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Condolences to Siraj ul Haq Deobandi and Zawahiri: Al-Badar militants of the Jamaat-e-Islami’s Al-Qaeda wing killed in drone attack in Afghanistan: LOWER DIR, Pakistan — A mass funeral on Friday for as many as 20 local militants said to have been killed by American airstrikes in neighboring Afghanistan drew hundreds of mourners in the northwestern Pakistani district of Lower Dir,
The ‘drone papers’ do not reflect all drone programs, especially in Pakistan – C. Christine Fair:   Recently, The Intercept announced that it had “obtained a cache of secret documents detailing the inner workings of the U.S. military’s assassination program in Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia.” According to The Intercept, the documents, which were illegally furnished
US drone strike kills 6 ‘militants’ in North Waziristan – Bill Roggio: The US launched its first drone strike inside Pakistan’s tribal agencies in more than three weeks, killing six “militants” in an area that in the past has served as a command and control center for al Qaeda’s military. Today’s
US launches 2 drone strikes in Pakistan, breaks 6 months lull – by Bill Roggio: The US killed 16 jihadists, including four Uzbeks, in two drone strikes in Pakistan’s tribal areas. The strikes ended a six month long pause in Pakistan. In the first strike, the unmanned Predators or the more deadly Reapers fired
The curious case of drone strikes in FATA – by Farooq Yousaf:     According to New America Foundation’s drone database, a total of 58 high profile targets have been killed in drone strikes – making up only 2% of the total casualties in 370 drone strikes. PHOTO: FILE Peter Bergen
پاکستانی جاسوس طیاروں کی شاندار کارکردگی – ائی ایس ائی گروپ: اس وقت تمام خارجی دہشت گرد شدید کرب میں مبتلاء ہیں پاک فوج اور پاک فضائیہ کی قبائلی علاقوں تاریخ کی کامیاب ترین کاروائیاں، عام قبائلی مسلمانوں کا جانی و مالی نقصان کیوں نہیں ہوا ؟؟؟ اس دفعہ انکا
Despite no drone attack, 46 terror attacks by Deobandi TTP-ASWJ in 45 days! – by Amir Mir:   ISLAMABAD: Although the American CIA has halted its drone campaign in the Pakistani tribal areas since the beginning of 2014, the Taliban and al-Qaeda-linked militants, have stepped up their terrorist activities in a big way, more than one
U.S. Drones Cause Terrorism?: Myth 2: U.S. drones cause terrorism because the Taliban are fighting to avenge those killed by the strikes. False. Many Taliban appeasers often use this myth to justify the group’s brutality against innocent civilians, but there is no evidence
Four issues Pakistanis can influence more than US drones – by Hina Baloch and Zmarak Yousefzai:   US drone strikes have caused an outrage in Pakistan where thousands of young impressionable Pakistanis have taken to the streets. Until last week, the demonstrators had disrupted Nato supplies travelling through Pakistan’s northwestern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to
Drones didn’t create terrorism: Some drone fact – by Farrukh Saleem: Fact 1: The first suicide attack in Pakistan took place on November 19, 1995. Ayman al-Zawahiri claimed to have planned the attack on the Egyptian embassy in Islamabad. The attack killed 17 and injured 60. Fact 2: The second
Time to ban Jamaat-e-Islami, Pakistan – by Mahpara Qalandar: Jamaat-e-Isami: World’s most dangerous fascist entity There is hardly an Islamofascist party or group which is not an offshoot of the Jamaat-e-Islami. Think about Haifz saeed of LeT. All his life he has been a Jamaat activist and planner.
