A boxing champion’s letter to Imran Khan – by Ahsan Shah


Imran Khan alias Taliban Khan alias Writ Khan
Chairman Tehrek e Be Insaf
Islamabad, Pakistan

Dear Mr Khan

Hope you would be “Crying and Dying” in grief for the poor Pakistanis while living in your 400 Kanal House and eating 1.5 kg meat every day (as narrated by your Columnist Mr Haroon Rasheed)

Sorry! I did not first introduce myself to you. My name is Ahsan Shah and I am the current unbeaten World Boxing Champion.

Oh! Do’nt be silly Mr Khan! I have’nt beaten David Haye or Klitchko yet, rather I never participate in any fight; I “prove” my capabilities just in Surveys, on Media and Social Media and following your “Sunnah” whenever there is a Fight, I do a “Boycott”.

You along with Mr Munawar Hassan of JI are the Champion to fight for saving YOUR “innocent” brothers, Taliban from any military operation.

I fully agree your stance.

Taliban are “Our Strategic Assets” and WHAT wrong these innocent Taliban do apart from attacking our Mosques, Markets, Schools, Hospitals, Buses and now the funeral processions as well?

I also appreciate your views that our “Independence” is greatly hurt when America does Drone attacks but it remains completely “unhurt” when your beloved Taliban kidnap Pakistani citizens for ransom and take them to Waziristan, a no go area for every Pakistani, including our Army as well.

And now you are going to go to Waziristan to show your love and sympathy for the terrorists who have converted Pakistan into a burning Hell for 210 million Pakistanis and even the people of Waziristan badly hate them.

ALL the problems from Load Shedding to increase in prices are mothered by Taliban Terrorism, whom you want to save at EVERY COST Mashallah, still you are a “Patriot”.

I remember the day when you sent Flowers for Baitullah Mehsood, the blood thirsty killer of our Soldiers and thousands of innocent Pakistanis.

Mr Khan:

Every Pakistani needs to mourn for all your sympathies with the oppressors (Zalimeen) instead of the being with the oppressed people being beheaded and massacred by your Taliban in Karachi, Quetta, DIK, Parachinar, Gilgit, Challas and all over the Pakistan

Rather I would say that the Muslims all over the world whether Afghanistan or Iraq or Libya or Yemen or Syria are being massacred by your beloved Taliban.

Would you ever like to visit Parachinar, where hundreds of children have died of having no medicine, no food as all the roads are blocked by your beloved Taliban for more than 4 years now?

Would you visit Challas where people are taken off the Buses and killed?

Did you EVER give a “Dharna” for the oppressed Hazara Community being slaughtered like sheep and goat by your Taliban, Sipah e Sahaba, LJ and other dacoits, now forming “Difa e Pakistan Council” ?


I would invite you to read the following Column by Mr Yasir Peerzada, which can safely be regarded as one of the BEST COLUMNS written on the terrorism being done by your Taliban and the reality of Drone attacks:

Last 8 years figures show:

3200 killed in Drones, mostly terrorists

6000+ killed by Taliban, ALL INNOCENT

Yasir Peerzada, Jang 22 July 2012


Big Shame on you and your hero CJ Mr Iftikhar Chaudhry whose little eyes can see every thing in Pakistan, apart from prevailing terrorism and terrorists.

Both of you support Taliban and Lal Masjid killers. You run “Tehreek e Be Insaaf”, and he is “Mr Chief Injustice”

By the way, have a look please at NA-151 by-elections result. The people of Pakistan have badly rejected the coalition of all terrorists.

Ahsan Shah



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