ISI leaks to their media team: “Running short of Patsies; need more Raymond Davises” – by Azaad Mir

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It seems that Aabpara and its media division (Geo, ARY, AAj etc) have realized that breaking the news of Raymond Davis being a CIA operative can be counterproductive. As he has already been in Pakistan for the last two years, it can’t be possible that this was without their prior information and approval.

So they have now added more spice to a poorly written Bollywood thriller by revealing his alleged links with the Talibans and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and also his role in recruiting Jihadis.

In other words, the Aabpara brigade have decided to crucify Raymond Davis for their own sins.  No one can beat them in passing the buck!

Let’s make a list of all the major sins of our security apparatus that could be absolved if they can publically crucify Raymond.  As he was the Taliban’s (rogue /bad ones) godfather, under his able leadership:

A) The Taliban were able to sign and breach their own peace accords in Waziristan as well as in Swat.

B) As per the story of Kane and Abel, the sons of Adam and Eve; when the  former killed  the latter,  a crow taught him to bury the dead. In the same manner, it was Raymond who taught the Taliban on how to behead  civilians opposing them and do the same to the police and Shia soldiers of FC and the Army in Waziristan, Bajaur and Swat.  Before Raymond came on the scene, the Taliban used to shower rose petals on their opponents.

C) Taliban made mines using domestic appliances such as pressure cookers although to be fair, this evil  American did provide them with a box set of MacGyver.

D) The Taliban attacked Pakistan’s high ranking security officials and instalments.

E) Punjabi Taliban ignored pleas from their allies, the Punjab Govt. and kept on attacking.   Raymond even provided assistance to them by facilitating SSP/LeJ and releasing  Qari Saifullah Akhtar, a Jihadi leader who was being trained by Raymond when the latter was still in his teens.

F) He was responsible for planning attacks on Mosques, Shrines and other holy places and inciting hatred against GHQ and masterminding an attack on it.  It was thanks to Pro-Pakistan Jihadi groups like HuM, JeM, and LeJ leadership and Honorable Fazlurehman Khalil, Abdur Rauf and Malik Ishaq who helped the GHQ in coming out of the mess and the surrender of the attackers.

G) Setting targets for the predator drones in collaboration with his accomplices.

These charges were already put against him via various vigorously publicized stories and news reports that were dictated to national and international media.

However, this list is not complete and there are more scapegoats required.  The military establishment have so many more (alleged of course, we all know it is the tyrant Bhutto and his evil spawn that is the cause of all the problems in Pakistan)  sins in their names to be forgiven and for that,  they need to find and crucify even more Raymonds.

For instance, who can they charge for the violence, killings, abductions and bullet riddled bodies in Balochistan.  The ISI sponsored media is making hectic efforts to find other Americans who can be blamed for the following:

A) The explosion in the cave when an Army colonel was busy in talks with Nawab Akbar Bugti.

B) The responsibility for the killings of moderate Baloch leaders like Habib Jalib Baloch, Sher Muhammad Baloch, Ghulam Muhammad Baloch, Mola Baksh Dashti and Lawyers and journalists Ali Sher Kurd, Lala Hameed Baloch and hundreds of political workers and student leaders and common people.

C) The responsibility for the killings of poor Punjabi workers and settlers in Balochistan.

Clearly, even this does not finish the list!  At this point in time, yet another Raymond type patsy is required to explain the situation in Karachi.  For example, how does one explain the ethnic clashes, murders and  extortions in Karachi.  We can’t go around blaming the obvious and undermining strategic assets and investments.

Nonetheless, a solution has been found.  Through a combination of a dozen Raymond-like crucifications, we will be freed from all the issues threatening the security of the Fortress of Islam aka Pakistan.

Or we should we kidnap another Raymond, say a Ravi from India; we will call him  a RAW operative as this Raymond needs to share the burden of wrongdoings;  the list is just too large.

Azaad Mir is a  fresh addition to the long list of “Mirs” in media and anchorocracy, his columns are not forged and calls not yet taped



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