FB profile of JI activist killed in drone strike and JI-AlQaeda links: A pro-Khilfafat Facebook page Ibn Harm, operated by some terrorist supporters has published details about the killing of Islami Jamiat Talba (Jamaat Islami’s student wing) activist Hafiz Abdur Rehman Shujaat in a recent drone strike. The page adds that… Abdur
Rawalpindi Ashura Violence and Drone Attacks: Taliban apologists (PTI, Jamaat Islami, PMLN, JUI, ASWJ-LeJ etc) often blame drone attacks as a major cause of Taliban violence against Pakistani civilians, police and army. As per their logic, the cause for 50,000 dead Pakistanis due to indiscriminate
Hakaimullah Mehsud Deobandi: Drone be upon him – by Rusty Walker: The recent U.S. drone attack that took out Hakeemullah Mehsud, a leader of banned Deobandi terrorist outfit ‘Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan’ (aka TTP), was a positive stroke for the liberal progressives in Pakistan, and a negative for
A case for drones: Army-friendly censorship by Najam Sethi’s The Friday Time blog: Compare these two versions of the same article on drone attacks on Taliban hideouts in FATA, published by The Friday Times and Viewpoint Online. Viewpoint: A Case for Drones and Islamic University Lecturer involvement in the highly flawed Amnesty
Drones: Never has naivety been so becoming upon a nation.: When sovereignty is understood in it’s most limited definition & the narrowest interpretation possible,policy mimics that of other nations sacrificing benefits of it’s own people.Validation and justification of such policy is based on starry eyed conviction that if the
پاکستانی قوم کو حکیم الله محسود سے چھٹکارا دلوانے پر میاں نواز شریف کو خراج تحسین – از انصارمقبول قادری: میاں محمد نواز شریف کا دورہ امریکا اور اس کے بعد پیش آنے والے پے در پے واقعات یقیناً کسی حسین اتفاق کا نتیجہ نہیں – میاں نواز شریف اور امریکا کے صدر اوبامہ کی ملاقات کے بعد پاکستانی
One kilometer too far for us, not for U.S. – by Shoaib Mir: ONE KILOMETER is the distance between the Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud’s hideout in Miramshah, North Waziristan and the military headquarters there. It’s the same distance, ONE KILOMETER, that separated Al-Qaeda leader OBL’s 3-storey house and Pakistan Military Academy in
حکیم الله محسود کی ہلاکت میں نواز شریف حکومت کا کردار اور سیاست بازی – از سلیم صافی: معاف کیجئے لیکن حکیم اللہ محسود کے معاملے پر حکومتی احتجاج سیاست بازی کے سوا کچھ نہیں۔ شواہد بتاتے ہیں کہ حالیہ دورہ امریکہ میں صدر ابامہ کے ساتھ وزیر اعظم نواز شریف کی ملاقات میں اس بات پر
پانچ برسوں میں 2160 دیوبندی دہشت گرد اور67 عام شہری ڈرون حملے کا نشانہ بنے- پاکستانی وزارت دفاع کی رپورٹ: پاکستان کی وزارت دفاع کا کہنا ہے کہ گُذشتہ پانچ سالوں کے دوران پاکستان میں امریکی ڈرون حملوں میں اب تک صرف 67 عام شہری ہلاک ہوئے ہیں جو کہ کُل ہلاکتوں کا تقریباً تین فیصد بنتا ہے۔ یہ
In Defence of Drones – Salman Zaidi: 1st November, 2013 was about to pass as an ordinary day when I heard the news that the Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief died in a drone strike, my happiness knew no bounds, but the news wasn’t confirmed
Drone Attacks – by Abdulhai Kakar: US drones strike are under discussion all over the world and recently Amnesty international issued a report . US drones strike are continue in Pakistan Somalia Yemen. Abdulhai Kakar : Zubair Mahsood Sir there are reports says that most
The Drones, the Media and Pakistan – by Arshad Haroon: I was flabbergasted to watch that every Tom and Dick in the Pakistani media was discussing the amnesty international report on the use of drones in Pakistan. The report claims that American drones have killed between 400 and 900
Dronophobia – by Kunwar Khuldune Shahid: The irrational, abnormal and persistent fear of drone strikes Dronophobia is a case of specific phobia, the irrational, abnormal and persistent fear of drone strikes. A dronophobe believes that drone strikes causes more harm to a state than suicide
“More drones are better”: demand the indigenous people of Waziristan and tribal areas: The Economists in their recent article endorse the Peshawar declaration of 2010. The indigenous population of tribal areas see the drones as a blessing. LUBP has written about the Peshawar declaration in both English and Urdu. Reports by Jinnah Institute aimed at justifying
ڈرون کا ردعمل: عمران خان اور تحریک انصاف کے لوگ اکثر ہر دہشت گردی پرطالبان کی مذمت کرنے  کے بجاۓ الٹا اس کو ڈرون کا رد عمل کہتے ہیں .پاکستان میں پہلا ڈرون حملہ 18 جون 2004 کووانا وزیرستان میں ہوا تھا .جس میں
