeem Paracha
Let’s go on Marvi Memon’s jihad – by D. Asghar: Looks like there is no end to the comic relief in the last couple of days, from the Pakistani political scene. If Altaf Bhai and his pact with Imran Khan was not enough, the Lota League of Q, have
Shah Mahmood Qureshi Shaheed, Nishan-e-Haider – by Hakim Hazik: Source: Justice Denied Note: This post was written in February long before Raymond Davis’ release after a settlement between CIA and ISI facilitated through Saudi Arabia and PML-N. Our history if full of martyrs who have made the ultimate
“Aafia United”: Imran Khan calls up Altaf Hussain: Related articles: Altaf bhai invites Taliban to join hands? – by D. Asghar MQM Right Wing Alliance …… Burying the hatchet: Imran calls up Altaf, agrees to work together Source: Express Tribune After years of political animosity, Imran Khan’s
Islam Ki Aar Mein! -by Sana Bucha: Related Article:Doctor rapes Christian student nurse, sexual assault and violence adds greatly to minorities vulnerability – by Junaid Qaiser اسلام کی آڑ میں! لیکن …ثناء بُچہ چند ماہ پہلے کراچی میں میگڈلین نامی نرس نے اپنی عزت بچانے کی
ISI and PML-N’s role in Raymond Davis’ release – by Javed Chaudhry and Ahmad Noorani: Related article: Aapas Ki Baat: ISI plays a major role in the Raymond Davis release Army, ISI, Punjab CM played the main role – by Ahmad Noorani Source: The News The Chief of the Army Staff, General Ashfaq Parvez
Aapas Ki Baat: ISI plays a major role in the Raymond Davis release: It’s not a secret anymore that the Pakistani security and intelligence establishment facilitated Raymond Davis release after the spy agency, the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence(ISI) succeeded in working out new terms of engagement with the CIA for operating in
Altaf bhai invites Taliban to join hands? – by D. Asghar: Related article: “Aafia United”: Imran Khan calls up Altaf Hussain If Altaf bhai can only realize his immense potential as an entertainer, he would definitely give many Umer Sharifs, and other “Comedy Kings” of Bollywood, run for their money.
Brother Raymond Damond and the Blasphemers of Islamic Diyat – by Molvi Iqbal Haider: Dear Pakistani brothers and sisters, Muslims and non-Muslims, mullahs and humans, Notwithstanding my name, I am not a religious Molvi. I am a half-mullah, half-proxy and remain available for the service of both (mullah and military) as and when
Raza Rumi and Cyril Almeida on the Raymond Davis Affair: We would like to recommend the following two articles, by Raza Rumi and Cyril Almeida, to our readers that sum up the issue well.  For us, the outcome and the subsequent analysis is a vindication of what has already
Raymond Davis sahib aur qiblah Hamid Gul – by Danial Lakhnavi: کل رات اپنے ناسٹلجیا کے تحت امجد خان مرحوم، آنجہانی سنجیو کمار، دھر میندر اور امیتابھ جی کی شاہکار فلم “شعلے” دیکھ رہا تھا، اس دوران بارہا نیوز چینل بھی دیکھتا رھتا جس میں ریمنڈ ڈیوس کی سلطنت سعودیہ
Raymond Davis Affair: A Sorry Saga: By now we all know where this would led to, Davis is somewhere in US, enjoying his new found freedom. Cue the Ghairat brigade to make some more noises, hyperboles and such. Eventually because it was all done by
The mystery of Raymond Davis’ release – by Abbas Ather: Related articles: Piddi ka shorba LUBP Archive on Raymond Davis
Raymond Davis Saga: Everybody was Looking For The Happy Ending – by Shaista Aazar: In Pakistan, Hamid Mir and Javed Chaudhary have been conferred with the title of “Moderate” by none other than Mufti Hanif Qureshi, the man who incited lunatic Qadri, (the lone wolf as per the  anti-American lobby) to take law
Dare you not oppose the sharia law in Raymond Davis case! – by Fawad Manzoor: Related articles: Ramond-Diyat: Raymond Davis, Blood Money and ISI’s Shariat LUBP Archive on Raymond Davis Our Confused mullahs and right wingers Yes it was all over the retail news channels of Pakistan. Everybody had their own take on it.
