Raymond is our booty!

This evil man who is a racist, a point proven by his choosing to serve in Pakistan for many years, is guilty of killing two young men in their prime. Imagine the potential career possibilities the two alleged robbers had, their own gangs even may be becoming their own boss! Or, and I get a tingle even when I contemplate of this, another Qadri! If only they had pressed that trigger first! But they didn’t. Know why? Because they weren’t going to and were just minding their own business cutting in front of this man and were killed on a total whim. This guy Davis is unstable, as well as a racist.
Now, the future of Legal system of Pakistan hinges on this individual case. How you ask? Well If this man is given diplomatic immunity, that would mean only one thing. America put pressure on us and the traitor PPP Government relented. Because the independent Judiciary knows enough from the media that this man has no immunity, they will soon come to the same conclusion themselves. Our Mir Jafar and Mir Sadaqs, minus great SMQ who has seen the light, would do as their historic predecessors did. Squabble among themselves over trivialities, weakening themselves so that imperialist can exploit and take over them. (isn’t that what they mean when they quotes those two men from history? no! they doesn’t not confuse them with Lawrence of Arabia, they know their history quite well that is just why they squabble over trivialities)

Sorry what was the point I was making again? Oh yes immunity! Thus when the dreaded day inevitably comes and he is freed, all hell would break loose. People would have no regard for law and order any more. Why should they? They realize that an American can be freed by the government under diplomatic pressure, contrary to spirit and literal reading of Vienna Convention. Surely they too can do as they like, as the government would not touch them anymore. Because they too can claim immunity, immunity from being held in jail by a democratic regime they dislike now! Anarachy is unavoidable; it’s not as if previously people in Pakistan have ever been sent abroad under foreign pressure. (Men sent to Guantanamo don’t count here, we got General Musharaff replaced for that, didn’t we?!)

Once Davis is sent away, people would take courts for granted and seek private dispute resolutions, like ‘jirgas’ lead by powerful rural leaders, imagine that! In cities and towns rich and powerful would get off scot-free, by bribing officials at each administrative juncture. The consequences of freeing Davis are thus, far-reaching! Had the case been that he actually was a diplomat with correct visa and passport, order would have remained and no controversy could have emerged – self defence or no self-defence. It is the fact that he doesn’t have those papers, which makes it all the more intolerable.
It is of course proven that this devious, racist and unstable man is also part of American CIA and also Blackwater. He is called a ‘contractor’, and so is/was Blackwater, and he was taking picture on the GT road, and who else takes pictures on GT road? CIA and tourists, but mostly CIA.
Its obvious their thousands of satellites are not able to work from outer space, not as good as Google’s satellites at least, and they really do need men on the ground, acting as conspicuously as this Davis, to send them pictures. He was on a mission to give our state secrets hidden on GT road, that so and so! He could also be on a mission from India, a Raw agent. Davis can also be read Sadiv – A clear Indian name!
If, and a big if surely not even worth contemplating, he is not let go and he is tried. The man is sure to go to jail for murder. He claims self-defence? Hah, what a joke. It is again for the Independent judiciary to decide, but we must let people know the prosecution’s case, I mean the facts. Which would in no way affect the independent judiciary that had came back as a result of a public pressure movement and thus consequently would not in anyway be influenced by the same public pressure.
He was driving and he shot two men, because they were brown, as he is a racist- did I mention that? There is no possibility at all that any American, being son of Uncle Sam, would be worried of being victim of ransom kidnap on a busy road of a city or a town. Give me one example of such an occurrence?

I said One! Some of these include areas near Afghanistan, thats not an acceptable city or town, because we all know, anything after Peshawar doesn’t count! (including Quetta). Daniel Pearl was a Jewish conspiracy, everyone knows that. Plus Googling to get a huge list proves nothing, even Google is Jewish.
So proves he had no reason whatsoever to be scared of the two men, who were allegedly brandishing weapons at him, which they weren’t because they had them only for ornaments – men’s jewels as they are called. Plus none of the six prosecution witness saw them brandish a gun at him, these men who were chosen by the prosecution to appear for their version, are for all intents and purposes, the best witnesses to the incident. I mean, why would they only choose the people who strengthen their case? What sort of a lawyer does that? A base-line competent one you say, you know nothing!
So he killed them both, both at the back which proves they were running away. Okay, one of them at the back, which proves at least one was running – unless very unlikely scenario he shot him first when he was looking away-scrap that, thats very unlikely.One shot each, which just shows he is cold and calculated! Had he shot spray of bullets that would have shown he was panicking. It would have also showed that he wanted to brutally kill them and other bystanders as well, otherwise why spray so many bullets and why not just do it once? But that didn’t happen so he is cold and calculated! This is shown by his graphically journaling the two killed men. Now if he was really panicking, he would have gone for it and probably left with the driver of the other car, but he didn’t and shows he was cold and calculated. Felt as if he has done nothing morally wrong! As I said, he feel its his Father, Uncle Sam’s colony to do as he pleases!

Hang him I say!

Post Script:

Personally I think this is the best time for Davis to convert. No hear me out first! All he needs to do is convert and then leave that bull story of self-defence. If Americans are smart they would tell him to do just that. If he does, then he can say those two men were trying to stop him from conversion. He killed them because of that. Instigating apostasy is a crime worthy of death. Men deserved what was coming to him. No questions would be asked. More so, people who want Davis dead would then want the new convert alive and live among us here, and those who currently want him alive, they are inconsequential! The white Knight, the Islamic crusader Diamond Davis. He is the man – if only he would convert.



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