Jang Group’s case of mistimed priorities – Drone attack a 6 column headline; DI Khan Jail attack a two column news hard to find! – by Farrukh Ahmed: If there was ever a doubt in the approach and priorities of Jang Group about Pakistan and its security situation, it was evident from the way they headlined the drone attack which according to them killed four terrorists, glorified
TTP Commander Waliur Rehman Deobandi and Imran Khan’s march of folly – by Mahpara Qalander: Who was Waliur Rehman Deobandi? The easy answer is that he was the deputy in command of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) who was killed by a drone attack on 29 of May. But was he just the number 2
Not all Pakistanis criticize drone strikes on Takfiri Deobandi Wahhabi terrorists hiding in FATA – by Paul D. Shinkman: Pakistani protesters burn a representation of a U.S. flag to condemn a drone attack in the Pakistani tribal area of Waziristan that killed Taliban leader Waliur Rehman, on May 30, 2013 in Multan, Pakistan. While speaking at the Aspen
What the PPP failed to do, and what we should expect from the PMLN – by Rusty Walker: The PML-N has won. We can no longer blame the PPP for what they did not do, when they had the chance. Political parties ran on what the PPP was unable to do. Let us celebrate then, what the Pakistani
Pakistani Taliban, drones and Saudi funded seminaries – by Sohail Butt: Taliban represent an obscurantist philosophy and violent mindset practising atrocities and brutalities of a worst kind. They are involved in heinous crimes against humanity killing 50000 Pakistanis so far including our troops. These armed stronger than the state criminals
Why are 6000 Shia children killed by Deobandi terrorists in Pakistan less worthy than Palestinian children?: Related posts: Israel, Gaza and hypocrisy of Muslims (Urdu) Why are Islamists and pseudo-liberals silent on Parachinar, the Pakistani Gaza? Why are 6000 Shia children killed in Pakistan by Deobandi terrorists (Taliban TTP, Sipah-e-Sahaba ASWJ) less important than a
Imran Khan’s Interview with US Homeland Security: Another view: In two recent articles, Imran Khan has been exposed as both a Taliban apologist and as a cowardly liar.  In the following article in the Toronto Sun, the reader gets to see another version of an important incident that
Did a drone attack Malala? -by Anas Abbas: In his book ‘Inside Al Qaeda and the Taliban’, slain journalist Syed Saleem Shehzad who spent considerable part of his research with al Qaeda militants, described comprehensively the formation of the new al Qaeda players and their strategic objectives in
Islamist bigots circulating fake pictures of drone victims to deflect attention from Taliban’s attack on Malala: Since the past two days a picture of a young girl has been circulating on facebook and twitter saying that the girl did not get any coverage because she was injured in a drone attack. Majority of those circulating
Questioning the veracity of FFR assisted Stanford report on drone attacks – by Ali Arqam: The recent report on drones by Pakistani and non-Pakistani students of Stanford University and New York University raised more questions instead of properly addressing the existing ones. For instance, the report talks of deleterious psychological effects of drone victims. 
General Zia-ul-Haq personally intervened for Haq Nawaz Jhangvi’s release: Tariq Khosa’s revelations in the Senate: Related post: This is how Haq Nawaz Jhangvi contributed to Benazir Bhutto’s murder According to daily Dawn, Pakistan Senate’s defence committee broke fresh ground in the country’s parliamentary history on Friday (20 Sep 2012) by holding a public hearing
A boxing champion’s letter to Imran Khan – by Ahsan Shah: To, Imran Khan alias Taliban Khan alias Writ Khan Chairman Tehrek e Be Insaf Islamabad, Pakistan Dear Mr Khan Hope you would be “Crying and Dying” in grief for the poor Pakistanis while living in your 400 Kanal House
ڈرون اور ان کے میزائل حملے قانونی ہیں: امریکی شہری اور القاعدہ کے مشتبہ رکن کی ایک ڈرون حملے میں ہلاکت پر ان کے اہلخانہ امریکی حکام کے خلاف مقدمہ درج کرا رہے ہیں۔ کیا ایک طویل عرصے سے جاری امریکی ڈرون پروگرام قانونی طور پر جائز
American Ababeels and Meera Ghani – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji: This post is especially for my PTI comrades and for my heroes Samad Khurram, Meera Ghani and Fundy Kasoori. I am appalled to read the pro-drone article (by Pir Zubair Shah) which is an insult to the great articles written by Fundy Kasuri,