Raymond-Diyat: Raymond Davis, Blood Money and ISI’s Shariat – by Ali Sher Mussali: Related articles: Dare you not oppose the sharia law in Raymond Davis case – by Fawad Manzoor LUBP Archive on Raymond Davis Now it is very obvious for all people of Pakistan that Raymond Davis’s case was actually a
Pakistan’s Islamists take center-stage – by Arif Jamal: Nearly a month and a half after he gunned down two Pakistani men in Lahore, the public rancor about CIA contractor Raymond Davis is finally starting to subside. But during that period the Davis incident brought Pakistan’s Islamist parties
The Pakistan conundrum – by Dr Syed Sarosh: Benighted sentiments must not be used as an excuse by the Pakistani state to shy away from its human rights responsibilities including the protection of religious minorities . The government must make a clear distinction between raw and unruly
Piddi ka shorba: Opportunists of the PPP – by Abbas Ather: Abbas Ather’s take on Shah Mahmood Qureshi and the Raymond Davis case. Mr Ather also offers a detailed history of the PPP, its ideals, struggles and internal divisions as a context of recent developments. (Source: Express, 21 Feb –
ISI leaks to their media team: “Running short of Patsies; need more Raymond Davises” – by Azaad Mir: Related article: On the so called ISI-CIA rift on the Raymond Davis issue It seems that Aabpara and its media division (Geo, ARY, AAj etc) have realized that breaking the news of Raymond Davis being a CIA operative can
On the so called ISI-CIA rift on the Raymond Davis issue: Related articles: General Kayani allowed US special forces to secretly operate in Pakistan WikiLeaks unmasks who are our real puppet-masters? On Declan Walsh’s latest scoop: ‘Raymond Davis is a CIA spy’ LUBP Archive on Raymond Davis The Raymond Davis
Raymond Davis case: Incitement to hatred with Talat Hussain: Related article: Raymond Davis case: How Pakistan’s right-wing media resulted in Shumaila’s death If you were to turn on your television at this very moment and browse through the channels for barely a minute, what would you see? You
March in March – by Ahsan Abbas Shah:
Daniel Craig under threat from Raymond Davis: Current James Bond, 007, Daniel Craig is under immense threat from superman, super spy, triplicate agent, Raymond Davis as the producers of the very popular series, the Broccoli Family and EON Productions are contemplating the current blonde Bond with
Diplomatic duplicity on the Raymond Davis saga – by C. Christine Fair: Related articles: LUBP Archive on Raymond Davis The following article by C. Christine Fair differs from the typical, one-sided,”ghairat-obsessed” analysis that have appeared in the local press and seeks to go beyond the conspiracy-theory laden clichés that are so generously provided
On Declan Walsh’s latest scoop: ‘Raymond Davis is a CIA spy’: Related articles: LUBP archive on Declan Walsh On the so called ISI-CIA rift on the Raymond Davis issue Foreign journalists in Pakistan: Embedded in the narratives of military establishment Yesterday, Declan Walsh published two stories in the Guardian (20
Pakistan-US relations: Even against the odds – A money manager’s view: The aim of this post is to highlight the possible financial impact of the matter of Raymond Davis’ immunity and the worsening of relations between the USA and Pakistan. A leading Investment Bank of Pakistan, InvestCap has come up
Clarity in the Raymond Davis Incident – by Rusty Walker: On the face of it, the Raymond Allen Davis incident would appear to be a simple homicide investigation of a double murder, or double shooting, by an American clandestine operative in Pakistan. There would be additional investigation into two
PSF activists support Mumtaz Qadri? Poor reporting by the Daily Times: A plea to Shaheed Taseer’s family – by Shahid Khakwani: It was shocking to read about Peoples Student Federation (PSF), the student wing of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) presenting flowers to Mumtaz Qadri, the assassin of Shaheed Salmaan Taseer in Daily Times owned by Shaheed Governor (now being run
Raymond is our booty!: This evil man who is a racist, a point proven by his choosing to serve in Pakistan for many years, is guilty of killing two young men in their prime. Imagine the potential career possibilities the two alleged robbers
Economic Revival is Survival – By Imran Qadir Butt: In the world of business and investment perception plays a vital role in the feasibility of an investment or a business initiative. It is so important a phenomenon that it can transform any given event or change in business